He’S played with it every day since he got it and has enjoyed experimenting to see what it’ll dig. We built him a box full of pellets to play with his equipment in since dad works with heavy equipment. So does my son, i love that it has a metal bucket and how sturdy it feels. Første, impressions are good. My six year old loves it. I do too the bucket and elbow motors are a bit weak time will tell if it’ll hold up or not i did buy the replacement warranty see how it goes. Update the motor that controls the main lift arm is quit working three weeks of fun. Having a hard time finding a contact for warranty claim he was contacted and they are sending me a full replacement, even though it was out of warranty great service. This is a cool rc, excavator fun for kids and adults. This looks petty close to a cat excavator for a toy. I use this for fun in my backyard and for some fun with little cousins. I have a few small complaints. One is the bucket tilt and tilt arm. Power is a little weak. This is better for sand or very loose dirt. My yard has more harder clay dirt, so it doesn’t like it as much next is the controls. They are okay, but could be improved. It should have joysticks for the main arm tilt, arm, cab, turn and bucket tilt. Like a real excavator but still having the joysticks for the tracks, Også, it would be pretty cool for an improvement for better control.

Samlede, this is a pretty cool excavator, for what it is would buy it again. Forhåbentlig, top race will make a bulldozer like a cat.