Mand har været væk alt for længe fyre, men jeg er tilbage, jeg gon na gør mit bedste for at lægge indhold ud så meget som muligt med mit travle liv og min tidsplan, der altid ændrer sig, men jeg har ikke glemt dig. Fyre så råbe ud til min lokale hobbybutik her i det nordlige Californien, rc country hobbies ive been given this opportunity to test and review these batteries and give an honest review. I cant thank them enough, especially my good friend steven lee. There hes always been a good help to me when it comes to the hobby and just a good friend overall, i dont know you guys can tell or not. These are parts for the new uh traxxas sledge. I got the truck right here. Im gon na give that a go today. Endelig, i havent had time to you, know really uh make any videos lately, but im gon na get on it and im gon na start, putting out some good content for my small little batch of subscribers. So shout out to all you guys who are still subscribed. This is the traxxas combo battery and charger completer pack ive owned a set of these batteries before a couple sets actually and ive also had the traxxas id charger, theres tons of options out there from different chargers: different lipo batteries, forskellige størrelser, milliamps c ratings. All that good stuff, but to me these combo packs that traxxas have bring simplicity to charging lipos its so simple, so easy for you to just plug in the battery.

The charger will recognize um the cell count and what battery it is, and you just press it and go now theres. You know different mixed reviews on these batteries on oh theyre, not strong enough or they dont last. But the truth is, if you take care of a lipo and just your basic lipo maintenance, most lipo batteries will last a very long time and the one good thing about the traxxas batteries, including these combo packs, is traxxas stands by them. You know if you have an issue, give them a call email them. Theyll, try to figure out whats going on and take care of you and if you have a hobby shop like mine up here in northern california, theyre a certified traxxas dealer, and with that you get, you know service and it the ability to warranty parts. Are there you know as long as theres um, no misuse or abuse in the parts um theyre more than likely to take care of you there? It is guys uh got it all out of the boxing you get a little startup uh manual. You know basic instructions. How to start and play the charger? Look at that nice and shiny gosh. I love fresh new lights. Look at that there, it is simple plug and play charge is ready to go, got it all plugged in you got your storage mode, fast charge mode and your balance mode me. Personligt. I always always balance my lipos its made all my lipos last long.

Ive got a long life out of them, no matter what brand or how big the milliamps were, and battery ive always balanced them, Ive, never fast charged them. You could go ahead and fast charge them if you like, but to me personally, like i said my opinion, balance will make the light bulb last a lot longer and you get the most out of your money. Som du kan se, the battery automatically recognize that its a lipo and its got it ready at a charge rate of four amps. You also got the second port ready to go ill, go ahead and plug that one in right now there it is hold it its going same thing boom charging. Så, even though these lipo batteries have a smaller c burst, rating and doesnt necessarily mean you know, theyre not going to put out power and honestly, you dont really have to worry about that type of c rating. Until you start getting into like speed runs, i mean theres not that much of a huge difference when youre bashing, unless youre you know youre really aiming to get the most then yeah theres other batteries out there that have a higher c rating. I just want to mention one thing and that is lipo safety, theres tons of videos out there and you know articles you could read just do your due diligence and uh learn about lipos if youre new to the hobby um. You know if you dont, take care of these or you know, misuse these batteries any type of lipo batter just its not just these traxxas batteries.

You know they could cause a fire. If you guys really, Jeg ved, show uh negligence to these batteries. So i just highly recommend: do your homework be safe? Jeg ved, while having fun in this hobby, theres tons of options out there. You know its gon na require you to have a a different type of charger. Youre gon na have to set the proper mode the charge rate all that stuff and after a while coming back to this because, Ærligt, i havent had traxxas batteries for the uh or an id charger in a while, and it just makes things so much simpler and Its also very good for anyone new to the hobby. You know some people get a little discouraged when they start seeing all these numbers. Four amps balance fast charge all that stuff kind of like what is that stuff, but its safe to say these are pretty easy to use chargers for anyone new to the hobby. Im such a great starter kit to get you going, especially once you get these rtr trucks you dont have to worry about. Oh what lipo do i use how big of a battery will fit in there or anything like that? Most of these lipo batteries from traxxas are designed to fit in their vehicle with ease. So once these are done, charging im going to go ahead, uh get them inside the sledge. I got some stuff to do that before i run it.

Im gon na hang out with some friends today i got some of these optional parts. Like i said i got from rc country hobbies shout out to steven lee, for dig kender, stocking these. You know as soon as possible. I mean as soon as the truck was you know, delivered, and he already had all these parts so again guys i cant i cant thank them enough and uh traxxas as well for giving me this opportunity. Im gon na go ahead, run these batteries and ill. Give you guys my honest feedback once i uh get back later on, so there we go guys. Both the lipos are in there 3s. Each gon na do test run, see how it goes.