So stick around watch the video and enjoy Music. Welcome back to the channel adam from rc action, australia, today’s video we’re, going to turn this terror scorcher into a trf, inspired thundershot series car, so that’s going to be an awesome video. But until we get on to my plans with that, just want to do some housekeeping big, thank you to everyone who has liked and subscribed to the channel and tunes into all my videos, Um, fantastisk, Fyre. 2021. I really want the channel to grow. So if you haven’t already liked and subscribed, please consider smashing that subscribe button and hitting that notification bell down below chuck a like a comment. Whatever you want check me out on facebook and instagram, all those links will be down in the description down below and i really really look forward to bringing more rc content this year. So with all that, out of the way, let’s look at today’s project now you would have seen in the intro there i’ve got heaps and heaps of parts that i want to throw at this, but before we go on to that, i want to give you a Little bit of a back story about this car, i have posted a few videos and pictures on my instagram page and facebook, so there’s a little bit more content that i do put over there so make sure you do check out those pages um last year. I really wanted to get back into sort of some style of racing, and i thought that you know a vintage class would be a good place to start with now.

Um doesn’t really require huge money to be thrown at it. For those people who are interested because you’re running standard 540 johnson motors well here in australia anyway, any radio gear that you like and basically as long as the car is, is a certain sort of vintage car. You can enter so very, very basic low key entry specifications and you don’t need to throw big money and it’s probably more about the fun and handling of the car. So this is where this project was um sort of thought about in intentions to doing that. But obviously, with covered a lot of the race meets and whatnot were closed down. Some went ahead, but i wasn’t able to attend so because the weather’s awful and i haven’t been able to get out and do some running videos. I figured that today was an awesome day to pop all these x speed parts onto the terrace scorcher and basically build like a trf inspired terra scorcher. Nwo, what have we got to get put on the kit to make it handle very, Meget god, so i’ve got these aluminium front and rear shock towers from extra speed, purchased them off. Rc mart they aren’t very expensive and they seem to be very, very nice upgrades now they’re black alloy, so they don’t really stand out on the car. My main um advantage that i see with these is all that sort of flex that you get from the standard plastic shock towers.

Hopefully we can eliminate that and get better traction and grounding for the car. I’Ve already got the extra speed, a5 front, brace on the car and the stainless steel pin upgrades. Now i did a full video on that i’ll, try and find that video and chuck the link up above for you guys to look at there’s a few different options that you can do to upgrade your thundershot series car, so that video explained all of that now, While we’re talking trf or before we do that i’ve also purchased this extra speed, uh thundershot suspension mount. So it goes onto the rear of the car and pretty much does the same as the front a5 brace, but to the rear of the suspension. Nwo, Jeg har. Never really broken one of these at all on any of my thundershot series cars, but i figured it would be a nice little piece to put on the car, so we’ll put that one on as well now you’ll notice that there’s no suspension on this car. So i have already gone ahead and stripped the car of its standard springs oil shocks now, don’t throw those away. You can clean these up, repurpose them and you can put them on another car. That may only have friction shocks now, der er, multiple cars that you can upgrade and put those shocks onto you can lengthen them. You can shorten them to adapt them to other cars, so make sure you repurpose your oil shocks so with those off and with the vqs.

Now out, tamiya are now offering the high caps that fit the vqs. Now they are also the high caps that fit the tera scorcher or thundershot series cars, so i’ve gone ahead and built those they’re beautiful shock, absorbers and they’ll go nicely with those upgraded alloy towers. So they’ll be going on there and i’ve bought myself a set of these dual block gto2. I think they are wheels and tires and they will go on there as well now they’re hex adapters, so i’ve also upgraded to some alloy 12 mil hex adapters on the car. Already now the car itself i’ve already rebuilt the full chassis, put new gearbox casings on it, because they are, they were cracked, the original ones, men bortset fra det. The car is fully rebuilt and ready to go now, because i did want to do that. Sort of trf style, so if you would have seen on my instagram facebook pages, i have already done the body now i was considering sending it away and getting someone else to paint it, but i figured hey: why not i’ll give it a go myself? I do like to do my own things and i think it’s a little bit more rewarding if you do your own things on your cars now it’s, obviously not pretty it’s, ikke perfekt, but i think it will turn out quite nice. This is a trf wing that i bought off. Rc mart, i’ve cut it down and i’ve got the wing mount that i’ll put on the car.

