A review of the 118 skill for wheel, drive electric mountain truck from house speed. So this is the storm. I have the storm. Shell it’s hobby grade material, you can see and it has not oiled field shocks, but just normal suspension, it’s, pretty good i’ve um this isn’t. Actually, my new car i’ve used it a lot and nothing really is bad happening with the suspension really takes care, and it has this huge motor. Its motor is really good. It has lots of power. It doesn’t burn out that much it doesn’t smell bad um as yeah. Your typical servo let’s turn on outside that’s. Why i don’t want to steer with it proportional steering and also proportional throttle. This thing really has speed. It goes um 45 km it’s, like it’s 27. Mph and look how fast this thing is, i think this proportional um proportional throttle and steering you can go slow fast. It also has breaks. So, look if you, if you press forwardand you want to stop you just press forward and backwards at the same time, it will break but that’s kind of annoying that you just do this two times to go backwards. All right! I’M gon na bring this car here. Okay, as you can see, it’s really fast, it’s, really it comes with um one spare part, which is this thing, the rod that connects the the differential to the wheel, and i broke that as broken at one time.

I can’t show you it guys because it’s right now on this wheel, it took me a lot of time to fix this, but i eventually got it because it cracked in halfand it has really good tires and if you may have been wondering if you actually Saw this: this is my brother’s rc car. He also got a new one, but this one it’s not looking too good it’s differential broke its shocks, aren’t, really that good, really hard. Look at that and look at this and the motor blue, the motor just like blew it just like this, really small water, it just it just stinks it. It made this horrible smell, because my brother was using a long time and now i think the coils inside of there are burnt out as the same things, but it just goes it’s just more batter because, like it’s not really too good, it broke it and it Never broke its thing: it’s um rod, but it it burned out and back to this guy um his wheels are really good. He has all wheel drive so so, since it’s all wheel drive, you can but it since it has all wheel drive. You can go really fast, but it can’t it’s not really meant for crawling, because it has differentials and if you stop one of them, the other ones will go so it’s, not really meant for crawling. I just went for like pavement and stuff like this.

It can be used outside i’ve, never used it outside, because i can’t really use it right now outside, like it’s really good. The manual says it comes with says: they sell um extra parts if he breaks them, so it’s, pretty basic stuff how to ride the rc car now to take care of it and all the way in the back. It tells you all the parts and the names of the participants, chassis guard and motor guard, servo guard car battery guard front and rear bumpers assembly and a little bit of stuff the wheel rims the tires the wheels complete it has everything like the lion battery. The usb charger, the steering servo the esc, oh bsc, i thought it was an elc, an rl 380 motor in copper opinion and i don’t know if they have um all metal parts. I think they’re just plastic but it’s a good way to repair a car. You know put the shell back on let’s, take it out for a spin yeah. I just got ta put these um clips on so right now, i’m, just gon na do a test run. It’S gon na be pretty awful because i only have one hand holding the camera, but that will do and right now, i’m just putting the clips on really they’re really hard when you get the clips and it like kind of like hurts your hand, they wear out Over time, so now i’m gon na put this on the floor and look at this.

Ah, therefore, this storm is a really good car to buy cost 67 on amazon that’s, where i got it and overall it’s a really good car.