It didn’t take too long to get here, but there it is. Usually, i check the packaging once it’s once it gets here, just because it’s kind of rough shipping to alaska it does have a few dings and dents, but she looks good now. This thing is really huge. Just in the box itself check out the comparison. My big dog there and his mat his bed and this thing is nearly the same size but, as you can see, it has a few little scratches a few things on the box that aren’t too, concerning but let’s open it up and check it out, guys all Right guys, let’s have a look at what we got inside outcast 8s man. This thing’s really big wow i’m super stoked about this check. This out, there’s a box see what we have going on here now here it is here. It is check that out the outcast 8s 1 5th scale, rc car now, i’m sure you guys already saw all the design, uh specs and all these pictures on the side here. So what we’re, just gon na do is we’re gon na have a look at the outcast check it out book box this out of here. Oh man have a look at this guys. This is crazy. Now see what we have in this box here. Well, we’ll. Take that out, first get this trash out of here. Whoa just have a look at this wow. This thing is huge.

Come here buck come here. Come here check this out guys sit here say to your buck. Wait, wait, wait! Wait! I’M, gon na pick. You guys up wow. This thing is brand spanking new check that out i mean this is huge. This is so big guys, there’s my big boy, wow guys i’m, so stoked about this now let’s. Take it out and let’s see if there’s anything wrong with it all right, guys, let’s, take this sucker out of here, see what we have wow. So we have a toolbox. Well, not a toolbox. A manual a tool looks to be like some extra plastic parts there. This box over here there it is guysoh, my gosh, let’s zoom back in here wow just have a look at this man. This is super awesome, awesome stuff here now the manual see what we have in the controller here: Music there. It is guys the spectrum dx3 dx3, so here it is the outcast man there. She is out of the box. Rearview shot there’s the box there. My dog is over there just look at the size of this car compared to my dog here. This thing is huge there’s, my dog here and the car here wow, so let’s have a look under the hood here: let’s open it up now, i’ve! Never i haven’t i’ve never had an eight eight s vehicle before so this thing is huge. Just look at the freaking body on this thing.

This thing is super nice man, it’s, so shiny wow set. This aside here now check this out wow man. This thing is what what the heck man i can’t wait to get this out. I can’t wait to get this sucker out of here bashing in the snow and we’ll figure out how to work on it too. My plan is to switch out the shock oil here, switch up, yeah, look at that. That is super stiff i’m guessing because of the pistons i’ve heard that the pistons have small holes so that the differential oil doesn’t really get past him fast enough, and that makes a lot of sense now, because look at that, i literally have to. I literally have to push down and that isn’t smooth the shock springs aren’t. Even all the way down. Look this one’s, almost literally all the way on at the top, the shock stiffness and man that is super stiff, guys, we’re gon na have to figure out this shock situation here, i’ve seen a lot of people with shock problems. Oh look at that it has a wheel bar wow. This thing is just enormous: let’s have a little comparison here now, there’s, a little comparison dog is probably 110 20 pounds, he’s a big boy, and this this is another big boy right here and it’s. Also heavy too i mean here, let me try and lift it up here. Oh, my gosh let’s have a look at the bottom wow man.

This is just awesome here. The design is super awesome. It has a skid plate installed already, so you don’t have to buy one. I mean: what more can i ask for this is more than an x max. I don’t need an x max. I have a outcast 8 s and if you guys know, if you guys know what this oily stuff here is uh comment down below and tell me what it is. I don’t know if you guys can see that. But there is an oil film here on either side of the differential cases here: it’s shiny and over here, not shiny, but you cannotice that there’s a little bit of film of oil or something there so there it is guys i’m loving it so far, um it’s, Just taki takes my words and i have no nothing else to say about it: it’s just amazing and i’m loving it so far, wow can’t wait to get it up guys. Well, there you have it guys. I would cast at us. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time, i mean look at that. I can barely even push the shocks all the way down and bottom the shocks out and hit the chassis to the ground. That just tells me there’s really something wrong with the with the suspension here. Um, usually it’s supposed to be pretty smooth and it’s supposed to be really easy to push down. I mean just have a look at that here.

Let me adjust you guys. Now takes a lot of force, i mean that’s, a freaking ab workout right there, so we’re gon na have to figure that out and also i’ve already got these turn buckles. These buckles right here figured out in the rear. I noticed a lot of bashers where the end here will um force itself to go all the way in on the threads here. So i figured that out and i got the right size nut here. I’Ll place a nut here and we’ll see how that goes. But my plan is we’re going to bash this thing. Well, first, first of all, we’re going to get the shock oil changed out.