Yeah it's got that FLM extended kid in it. So it's a little bit stretched nice man, Wow cool. Har du kørt denne lastbil? endnu? I have not Hey and what batteries are you put into what's? I'M. Beklager, hvilke batterier sætter du i at prøve nogle Traxxas 3'er? Så for første gang, you're gon na success? It goes I mean, did you go big yeah go fast or go home that's right! All right break stuff, nice man, it's beautifulthat spur gear is insane yeah. I like the body to that squirrel nuts painted up a member off of caviar, see there. Where is the body, so the truck will grab that in a few minutes nice, those trenchers man, yep proline trenchersI believe I have those on my fluxis what you do. I should bring that out, actually should fix up that chassis and bring it out and play how many times so much so you bought one yeah you're, not gon na fix yours, I'm gon na use mine, Rar. No shocks are beefy, yeah steering reverse. Ah, I should've tried that then on the roller wheeler Bella everybody, this is Everett's dog. It is hey. Okay, you loves our C's as much as I do. Ja, she's gon na go for a run today, yeah in the mud, yep Old, engelsk, Sheepdog standard poodle. Ja, you ready to get it on. Let'S go let's, go have some fun yeah it's great, a mud, Man, killer, bod, Formidabelt, Ja, try squirrel nuts painted this sucker impressive.

If you ask me, custom paint super nice very appropriate theme for a truck like this man. What a killer truck that looks. Fantastiske, these a little bit more TLC don't. They always yep nice power yeah. That was not even half throttle yeah. It was your dog Wow, amazing acceleration. Åh, Åh! Hvad skete der? What it always happens to be oh dude missing tires seems to be the theme of Everett's RC life. Never any major garnish always tighten your nuts oh she's glitching. She is gnarly the search for the wheel, nut, it's black, of course oh yeah. I just have to be right around here and an old exhaust bolt and another one. You found that without this I can't believe that we're looking for a black field nut in the mud, we have no idea where it was going, because you were actually moving that vehicle. Pretty quick success, big fail, Rar, it sounds so smooth man yep the hip. A little bit of roof rash man, that's a ripper nice yep, some squeaking buddy let's check it out that's a lot of speed and he something squeaking. Is this a natural garden that you have here my herb garden, that very nice huh everything looks in place? Let'S go. I use the compressor and clean it up. You it nice boots, hahahaha Marty McFly, show up in a car right now. That would be awesome, honest Karen! You would be ready to go launch point 88 miles i timen.

You want to take her around the track a few times or your trucks, not waterproof. Er det vandtæt, so there's a nice water landing so we're gon na have one jumping yeah one jump and it's pretty mucky out here. It'S gon na be hard to get up to speed, but should be able to do it. Glass, plastic, Lexie, glas, Plexiglas. That would be great for a tire out here and yeah Brittany.