Look so this rc car’s got a crazy, powerful motor and in the last time we used it. We overpowered it. It went crazy fast, oh my god and now it’s all gone, really tight and seized up and also we’ve lost, rear wheel drives in this video we’ve got this giant great big motor here to put in it, and then we got ta. Take it all apart to see why we’ve lost rear wheel drive, so this motor here came out of this 8s kraton here this here’s the motor that came out of it, but this motor here is much much bigger than what is really supposed to go in here. So this here is the size motor that should be in the kraton 6s, and this here is the motor that we’re going to put in it check it out, guys that is so much bigger and hopefully going to give it so much more power. So in this video we’re gon na put it in and then we’re gon na, take it for a rip and see how good it really is. Now i wan na open this up as well and have a look what’s going on in there waffle waffle waffle all right bit more waffling. If you have a look under here, look i’ve put this mastic stuff under the motor. The idea of that is is when you do big jumps, the motor smashes down into the chassis and it destroys it.

So the idea of this was to give it a bit of cushioning the trouble is now it makes it a bit more difficult to get the motor out man. This stuff makes a mess, but it does save your motors all right. So just a bit of techno babble coming up guys, but the motor that come out of it is a 30. Was it a 2340 Kv? That means it rotates 2 340 times per minute per volt. This one here is only a 1250, so this motor is only half the speed, so in order to get roughly the same speed out of the car we’re going to need to get pinion gear double the size. The opinion that come off of it is a 12 tooth i’m just going to stick a 21 on there, we’re going to go a little bit under double because this did get too hot and it melted so we’re going to start off. With this see where it goes and then later on, if the motor is too hot, we can put on a smaller one. If it feels like we can get more power out of it, then we can fit a bigger one: vaffel, vaffel, Tunge, loctite on there. We do not want this pinion coming off here’s the stuff that i use, Fyre, that is a tight squeeze and look at the bottom look with the heat sink on there, it’s touching the bottom of the chassis and i think that’s good, because it’s going to stop The motor smashing down into it all right so now it moves all freely again.

So next let’s take apart the rear end and see why we’ve lost rear wheel drive got a bit of damage going on here, oh dear, Så, if we look here, look these two screws here, they’re both snapped off they’re still in here. Look so hopefully, if we can take the shock tower off, there’s gon na be enough left on that screw, so we can grab hold of a pair of pliers and wind them out yes hold on better idea, so the main diff gear is actually looking pretty good. Tiny bit of a teeth missing there, look that looks okay in there. Så, even though that missing tooth isn’t ideal, i don’t think that’s what’s causing the slipping there. We go loads of metal filings in there. Ah, look i don’t know if you can see that on the camera, but it’s got a couple of teeth missing on here. They all look pretty chewed up so i’m. Pretty sure this is what the problem is. So we can chuck some new ones in and then put it back together and then we can take out and test it and see how fast this new motor is going to be. We got new ones, so i’ve just added another shim. Just to this part here, one of these shims here look we’re, going to put it back together again, hopefully it’s going to be a bit tighter and more reliable, All right. So with that extra shim in there it is a little bit on the tight side, but i think it’s going to be better than it keeps blowing out the internals we’ll, give it a go, see how it lasts next, Jeg er, just going to give it a quick Cleanup, which is solvent mixed with olive oil, so next let’s open up this motor and have a look to see what’s going on inside my rules when it comes to running these motors is usually, if it’s too hot, to touch then it’s too hot to run, and This thing got absolutely cooked and if you find that motors are running too hot, what you can do is gear down, so you can fit a small opinion or a larger spur gear.

I dette tilfælde, i was carried on running it and running it and running it until it died, so it was kind of like my own stupid fault. Ah, there we go look guys it overheated, and then this come apart. This here is actually the magnet to the motor when it gets too hot and look all this bonding and stuff that holds it all together comes apart, look check this out. Even the magnets have broken and come away game over all right. Here we are on location. I can’t talk pop legs. I’Ve got braces in my mouth, the snow’s out, så vi er, not probably gon na see how good that motor is, but we’re gon na make the most of it we’re going to give it a blast anyway, we’re going to give it as much hell as we physically Can and then we’re going to get it out again. Another day when the snow’s gone, we’ve got ian and claire over there look getting some footage. He’S got his crating out there tumble one vault. You want there clear. Ja, Tak. Yeah yeah claire’s good you’re right mate, hey a couple of eskimos. There got into the moon. This crate in here the shop popped out the grave digger i broke the axles, and now this is the last one. We’Ve got left, oh ian’s, doing his best to go to the moon. The snowman’s been built over. There look there’s another one, less waffle, more action.

Åh, sikke noget! Look at my camera. All right hold on guys got ta clean. The camera. Are you hungry? Oh they’re hungry is hungry, oh ah, Åh ja, we did it here. We go box, jump clayton’s, loving it hey tombow. By the way that has got to be the strongest rc car that i have you want to know. We can get it from and all the upgrades on there and the stuff that i’m running on it link to all of that down below i don’t know, maybe the x max is tougher. What do you reckon guys comment down below, so it was a little bit on the slow side, but it can run on a test steal and we can still gear it up and we was in the snow, so it’s difficult to tell so in a future video Guys we’re gon na try and make it faster so subscribe and smash the bell.