So i went on shopping and i i got this rc car and the controller uh. The price was 312, Ikke dårligt, and it takes four double a batteries which you should it’s just not included so i’m gon na show you how this thing works, so i’m holding a tripod right here. Så du, you can see more clearly all right, så her er, Åh, if you guys see it, come down below. I think you guys see it if i press this one. It goes forward whoa and when i press this one, it goes backwards and when i press this one and this one will go left, it goes straight and left watch this Music and when i press backwards and left. Sådan lyder det., like that press forward right and when you press backward and right Music, Okay, now how it goes. Så, if you want me to do a video, i i’ll try to make a video. I mean about this one doing an obstacle course. So make sure you guys subscribe turn on post notifications smash that, like button leave a comment down below if you love ice cream, if you don’t i’m, sorry for you so i’m gon na try putting my water bottle on top of the rc car and i’ll. Try to make Music try i’ll, try to make it forward and do not fall. Okay, Whoa! Åh min gosh! How about my plane my plane! Does he my Music assistant, Okay, Okay, Jeg er, gon na put it on the ground, so you can see it more guys.

Så lige der, Okay, i’m cool right, Cool, Ja, really cool yeah. So i ordered this on april 15 because when it is every april 15 it’s sharpie’s cash back, so it just arrived available. It just arrived: wait thursday. I ordered this friday next day, saturday, thursday. So it only took three days it took three days to arrive. That is so awesome because when i ordered something it takes a lot of days so good thing. This arrived on three short days. I thought this was gon na arrive forever, like i mean forever. Så hvis, if you like this rc car, give us a thumb, give me a thumbs up, subscribe channel post notifications, smash that guy and leave a comment and let’s get myself to 100 000 subscribers and, som du ser, the tires are dirty because it’s i’ve been rolling Over this already has batteries so yeah, and actually the screw is not the screw of this um cover because i lost the screw so good thing. This fits yep, yeah and wow yeah. All right, let’s play one more one. More time turn this off. Åh, i got ta show you a trick shot of this when i put this wait when i do it like when i press this, and do it like this, it will go forward. Watch this whoa want it again: Okay, Musik! So oh that’s, cool yeah! Look at those smooth, dudes, Musik – oh we don’t have internet by the way.

So i can’t watch anything like youtube play video games so yeah, but they got ta play my video game. My nintendo switch yeah, så ja, Okay, so i’ve been making youtube videos in february. I think decided on december 2020, next uh uh next december 31. I think so all right again here gon na put down control it right. There put it right there. So i’m gon na end the video right here. So if you want me to do the obstacle course i’ll, do it yep i’ll? Do it um next, if it’s summer, already because it’s almost summer april 13, is our ending of our school year grade 4.