Første, glances you’ll see that we have a new body, Shell, a new front end and with the body shell off you’ll, see some goodies on the inside. So we’ll take a look at the front. End first you’ll see that we have a new top plate bottom plate. Bumper pivot block assembly and the whole advantage of all of this is starting with the pivot block is we can raise and lower it by raising it it’s? Faktisk, in the kit position, when it’s at the raised position and that’s like got the most bite in the corner that you feel, whereas when we lower it, we find that we generate a bit more corner speed, which is being pretty good for like when we go On carpet tracks, so then we can really go through a corner, and the car rolls just more naturally, on the front, with other bits coupled to the pivot block. You’Ll see that the radius arms can screw into two positions, and that allows us to go from the kit position, which is parallel, which has got the most bite again to this more angled position, which really smoothens off the steering just takes away a little bit of Outside wheel lock through the turn, so that would be nice for certain tracks that feel very edgy and twitchy. So going back to the center track. Rod you’ll see that we’ve got horizontal ball studs now, hvilket er fantastisk, because we can adjust that position very much.

So if you want to have more me corner steering we generally move it back. We go back down to one millimeter it’s got two millimeter in the kit, so something you can play with out of the box, which is really great. Moving to the front camber link bracket, we have three positions, so you can adjust, obviously that length for all conditions that you’re going to be racing on, but the one thing that you’ll see is there’s quite a stack of washers under there. That allows us to play with the the height of that ball and really change how the car’s gripping through the corner. So if you’re on astro you’ll be running a few more washes, whereas when you move your way over to carpet racing, you can drop it down. Even more generate a bit more grip there, moving to the outboard we’ve got more durable five degree yokes on the car in the kits, which is great and you’ll know from seeing our suspension. Previously we’ve got our class leading geometry with the wishbones, the hub carriers, where you’ve got all that adjustability for axle heights wheelbase, as well as your positions on the shock tower and wishbone to play over the shocks we are carrying over our successful big bores and they’re Connected to the s2 shock tower, which in turn is connected to our new top plate, to talk about one thing that this lens advantage to? Is that it’s more durable, which is brilliant for those days that you have a crash as well as you’ll, be able to fit a survey saver? If you wish to and moving to the bottom plate, we can adjust the chassis length and, at the moment, we’re on a 5 setting.

You can put an insert in there that makes it a what will be a zero setting, and that will be for days where the track’s very very tricky, but most of the time you’ll be on the kit setting, which is the minus five for maximum steering as Well, as balance moving to the radio tray, we can position it in three places and that’s just using an m 2.5 screw in the chassis, dejlig og hurtig, nice and easy, and that will allow you to adjust the balance of the car again if you’re on a Day where the cars are edgy, you can move it back. If you need more steering, you can move it forwards. We have new side pods, which are made from a new composite which are screwed onto a 2.5 aluminium chassis and as a combination, we’ve got improved. Chassis stiffness you’ll see on top of the side pods we have our new lipo mounting system which allows us to have adjustability forwards to back where you have multiple locations, as well as an easy access hook system which holds the lipo in, and you can tune that With washers for the different battery heights, the advantage of moving the battery forwards and backwards is for conditions where, if the grip is too high, you want to smooth the car out. We can go to the middle if we want to keep the front tires on the ground. We can move it forwards, whereas if we want a bit more rear traction out of the corner, we can move the battery back.

Our popular lay down transmission has some new internals with a new cnc machined idler and a more durable gear. Diff that’s connected to some 90 Grad, phase drive shafts. These are in the cvd form and they allow the car to have more power, steering whilst maintaining drive moving then now to the hub carriers. You have a larger outboard bearing which gives more durability again for many hard landings. All those types of things keeps that wheel, pointing straight and doing exactly what you want it to so that was a quick overview of our new cougar ld2 for more information check out racing cars.