Godt, theres a new car here you havent seen in all the other videos its this little tiny monster truck uh. Its almost the same as this, you can obviously get at walmart, fred, meyer and amazon, its basically the same one. I reviewed this one except theres. No sound, really anything might go a little faster, Godt, um starts social smallish works up to the biggest um and there is uh go over the rocks pretty good, so the of course is going to be really good. Godt, here you go well. The first part of the course is the styrofoam its pushed all the way to here, and then they have to make it all the way to desk and plow past that and pick up a bunch of speed. All the way to this massive pile of laundry and then they make their way to the finish line. Første, up the smallest car. There you go its gon na push it over here, made it um and all lets do is make it over this uh wall thing over here. There you go there, you go its hard to make it up there. There you go its finally out of the tunnel. Okay lets see how fast its going to get there we go see if we make it up. Åh, Åh, no see if we can get back up there. Oh tipped it over im gon na have to go pick it up. Nwo. There you go lets try one more time there you go now its at the finish line.

Endelig, next up tiger car okay lets see if we can push it yep there there you go okay, just gon na make it over to the books. Okay, get the books over here there you go tower, Åh dens, not as good as the last one. Der kan du bare se.. Okay were going over to the tunnel. There you go lets, make it through see. If were small enough. Åh, oh jep, oh not really see come on. Åh ja, there you go good. Endelig, out of the tunnel. Now there goes gon na pick up a last beat. Åh, åh der du går. All fluent here comes to the finish line. Here it goes. Åh! Åh! I just went around oh boy: åh dreng, next up the rock car three two one go here: we go its gon na plow through there yeah whoa whoa flies right over there. You go oh come on. Åh ja, stuck to the start from oh there we go. Oh boy cant make it through too big, too big. Åh nej, im stuck on the styrofoam, åh dreng. Åh der går vi. Ah, Okay, Nwo, im gon na have to go around through the kitchen uh take a right or left turn uh: Okay, Um, åh dreng, Okay, tons of speed here, im gon na jump right over whoa boom right into the other car. Nwo, im going to tell you which ones the best okay lets start with this one, this ones pretty good for like uh top speed, but its not really good for going over uh big stuff.

But it is really fast, and you see it goes here trying to get over this bump cant really get over it see it has to get more speed and just pushes it out of the way and just cant get any further. So you just do just like. Just tipping right over see, look in the background. Okay, denne ene um. It is not Music good, really on top speed, but it is really good um going over bumps Music um, it kind of was stumbling not as good, but ive seen the shirt uh shark car. You know tiger car monster truck didnt. It goes over because its more top speed uh, maybe if we went a little bit faster, but i think this one might be a little bit better because its higher um uh well yeah. As you see right here, it easily. Can go right over it because its a little bit higher last but not least uh this big massive monster truck it easily went over all that stuff, but it couldnt fit into the small spaces it wasnt as good um. It was just kind of crap. Det var. I mean not crap its nice, its like awesome. It goes like the snow it can like go through like big tall stuff laundry and everything it was plowed through that course. So it was pretty good, Um, well yeah, now im going to tell you, which is the best out of every single one.

I used well um the top one, the shirt car um. I think it is really good for top speed um the uh little jeep tall jeep. They can beat the shark car over the top. It was pretty good um. I think hes plow over it uh, but at the end it was really hard to but um. I think the big uh red car with the gopro on top of it. I think that one was really good applause over there, men um. If i wanted to go for uh tiny spaces, i would get one of those other two besides that, but i think got all the best about going through. Everything was the um big car because you can just plow through there no problem, but i couldnt finish the course with it, but it was really good.