The rechargeable batteries that come with the truck are kind of a generic type and work ok, but I actually replaced them with a higher power name brand version to get a little bit more runtime out of the truck. The truck itself is pretty quick and handles pretty nimbly in the range of the remote actually is better than I expected, as I kind of drove it several houses away and still had control, because I was actually surprised at the range considering you know. The price range of this truck it’s responsive to the controls, which is really a very simple set of controls. Dybest set, a left right, a forward reverse you know all. I really tried this truck both inside and out on it on a dead end street it’s. Virkelig, this truck is best suited for indoor use for several reasons. One the truck tires, som du kan se, are a soft foam. There’S no traction on them at all and really has no climbing ability at all and got stuck in my grass just by driving through the edge of it. It works fine on pavement or smooth floors or carpet with no issues, Selvom, and for the most part, it’s fairly stable. Although there are times, especially when I was out on the pavement that it did flip over, especially when making sharp maneuvers and in tight corner tight turns, you can see the tires because they don’t have traction losing losing that grip, because there’s really no grip.

On the tires, the construction of the truck itself also is a bit fragile for outside youth. Although the front bumper, som du kan se, has a bit of give to it, the front suspension is especially fragile, som du kan se, it’s really just simple plastic holding the wheels together here and you know, and although I haven’t had an issue with yet I haven’t Had a hard crash either, but I don’t think it would stand a hard crash against something sturdy or rough play as well. The truck has an onoff switch here on the bottom, som du kan se, along with a if you can see on the front there, a little radius control for controlling the you know the the wheel turn. You know what I call steering bias. I guess the battery pack here and I’ve got different batteries of what came with. It is a four pack, basically he’s sliding into the bottom of the of the truck here and close this little latch to kind of lock it in place and it stays in place and then, som jeg sagde, with the remote there’s a screw here that you have To take off to put the nine bolt on for the price you know currently less than twenty dollars. This is about what you’d expect for an RC car in terms of quality it’s fun to drive around, but really to me, is best suited for inside use and not really made for outside use.

Unless you have a lot of pavement around because because of the slick tires, you know it’s also a bit fragile, especially in the front end. It won’t take hard crashes very well.