Okay number five is the biggest surprise of 2021, the axel sex scx6 im. Not saying its the greatest or the best, its just the biggest its a new 1 6 Skala, crawler from axial 27 Pounds. 1100 Bukke, no competition, no aftermarket no courses to play with it. They just threw it out there and whats unusual is how they approached it. They didnt design anything new, they just blew it up. They blew up the jlu scx 10 and said here. It is and thats so heavy uh and its so big and so capable everyone who was given a kit, the reviewers they loved it. But i think the best thing they could say about it was: it was big, but people who have been trying to starting to purchase it. I listen to these guys more. I actually like it im, not sure if its just novelty, uh so thats. What im trying to decipher, but it looks like the aftermarketis starting to come on board vitibond trial hobbies um, starting to make some some axle aluminum axles for it and whatnot so still torn about it. Let me know a lot of people ask me, because they trust my opinion always pros and cons. I people dont like hearing just about pros. It makes them suspicious that someone is biased right, so so well, see um well see. If i, if ill get this one and put it through the ringer, the number two surprise for me is: is theres no new traxxas crawler.

This is just shocking because the traxxas trx4, which will got me in this youtube business, was introduced four and a half years ago, thats a long time. Everything theyve done 10 revisions that the rx6 are just theyre, just extensions of the the trx4, so it we definitely need the trx four point version two uh. This thing is so awesome, but its its getting old its getting aged, even even the fans are, are getting tired of you know the the expensive accessories that they keep releasing tracks slides and what have you so please traxxas um! You got to get out there at the minimum. Give us a a 124 Skala, crawler that traxxas weight attracts us. Engineering well see traxxas the i know the main guy. The main engineer of the trx4 is are no longer with a company. He works with me now. In the bike, industry got ta get with the times the competition is coming in crawlers and coming in hard. The number three thing that surprised me is the popularity of low center gravity vehicles just like this check this out. So what are they theyre? The minimalist vehicles optimized for performance, Dybest set, they optimize ground clearance, belly locally uh high clearance links the minimum weight uh in in the maximum articulation. So these every time i crawl with like with the with a group like 90, have these vehicles, so you got to have one you know, because they they start doing harder and harder lines, and so theres g speed, theres sherpa, brazen, corrupt carbon.

I have im starting to do some videos on it its its a limited market. I understand, but its still, the popularity is growing. The number two thing that surprised me is the state of retail. You know the the supply chain. Issues are crazy when you have a hot vehicle, its just gone, they order something its gone, and then they reorder six months later, we wait and its gone again. So you know the hot kids, the hot tires all gone um, so back order is becoming a kind of a norm and its kind of crazy because i dont like the back order stuff, but that thats definitely the situation im, not sure if its going to get Better in in 2022, the last thing that surprised me is the rise of fms rock hobby, so fms rock hobby. They have different brands. i 2020. They had this vehicle called the something something it looks like a land cruiser decent and then in 2021 and im all like what the heck sliding sliding seats steering wheel turns, Selvfølgelig, engine bay that looks pretty legit, and then they came out with this thing. øh, the early version of suzuki chimney this ones crazy, for. It was floating around, but i lifted it just by just by messing with the leaf springs. Så dette er den 112 løslade. Jeep leaf springs all around, and then this is the 112 kubel wagon, som er, let me tell you the most insane rc car ever made.

It has a vw engine, air cooled twin motor. Jeg ved, traxxas hasnt done anything in four years. This company does all this. In one year, where are they going next year and now id like to give you an update on rc review the youtube channel? So i started this about three years ago and its now got 68 000 subscribers about 600 Videoer. 18 million video views its a big. Its a big channel um about 20 Til 25 000 views a day and i think its one of the biggest its probably the biggest us based uh rc car channel uh. You know in in the country, Musik, rc sailors is big, but i think they do planes and whatnot and then theres a few really big international ones. Kevin talbott tomly really really good guys so, im happy with with the progress im happy with your guys support. The comments are amazing uh and i love the hobby so whatever i can do to to to help you guys support myself is good uh i buy. I buy most of the stuff up there, so it requires a lot of a lot of funding. So youll see a lot of shootouts from me. Some lists a lot of lists and and really hard hitting enthusiastic information. As far as making money, uh youtubes gives me some money. Most of my money comes from a main, a main hobbies if you click on one of the links in the description and you buy something within a certain period.

I get a commission, a small commission of that so thats cool. The problem is in 2021, they cut their commission in half. Dybest set, they instead of 30 days getting getting a cut of the action they cut it to 15 Dage. So half my money was gone. My spending money was gone so, but really the number one way you can support me is to view the video hit that notify button on uh. Not just subscribe, abonnere. Doesnt do anything anymore. You got to hit that notify button, so you get so you know when, when i publish a new video and and watch the video to to the end, you know to its full extent and most important click on the links. If youre going to buy something on a main, the um click on the link in our description in the text, i know its hard to see but click on one of those links and well get a call of the action for 15 Dage. Whatever you buy, det, doesnt have to be that product. So in fact, if youre gon na buy some stuff just click on our links, Første, we get some commission to you from amazon and some banger that they suck straight up dont even bother.