That’s. Why the remote start feature in Blue Link is so nice to have. To use it. You must have an active Blue Link account and have the Blue Link app installed on your smart device., Open the app then select the remote start. Icon. You can set how long you wish the vehicle to run.. You can also set whether you want the climate control to operate. Tap the selector button to turn it off and on. Swipe up and down to set the temperature.. If you want to turn on the front, defroster turn it on by tapping the selector. Once your selections are made tap submit. On the next page enter the pin that you have set for your Blue Link. Account. You’ll then see the request is set.. After a short interval, you will get a confirmation that the vehicle has recognized and processed your request.. You should know that, for remote start using Blue Link to work, the care must have been started using the ignition within the last four days.. The vehicle must be in park., It must also have the trunk hood and all doors closed and locked. Also it’s not recommended to use remote start if the vehicle is in a small, enclosed garage or other small, enclosed area.