So i think it will come up quite nicely um. How did i do the body? Did some white did a pink section and then some metallic blue i’ve bought some trf decals and just pop put those on there to give it a little bit more of that trs style paint um thing, so i think it’s come out all right and my intention Is to use it and run it so it’s not perfect, but it looks quite good, so let’s get all these parts onto the car i’ll. Take you with me. We’Ll do a little bit of footage, as i put them on and then i’ll come back. I’Ll tell you what i think of them and yeah show you the car all put together and i’m thinking, det er, actually going to look quite nice and it’s going to be a beautiful handling. Buggy fingers crossed okay, so up first we’ll put on the front shock tower. So i’ve already gone and undone the three screws that hold the standard plastic one on uh comes off very, very easily guys so that’s the standard one. Så, som du kan se, if we look at the alloy and the plastic one, the alloy one definitely looks like a nicer part, so we’ll go ahead. We’Ll put that one on and then we’ll move on to the back of the car and i’ll. Show you what it all looks like Music, so now that we’ve got all those extra speed, uh alloy shock parts on onto the car, as you can see in those videos, let’s get the high cap dampers onto the car.

They go on quite simply, and they come with all the hardware required in the packaging from tamiya, so let’s put them on dampers on the car. So they’ve come up. Quite nice um not quite sure how it’ll all come together with the suspension, height wise, but so far, it’s looking nice and it already looks beautiful on the car. As you can see now up next we’ve already got those 12 mil hex adapters on the car. So up next, just to complete the car we’ll get these dual block tyres and wheels on we’ll then put the spoiler mount on and we’ll get the body all sorted and i’ll. Let you know what i Music think: Musik, Musik, Musik, Musik. Okay, so hopefully you enjoyed um the everything going on to the car and it came across nicely on camera i’m super super happy with the upgrades and those x speed, alloy parts that i have put on the car. I can highly recommend them to anyone. Jeg er. Virkelig. Really really happy with how the car has turned out. I think it’s got a really really nice sort of race. Trf inspired! Look to it as well, with the different wheels different tyres. We’Ve got the clear wing with the trf um decals and we’ve obviously got um a body with some trf paint, colors plus a few little decals just to tie it in nicely. So i think it’s, a nice cool twist on the terra scorcher.

Naturligvis, we’ve got a nice vintage original one behind me here and if we put the two of them together, i think that definitely owns it’s it’s way on the shelf or as a beautiful sort of custom rc car. So let me know what you know what you think in the comments down below sorry and yeah. Let me know if you think it’s cool, whether you don’t think it’s cool whatever um. Som jeg sagde, i really enjoy building custom cars and adding a sort of bit of a custom flair to it. I did the similar thing uh, with the striker build with a few different wheels, tyres and suspension upgrades and obviously, with my um baja champ, den, hopefully you can see up above me there as well, so i do enjoy going through those leftover parts chucking some upgrade Parts at it so let’s have a little quick look at the parts now that they’re on the car take the driver figure off, so the uprights highly recommend them no flex whatsoever in those, and the suspension is doing all the work now. So the factory one’s, really really flexed around probably will affect the handling, probably not so much to the average person that’s just going to take it out for a run but yeah. Hvis du, if you’re pushing a little bit more speed and what not in these cars every little upgrade, does count same with the rear suspension parts highly recommend that as well the rear, gearbox brace the upgrade there a little.

That was the most fiddly part to go on with the c clips, but other than that was pretty straightforward. The front and rear alloy shock towers go bolt straight into the factory positions. Reuse. The factory uh, Meget, meget enkel, literally, took me about a minute to replace each one now in regards to um. Another little custom feature that i did on the body on the car itself is when i did put the wing on. I found that when i had this standard wing mount in the standard position, um the the wing sat really really far forward and on a strange angle, so i played around with that a little bit. I’Ve mounted it backwards and on the back of the shock tower itself, so it’s enabled me to really push the wing further back out the back of the car and give it sort of a nice race. Buggy look so um! Ja, super happy with how it came out. Let me know what you think in the comments down below. I would love to. You know hear what you think, any other upgrades that i should do to the car so for today’s video. I will leave it there. My final thoughts is, i would highly recommend these upgrades and i can’t wait to get you know. Some electronics into the car and we’ll go and see whether these upgrades really do make a difference, because i have driven this car once when it was all put together before in a very standard form.

So i do know how the terrace scorcher performs so hopefully i’ll be able to see these upgrades and the you know the positive effects that they make on the car.