I have a handful of products that i’m going to be showcasing in today’s video from a new brand called scale factor. Rc now i’ll put a link to their new ebay store down in the description of this video today is their launch date, so all of their products are now officially available to the public. They are primarily going to be offering scale accessories for rc vehicles. The majority of those are 3d printed and it also sounds like they’re going to be making some parts for bashers and other brands of vehicles like the arma 8 scale lineup, and i think they also have some stuff coming for the low c mini t and the Mini b, definitely something to look out for getting into one of the first products we have. This is a valve cover for the scx103. A lot of you guys know it comes with a molded plastic engine that covers pretty much everything up front, except for the steering. Servo comes with one valve cover already, but there’s one missing that servo can stick out of get this thing, ripped open, hurtig. So it comes with the 3d printed valve cover and a scale factor rc decal to install it i’m, just going to take some ca glue and just run a bead right on that little lip there, Musik, all right so got the valve cover installed. It is ca. Glued on there and everything’s looking good really completes the look of the engine Music, Musik.

All right so got the engine in the truck with the valve cover installed. øh, it seems to fit pretty well covers up. The servo uh makes it look scale, especially if you have the hood cut out and that opens up just looking straight down at the engine. Pretty cool option part available now let’s get on to the next product. Next up we have a pair of sand ladders, so what’s neat about these. Is they not only look cool but they also function? There are some strings of material left over from the 3d printing process, but once you get that cleaned up looks like a pretty solid sand ladder, you can stick these under the tires and get yourself out of some pretty tough situations. Look forward to using these i’ve been wanting a set for quite a while to use for competitions. Here we have a 3d printed gas can so what i love about these 3d printed products is they’re pretty light, so they shouldn’t affect the performance of my truck. That much, Selvfølgelig, comes with the scale factor. Rc decal and then you have the gas, can itself looks like a pretty cool scale accessory overall there’s lots of nice detail on the side of it handles look nice and so does the nozzles. So next up we have a 3d printed wooden pallet get this thing ripped open here. First impression this thing’s, looking pretty sweet, what’s cool about this one is, Jeg tror, it’s printed using a wood filament.

So it is technically wood super detailed, you could probably uh use it with a forklift. If you have an rc forklift or i know these are pretty popular on instagram uh people are setting other scale accessories and parts for their trucks on them in their scale garages. So definitely a cool little palette from scale factor rc, som jeg nævnte tidligere, not all of their scale. Accessories are 3d printed, so here we have a couple scale, bungee cords, All right, so there’s two included they actually stretch, hvilket er ret cool. These will work good. Just to tie anything down if you have them in the bed of a truck or if you just want them hanging around, you can wrap them around something and just have them for looks Music. The last scale accessor i have is actually a little welding set, looks like during shipping. The top of my oxygen tank fell off, so i’ll just have to super glue that back on no big deal. Looking at the rest of the tank, Selvom, it looks like pretty good quality, everything looks smooth then looking at the other red tank up top it’s kind of rough but i’m sure quality will improve over time. So there’s a look at the welding hood. You can see the inside’s hollow, then you have your two caps for both tanks. You have a red and green one. Just take the red one and just slips right. On top everything looks good, so there’s everything that’s included in the welding kit, now i’m, going to test out these sand ladders and give the sdx103 a quick run at the park: Musik, Musik, Musik, Hej, Musik, Musik, hey fyre, i’m back at the bench.

I finished running the axial scx 103 and testing out the scale factor rc sand ladders really happy overall, with the scale accessories from scale factor. Rc quality seems good love. The designs and the options available, som jeg sagde, make sure to head down in the description of this video and check out the scale factor. Rc ebay store, as well as their social media websites they’re on facebook and instagram, so make sure to give them a follow and stay updated with.