I hope everybody had a wonderful christmas and i hope you got a lot of presents from santa, because i did and i’m gon na show you a couple unboxings of my presents later on and other different types of videos, but in today’s video i want to show You my story of my rc car, because um it’s been sitting in my garage for almost three years because it broke down because the battery exploded, so we couldn’t do anything for it and i was waiting for santa to come. So i can ask for a new battery and i also asked for a lot of new things, but without further ado i’m, going to tell you my story and show you how to drive it. So let’s go on okay guys. So these are all the stuff that the rc car comes with. It comes, so these batteries are actually too weak for when santa gave them to me, well not gave them, but putting them under the tree. There was two, and these ones are way more powerful than the one that i had, because the one that i have well it didn’t have as much speed and plus it was only one battery. These are two, so we can spend a lot more time making this video. So those are the batteries right here then over here we got the remote of the car, so it comes with the cute little steering wheel. Then it comes with the gas or full roddle.

Men, you want to call it then right here is the antenna, so you might be asking. Where do you turn it on? Godt, there’s a little like table right here, then you open that and then right there off and on button and then there’s a bunch of other settings that we’re not gon na mess around with right now, but let’s close that up, because we don’t want to drive It inside of the house, we don’t, want to take it off over all these things, okay fyre. So this is the body of the rc car. Så, som du kan se, it’s a super cool design right there um, so it comes with a little scratches because well i never driven an rc car when i first got it with the other battery and i actually crashed this rc car one time and well all This broke, but we got repaired with no problem, så det er, okay now, but it comes with a it. Even has a little crack there, but the body is super flexible, som du kan se, Så, not because just dropping it it’s gon na break so it’s super flexible and everything. It comes with the gopro mount right here. So whenever we do videos with it, we’ll put that gopro right on, and hopefully it turns out good, whatever footage we film with this, but now let’s talk about the car okay. So this is the rc car right here. We’Re currently running this rc car with a brush motor, an esc right there.

So it’s got super good suspension right here. Som du kan se, suspension’s right there it’s got the swordfish right here. This thing’s, ret hurtigt, so uh it’s, really good rc car. We change the battery, it runs super fast. So if you like crash it or want to change the motor to a brushless motor or change your esc, then you then you can get those parts online in the future. You can um put different parts and upgrade this rc car in our future. We’Re gon na be upgrading this car and we’re gon na be uploading a video, så stay tuned. So um you can change the everything the suspension higher or lower. You can put your rims on this as you want. You can basically change anything any of these parts in the rc car so but now, we’re gon na do the part that you guys all been waiting for to drive it. Okay gutter. So we got the rc car all set up now, so we built some ram so now let’s launch it off these huge ramps. This guy’s gon na go flying Applause, Musik, guys that was amazing, Musik musik. This thing does surprisingly, really well on off road Music. Okay, okay let’s try to get more speed of this rc car, okay fyre. So let me show you this four by four and also the tires inflate. Let me show you here: i’m turning the other side, Music cool guys. This article goes really fast, som du kan se.

Okay now i’m going to show you how fast it goes off. Roading hit the ramp one more time there we go. There goes off roading, Okay, fyre så nu, let’s do a speed test. Okay, Fyre! So the top speed of this rc car is actually 27 miles per hour with the new battery uh. It breaks really good and it also goes really fast too. Oh wow guys the performance of this rc car impresses me: Okay, guys it’s gon na go super fast. Wow guys this is super fast. It jumps really good, det er, really good at everything it breaks really good. Everything is the brand new rc car is called red cat racing. I can tell why it’s racing because it goes super fast. Okay, Fyre, as you saw this article performs super well, it jumps off right of giant ramps with no problem. The suspension helps landing. Uh it’s super duper fast. The brand of this rc car is red cat racing. So if you want to go get it, du kan gå, get it or it because i think it’s a fair price. It costs 174 Dollars, um it’s a super good rc car uh, the suspension’s super good. So it was really really fast when you steer and everything so i hope you guys enjoy. I wish you guys a happy new year. I hope that good things come to you in our next in our next year and remember, be kind, be safe and i’ll.