Dette er en fuldt kapabel 4×4 radiostyring lastbil, der er, klar til at ramme klippestien eller noget andet. Så i dag tjekker vi denne utrolige skala, rc lastbil og alt, hvad den tilbyder, og så får vi det lidt beskidt Musik. Ridderløberen fra element rc er en 1 10th skala, ready to run trail truck that comes pre assembled out of the box with brushed electronics and its offered in two different versions. One version includes a lipo battery and lipo charger, and the second version does not so youll have to supply your own. Both versions do require four double a batteries to power. The included transmitter, though other than the battery and the charger. Both versions are pretty much. The same featuring the realistic night runner body which resembles a modern four door, toyota tacoma, but its not officially licensed, på trods af at, the knight runner still looks fantastic and its configured to support, realism and trail performance. Now the first step to producing this is creating an awesome body element. Rc has a good variety of enduro bodies in their past with some more scale than others, but perhaps none have been as realistic as the night runner, thanks in part to james knight, whos, the founder of knight customs and the designer of this body. Hence the name. Now the body is made up from two thermo formed lexan pieces, the cab and the bed, and those are connected at the center, with good bracing in place with little flex between them to highlight details.

The body features many decals and hard plastic accessories, like the big grille up front attached from the inside, the headlights were only decals, but the lexan has been left clear behind them. So if you want to just remove the decals and put leds behind them, thatll be okay, but the leds are not included and sold separately. Moving up the hood we get to the hard plastic windshield wipers underneath the windshield, which features a decal that provides trim around the window, but leaves the window clear. Selvfølgelig, the body features hard plastic side mirrors with silver decals, but those arent reflective, more side window. Decals are used some sponsor decals down below and, Endelig, hard plastic door handles on all four corners. Only on the left side of the body will you find a decal for the gas cap and only on the right side of the body. Youll find the exhaust all accurate for the real truck. The hard plastic exhaust accessory is an officially licensed magnaflow exhaust too, and it says it right on it. In the very back of the truck, there are more decals used over the rear window on our tail lights. The bed handle and some element rc branding like the headlights, were these tail lights, are also clear behind the decal to make it easier to add your own lights separately. Some leds are included, Selvom, and they come installed in the officially licensed dimelo front bumper. That comes installed.

This bumper has a spot for a winch fairlead, two tow d rings and a little skid plate coverage. When you install the body, the front end has been trimmed a bit, so the body sits right on the bumper. The same thing for the rear. End with the body corners trimmed for a more snugger fit on that rear, kofanger, which is also an officially licensed demelo piece. This rear bumper features, a tow hitch and two tow d ring mounts. More accessories are included too theyre just not installed like this hard plastic. Snorkel that attaches to the cab and also this officially licensed front runner bed, rack content which mountain to the drop bed. This tent is pretty cool too designed with more of a fluid shape, to give it some more life and if you turn it over its hollow in the center to reduce weight on the scale, this piece is a little over 100 grams or about 160. When you add the parts to mount it, adding weight up high in a rock crawler or any vehicle is going to raise the center of gravity and diminish trail performance just a little bit so its nice. That element made installing these parts optional. You know what else is optional subscribing, although you know you want to one last element to add more realism to this body. If you want to is to utilize this full decal sheet that comes included with the night rudder youll have to cut these decals out yourself, but theyre a lightweight option to add more details.

Oh just like with the other enduro trucks element. Rc has turned the inside of this box into a scale diorama for all those cool photos. Nwo, since this body was designed by james knight, whos kind of like a scale accessory master, it only seems right that he should offer parts made specifically for the night runner body, and he does, if you head over to the knight custom shapeway store at the time. We filmed this. There is 20 different parts specific for the nightrunner body, including led light buckets if you want to add lights, theres various skid plates bed, Værktøjer, different grills and more all of these parts are high quality, 3d prints and they can be painted. If you want to speaking of realism, check out this custom night, runner truck built by topher, builds over on instagram, he repainted and detailed the stock body with his own decals and paint, and it looks freaking amazing. The night runner body looks pretty great to start with, but with a little work and an eye for detail, you can make a one of a kind level 11 night runner now for our truck. We wanted to add a little something something but not go crazy. So we just picked up these inexpensive plastic trx trx4d rings and theyre a great fit on the front and rear dimelo bumpers, and they were only three dollars so really impressive body with lots of details, great body lines, lots of realism and lots of possibilities for customization.

