Så i dag, we’re gon na talk a lot about the wt01 again and especially the blackfoot 3. Musik. Now this is going to be my second episode of me trying to get through all my tamiya cars one by one and just have a little cozy table top talk. So since we started with the wto one in the first episode, i thought it would be logical to continue with another wto one. As mentioned. This is a blackfoot three it’s, an xp model again, which is tamiya’s destination for ready to run. Xb stands for expert, build or factory assembled, and this is the model number five, Syv, eight two five and the kit version is model number five, eight, Fire, nine eight. So essentially, this is a factory assembled five, eight four, nine eight blackfoot 3. it’s based on the wt01, which is tamiya’s two wheel, drive version of the original 1999 wr01, which was launched with the wild dagger. Funny enough. This is a black for three and the wt01 was actually launched in 2003 with the blackfoot extreme. Now the most interesting fact about this, particularly wto one, is of course, the body. This is a original super blackfoot mold, which is essentially the same ford monster truck. That came with the original blackfoot in the 1980s and the super blackfoot later so this is version number three with the wto1 chassis underneath there’s, also a king blackfoot and the blackfoot extreme, which i mentioned, but these do not have the same hot body plastic.

So this is a blackfoot 3 with a blackfoot extreme chassis and a blackfoot and super blackfoot body again in wt01 context. This is the first of three available classic body monster trucks, which was released by tamiya with the wt01 chassis. We got the three: we got: the modblaster 2 and the bush devil 2, and this was the first one from 2011 and the xb version follow near in 2012, since that chassis under underneath is basically a very standard and classic wto one chassis. The most interesting part with this one, for me anyway, is the hard body here, so this is an xp version and sadly enough, this hard body version is not painted. So we got the bare black plastic here, applied with the blackfoot three stickers. If you were to get the kit version, you could of course make a bit different body with the paint that really makes a difference on the surface, and it will blend more nicely with the stickers here. We’Ve got a painted driver, not many details, but for running purposes. He does the job and yeah it’s a fine. Looking super blackfoot body, som du kan se, the holes from the other cars and molds are still there that’s, not especially that’s, not particularly a good thing about this, but yeah original blackfoot body that you could use with the blackfoot and the super blackfoot yeah. But you could also get some new decals for it and paint it up your own way and make it look exactly like you want it, underneath we got a wt01 chassis and since the last episode was about a wto1 i’m, just gon na refer to the link Up here, if you want to go through some of the details with this chassis, but let’s keep it very short here, it’s a mono card based system, it got two identical, symmetrical rails here it got a double wishbone suspension and it got the famous short travel poker Sticks here, 65 millimeter in the front and rear it’s a rear, Hjul, drive two wheel drive, so we’ve got the gearbox here and a single motor here and the driveline in metal here.

But everything else is plastic, including the gears for the review buyers guide. I can definitely say the same about this wto one than i did with the last wto. One it’s an entry level setup, you get plastic bushings, du får, pogo sticks, du får, a silver can motor and you get a very basic yeah. Dobbelt ønskeben suspension, rear wheel, drive two wheel, drive system here, so it’s definitely target at the beginners or the entry level hobbyists. The kit versions actually come with a pre assembled gearbox, so again a proof that this one is targeted at the yeah beginners, så det er, a basic quick build with the two wheel drive and a simple gearbox and i think, it’s definitely perfect for any beginner. But i must say, maybe it’s more perfect for the beginner to 20 år siden, because this is getting an old chassis and it’s getting discontinued by tamiya, so compared to modern releases from yeah other brands. You will definitely not get a very good setup, but if you are a timeout fan enthusiast like me, i think you will get pretty excited about this. Weird monocoque based type chassis, which you can convert as you want, even to a four wheel, drive dual motor setup and a four wheel. Steering and the possibilities are just endless for this one durability, wise it’s, meget holdbare, but that maybe has to do with the gear ratio. It’S set up to an 1 Til 18 udvekslingsforhold.

So you will not get a lot of top speeds. A lot of torque and acceleration, but with this basic setup you will definitely have a very durable, durable monster truck and it kind of corrects all the mistakes from the 1980s set up with the orv chassis and such and here you’ll get a fully double wishbone suspension. But still a very classic entry level monster truck from tamiya again, one of the disadvantages of this old chassis is the rounded battery compartment here. So it takes maybe a 4 000 definitely a 3600 milliamps per hour niket or nim battery nickel metal hydrates. But if you want to fit a larger square lipo battery or something else, you might run into some difficulties and have to modify another battery tray as mentioned. This is an xb model, a ready to run model. So it came with the standard 2012 tamiya ready to run setup, which is the teu 105bk, with the bec60a esc, the tru 08 2.4 Gigahertz, and then, Selvfølgelig, the tamiya silver can motor, which also comes in the kits it’s. A 27 turn brust motor and the tsu 03 analog standard three kilogram servo, so a basic enjoyable setup would together, coupled with the low gear ratio. It won’t get you up in speed, but you can definitely have a lot of fun with these again for the upgrades and modifications, i think i will refer to the old or last episode up here with a link, but in general there has been and are still Available a lot of different hop up options and upgrades for this one, but the essential ones are still the same.

You might want to need 16. 11. 50 sized ball bearings one type but 16 in total. You need eight for the gearbox and eight for the wheel. Axles and then there is the problem with the servo. Now you can see. This is a standard, so he’s got the soft servo mounts made of plastic here and it will shake itself loose over time, so you might want to get into a alloy hop up for that, and then there is the pinion options. Now i think i mentioned itwas a 0.8 modular system it’s actually at 0.6, so we got the 18 tooth standard and the 20 tooth so there’s an option for two additional tooth, but you need an 0.6 steel pinion, perhaps instead of the alloy stock ones. My particular unit it’s absolutely standard. There is absolutely nothing changed with this one, because my son got one and we upgraded that, and i got another one of these wt ones, and i upgraded thatand i also got a wro onethat i heavily modified with extended shock towers and everything. But my unit is a result of a temptation in yeah two three four four five years ago, i can’t remember when a danish local company offered this one up for sale, the blackfoot 3 and the price i think, was around yeah 150 or somethingand that was A bit too tempting for a wto one fan like me. I do very much like this body.

Even with the xp none paint, i might buy some decals someday again they painted. Who knows, i might do some ball bearings upgrade and motor upgrades or shock upgrades, men lige nu, Jeg er, perfectly happy with having a one standard wt01 and then a couple of other ones that i enjoy modifying for some extra speed and some extra fun. That was the wto1 blackfoot 3 xb model and i am sure, there’s going to be a lot of other installments of this series for those interested in a lot of waffling. Please share some comments about your experience with tamiya or the wt01, or the blackfoot line, or in general, give some feedback to me about this video. Maybe they are still too long or too short or too boring any feedback or constructive critic. Criticism will be welcomed. I think that’s it for now.