Is this any good comm? How am I gon na do a quick unboxing and a little review of one of Karen’s birthday presents? You can see him just in the reflection there just waiting to get hands on it. It is a mini radio, controlled cart and it is a from Mario Kart, Wii it’s. Faktisk, a Yoshi cart, so we’re going to quickly um how you can just to say you can get a Mario version and they run on different frequencies, so you can actually race them together. We haven’t got to Home Kiren and it got one for his birthday. So Q and Skinner unbox this one there. Okay, so Kiran is now gon na unbox. Denne, Åh, where you go Keira, oh there’s instructions, you take it out and then we’ll get it out the box. Oh there it is okay. So this is what you get and you get as you can see. Kieran’S holding the remote control let’s have a look at that one Keira remote control and then you push you get the Yoshi and get some instructions and the batteries are included with it. So let’s just have a quick look at Yoshi in a bit more detail and let’s have a look in so it looks pretty cool. Som du kan se, it’s nicely detailed and, as I said, you can’t get the marry a one as well and you can race them because they race on separate frequencies and we’ll have a quick look at the remote control.

Thank You Kieran. So the remote control let’s have a look at that, so he says: Yoshi car it’s gone, onoff, switch, left right forward, reverse and you get the instructions and the battery okay. So you actually need to give you a Yoshi a bit of a charge up to start with. So what you need to do is turn your power supply on. There turn it over and then your Yoshi has a little switch, which is right at the back here, and you need to make sure that one’s off and then we’re going to connect it up. Okay. So now what we need to do is, Selvom, go to the back here. We’Ve installed our batteries, which is just a screw. Lid and it’s got a little charger lead in here now, don’t forget to have it on, and what we need to do is plug it into the back here like so, and we got to leave it for 15 Minutter. Ok and we found the antenna which I left out of the original pot and that was hidden in the box, so I’ve found that one now and all we need to do now is unplug the power. So all we need to do is unplug that one there tuck that back in we can tuck it back in slide that across now you need to install your round tena, which just screws in the top here. Hopefully there we go so that is the antenna all installed now you just need to switch on Yoshi here at the bottom and where’s the switch at the back there.

Så her går vi. Ok, Kiran is in charge of the controls and well. There goes Yoshi now he’s pretty nifty, now I’m, only wan na we’re only on a carpet here, ok and definitely worth having a look at off. You go Kiran. Okay, so that’s it for this quick unboxing, a little mini overview of the Yoshi radio controlled car. So what do you think here and what you think of it? Is it pretty good yeah you like it good birthday present and what score would you give it 20 ud af 20 meget imponerende, so this has been monkey.