The only little issue i have with this body is how the mirrors are only fixed at one point on the side, and they do kind of flex and pull out a bit. This may have been done intentionally to help the mirrors survive when they slide against the rocks im, not really sure but ill, probably go back and secure. The second point myself now some other scale areas on this truck include the officially licensed general grabber atx tires in the 1.55 Størrelse, and these tires are mounted on element: rc wheels, Theyre, the black urban bead locks with nut caps, and they look pretty dang good. Like all enduros, the knight runner uses a 12 millimeter hjul, Hex, so most aftermarket crawler wheels will fit, although only smaller diameter tire sizes will fit without rubbing the body. Disse er 1.9 Tommer, proline high racks at 4.75 inches tall, and they definitely rub the body and would need further attention to fit properly. The knight runner has a few other realistic tricks up its sleeve, with the biggest being the use of the ifs or independent front suspension that comes standard on the night runner. This is only the second truck from element rc to include this system behind the trail runner with the ifs it tosses out the front, solid axle and instead replaces it with a double wishbone setup, allowing for left and right side independent work, while still maintaining 4×4 Kontrol. Now the ifs system has been around a little while from element and its been available as a conversion kit that can be added to other enduro trucks, as well as the axial scx, 10 scx 102 and the ssd trail king.

Once you add a few required items. The best part about the ifs system, Selvom, is how it looks realistic and it looks a whole lot more accurate for certain truck builds like this knight runner now. Another cool aspect about the ifs system is how it does a great job at hiding the steering system with no long leaks, traveling along the axle like most trail trucks have to do it, and instead the system sits up high and out of sight using plastic belt. Cranks and a metal steering rack supported by bearings, youll notice, the left and right side steering links rest at nearly the same height as the upper arms. So when you look at it straight on from the front, they appear to be one piece and you hardly notice them from the front. Youll, probably notice this front skid plate that looks great and sits behind the bumper polishing up. That final look for our steering angles. The ifs uses universal drive shafts, offering up to 45 degrees of steering angle for tight, turns on the trail or anywhere else, and this is also thanks in part to the overdriven stealthx transmission that comes equipped on all enduro trucks. This transmission provides an overdrive of 5.7 in the stock configuration, but it can be changed and bumped up to 11.8 percent with a gear swap which is included or you can return the transmission to a one to one setup for the rear. End youll find a solid axle, with a lock differential, supported on a four link suspension and then on.

All corners are aluminum. Bodied oil filled shocks for the electronics. The knight runner uses a 1523 mg metal gear servo with a metal servo horn. The esc is the 3s lipo compatible sc480x and thats got a t style battery connector and the motor is a 16 turn brushed ready motor to power. The truck a 2s or 3s lipo is needed and, ideally youre, going to want to use a shorty size lipo. Like this protech pack, but if you really want to use full sized packs, Du kan, by swapping out to this longer battery brace that is included, but using a shorty pack is really recommended for those of you familiar with the enduro trucks. This is all pretty standard equipment that youve heard before, but there is one exception to this knight, runner and thats the longer 12.8 inch wheelbase it sits at now. We actually just reviewed the ecto recently, which is also a 12.8 inch truck, and if you try to swap their bodies, it doesnt quite work. But if youre curious, the ecto body weighs 158 grams compared to the 233 grams of the night runner. And for how impressive. This body looks that is a really good weight for a wheelbase comparison. Left is the 12.8 inch night runner and right is the 12.3 inch trail runner. Both of these trucks are lined up by the rear axle, but at the front you can see there is a little length difference, but its not that much.

Samlede, the nightrunner is a really impressive. Rc trail truck thats made to look super realistic, while not offsetting any trail performance which does tend to happen. The more realistic you make these bodies id say, Selvom, that easily the knight rounder body is the most realistic. Looking body released from element rc and the knight runner overall is one of the coolest rcs to wheel down the trail or to just admire, as it sits on your desk.