So, as you can see, i got an rc truck in front of me. We’Re gon na be doing swapping the channel over to rc car reviews, mostly four by fours, because that’s what i prefer, but just rc car reviews in general, when i get a chance, um i’m, not the best for this camera right now, i’ve got to learn how To use it um so yeah, this is my ftx outback: 2 ranger uh. It was 150 pounds and for that money it is a very, very good uh, crawler that’s, very, very cheap for calls. If you guys don’t know crawlers um and i highly recommend them go. Tell your parents, you like them or go if you’re an adult go, buy one! If you want one um, if you’re, just looking to have fun with a crawler buy. One of these also being serious with a crawler, also buy one of these because they’re best for every well not best but because obviously there’s like traxxas tier x, fours and who’s that, but this will still keep up with them. Um obviously, speed it’s not the fastest, because it’s designed to be a crawler it’s, very, very torquey, the most cold there. I should have done that because that does get warm. I do believe um so let’s do a quick walk. Why not walk around but i’m sure around so on the front here? It does not come where these byway goes. I put them on it, but it does come with lights.

It comes with two lights built in the bumper and two very bright red lights. On the back as well, it comes with these foam filled. Soft tires very, very soft tyres um, which give you extra grip when you’re in mine on hill climbs, and things like that um, as you can see, they’re very very spongy. It’S got very, very flexible suspension as you see, that would be an actual twist right there or one outlet on the back um but yeah it’s, oh i’m, very shaking this camera. I do apologize guys. I got to get used to this, but, as you can see, it’s fully waterproof, all the electrics are waterproof. The switch is even waterproof to stop getting mucking that in the switch um but i’ve seen that it doesn’t do anything any good running in water. 24. 7.. As i’ll show, you online just go through muddy water. Actually it looks like oh no. I was panicking um. I mine has gone a little rusty where i was kind of abusing it wow, i wouldn’t say abusing it, but i was taking it from modern. Obviously, because i do love off roading um, but, as you can see, they’re very, very well built. The only upgrade i could recommend fcx to do from factory would be either difficult, uh metal ones, uh. Actually how these actual house and finger bob thingsgod that’s. What i called i’m kind of new to this um and make them metal, but they don’t, need to generally be metal because they’re, very strong as plastic, and the only thing i think i see on the ftx owners club about these is either inside here or inside.

The somewhere there’s plastic that you chew up, i do believe it might be the diffs, because these are permanently locked. I could get my words up permanently locked um locked him in so you can crawl, go through mud and it will just grip. All four wheels. Will grip that’s what deflects do it’s got deflux front and back um, but let me quickly put the challenge for you guys and then i’ll show you my orange light working and what it looks like with a shadow. I guess let me stop myself there. We go. This is where it takes me six years to plug this thing in i suppose i know i actually got it so so, as you guys can probably see you guys back up, so this is dftx with the shalom this isn’t a licensed land rover product, um land Rover go over to ftx and give a licensed product because they are great at the underneath um, but i have stopped my own i’m sitting at the character focus here. My own land rover stickers on, as you can see, am i a defender from my gossip now. I’D watch that a little bit, i do regret bothering things um i’ve got a watchtower sticker on the back um, but in general, just the quality of the show is better than other brands. I should say no brand mentioned um yeah they’re, just wonderful! I just realized. I filled them back lights in with mud and it was still really bright.

I have to slow down later right so anyway. Here goes you guys, seeing it with the lights and stuff on, so how you change the lights over they’re like diesel. Sorry, i should start from the beginning again: these lights have seven different modes, um the ones on top, obviously not the ones down there. I wish um let’s go through some of them quickly, as you guys can probably see i’m turning the steering wheel that’s, because what this is plugged into to run. It is also is what runs the steering and the power for the vehicle for like the drive um. So it goes, it changes the modes. Whenever i flick the steering there you go, i believe i might have a bulb out. I’Ll have an led out, yay, wait! Let me see if it flashes. Oh, hang on. I know what’s happened. Where is that still they can’t stand by like breakfast right for some reason, they’re not changing. Give me a second here guys right as i’ve just caught on video. My lights have stopped working, but they haven’t stopped working. As you can see, i lit up on standby, which i’m not complaining, because i left them on standby, but there’s, one out which is really bugging me um, so i had to take them off and have an inspection what’s up with it. But that will be another video there or something wrong with it, but it won’t be the car stuff, as these were quite cheap off ebay.

So if anything, it’d be the lights, um i’m going to do go through quite a bit of abuse daily when i’m. On my roof on my side in a mud pit, as you can see, they’re quite scratched up, god knows why that bulb, isn’t working but anyway, all right. Thanks guys for watching. As you can see, oh wait, that’s. What i was going to show you before i go: no, it looks like we’re not going anywhere before i go. It has fully proportions there fully proportional for guys are probably wondering why this is on the table it’s just for when i bring it in from outside. It keeps the tail underneath nice and dry and um no mod on it. Um yeah well that’s the ftx guys, thanks for watching, make sure to leave a like subscribe, but hit the bell notifications. So you get all my notifications for when a new video comes out. Um make sure oh yeah, make sure to comment and go follow my instagram, which will be down in the description soon um and yeah that’s. All i can really say thanks guys, i hope you enjoyed. I have, i hope you all had a nice christmas um and enjoy the rest of the year before new year.