This is not officially an unboxing, as has that already been unboxed but uh. I just wanted to share some thoughts on my experience so far with this udr um. I want to also say happy new year to all you guys. I hope you guys have started the new year with a bang and uh. I hope you guys are staying safe, enjoying the first day of the new year with the people that you love the most um. But here we go again another review here. So basically what i wanted to show you guys this car has been out um since 2018. Hvis jeg er, not mistaken, um march uh, to be specific, i think it was released in march of 2018 Um. It did come out with, så vidt jeg ved, there’s three different bodies that come in this traxxas udr, which is the fox edition. It also comes which you guys see right there that’s the fox edition. It also comes with this blue body. Um, the blue and black body. Blue is my favorite color, men jeg er, not even gon na front that fox edition. I i couldn’t resist um big fan of it by the way um. I have a few cars that have a fox edition body and i’m, a big fan so um. It also came in the ridgid, which is that red style, red and black style um body. Første, look amazing: the scale look of the car is phenomenal, Um, so basically uh.

I already took it out the box. I took a cup uh. I took it already for a spin a few times. I am uh super elated with it uh. It is a great car um i mean it runs phenomenal uh, a completely different style than what would you expect? You really really got ta know what you’re doing with this car um it’s, not a beginner’s car at all for that matter and um, but it’s a really good, enjoyable car. It tends from what i’ve seen on youtube. I didn’t experience it because i learned from people’s experience. It does roll over um and eventually, like any other car. If you turn uh the knob way too quick, most cars will flip over um this one because it has a rare uh, a lock differential um because of the uh the format of how this car should be used. Um it’s gon na roll over um. But again i didn’t have that experience with it. I i pretty figure. I i figured out pretty quick how to uh maneuver this car um. Some of the things that i wanted to share with you guys are the specs um. This car does come with the vxl 6s capable esc um. This same esc is the same one that is used on the e revo 2.0 and i believe, prior to that uh, the regular, the first version of the e revo as well um it’s, also forest capable um.

This does come with a 2200 kv motor um. If you ask me that’s plenty of juice, that’s pumping out of this car um, i mean i’ve, seen people that really put some major big cans on this thing on youtube, and this thing is a horse. I mean this thing got flat um, but i i think for now i’m satisfied with this performance and i think i’m going to leave it. As is it’s. Et firehjulet, drive um uh uh rc um. It also comes with uh let’s, see here, um with eight shocks. Out of those eight shots for them, you could actually um use to regulate the uh. I believe the with the springs. You could regulate the suspension factor on the on on four of the shocks um. It comes with gtr aluminum socks, which is pretty awesome. One thing that i that actually stood out um with this purchase is the fact that it came with a light kit that light kit alone is 150. If you buy it separately um this version here, which i believe the first version didn’t come with the actual light kit um. This baby here actually did include it yeah with a of course it it. It was a little bit more money than the original, but at the end of the day, i think just the like hit alone just makes it look more scaled and more realistic. Efter min mening, Um. This is how uh, basically since i’m, not gon na unscrew the body it takes 12 screws to actually um display the actual cage of the um of the udr um i’m, just going to display by from the box, and this is how it would look like in The interior um, as you can see from this box, there’s no way for you to actually get in there and work on your electronics or the motor or anything for that matter.

So um traxxas from their creative mindset. They figured out a way where it could be accessible to you and i and it’s not that impossible, det er, not that hard um, which i’ll be showing to you in just a few seconds. Lige nu, Um, i have been running uh, the udr with two 3s 5 000 milliamp lipo batteries, traxxas batteries um the c charge. The c rating is not that high it’s only 20, but i was able to you know again. I was able to um actually enjoy this car on success without any major issues the car didn’t flip over. I think it only flipped over once, because i got a little reckless with it but um, but for you know, but this is plenty of of power with these batteries um i am. I am going to get some higher c rating batteries because i want to see what it’ll produce with a higher c rating battery. Men igen, i didn’t have a bad experience with these traxxas batteries um now just so that i can show you guys a little something about the car there’s a few key details here on this car um. Forhåbentlig, this car is gon na flip over on me, Men, som du kan se, this car is beautiful. This car is just amazing in detail um what they did with it is just spectacular um you can see here. The actual i hope y’all can see. Look at all the travel on this car man look at these shots again.

It has the sway bars which are right here. Um i mean so much travel in that suspension, det er, bouncy, Det er det, just a phenomenal, feel guys. It just feels awesome. Du ved um um, you got two extra spare tires on top. These are actual um bf good rich tires. They got that bead, lock kind of look but they’re not be locked again guys. It has the beat locked look but it’s not beat like this are glued um. This also has on the sway bars it has um again. I don’t think you guys will be able to see it, but it does have some rubber straps um, some aluminum limiting straps um made out of rubber um on on the sway bars um. As i informed you guys earlier before, um it has eight shocks and eight gtr shocks in total. Four of them are adjustable shocks, one on each side. Um the scale look is just ridiculous. The way they thought of every detail i mean even the guys inside i mean just look at that man might not be so clear on the camera, but it’s just incredible um what they thought of um. What else i wanted to share with you guys on this car um it’s, just a beast, det er, a beast of a car um. It does come again. Like i told you guys, i was advised that i could unlock the rare diff, but i don’t want to at this point um.

I figured that i keep it locked because the drifting that this car does, whether you want to ride it on the road. My suggestion is: maybe you might want to go ahead and unlock it. If you have that kind of self control, where you’re not going to go crazy on the road leave, it locked leave it locked. But if you want to ride it on the dirt, how it is designed to run if you want to enjoy the drifting style, how it performs drifting with the rear differentials locked keep it that way, keep it. That way i mean, Jeg tror, i’m going to keep it that way for now, because i don’t plan on riding it on the road as much um. I don’t want to ruin his precious body um, but i will be running it on dirt. Often so, Og – and i and so far i’m i have already so i enjoyed the performance that i got from it on dirt um. One other thing i wanted to uh inform you guys um let’s, see here this is. I wanted to show you guys. The bottom of it so basically, as i informed you guys earlier, you guys don’t there’s, no actual room. Once you take off this body, there is no actual room to actually work on your electronics, so traxxas decided to create a way where you can access everything. Just from here, so just so that you know right here is where we would put our battery.

This is pretty thick, so it’ll keep everything pretty much protected the wires. The batteries will all be very protected in there. As you can see it has this holder here. This little latch or door here latch where you could actually go ahead and install your batteries. You could have 4s batteries fit comfortably in there and you could have your two 3s batteries fit in there um honestly, the the two 3s batteries that i got the traxxas batteries. They were a bit of a challenge a little bit to actually try to get this thing latched in there and locked um, but with a little maneuvering a little work, it’ll lock on so um, men ja, but everything in there is nice and secure um. This does come with a little handle here, where you open and close open and close to keep this door basically locked in um right here would be your mode or your esc. Everything would be in this area here. I plan on getting a fan so i’m. Definitely gon na eventually have to get in there and um uh work on this um through here. So it’ll be a first time for me to actually open that up soon, Um, but basically guys everything um was well thought of on the build of this udr. It does not ride like an armor mojave. The mojave is a freaking beast guys. This i’m, ikke gon na, lie it’s fun. It is super super fun to ride and again it takes some experience to ride this.

A beginner will not be able to ride this um, men uh det er, a hell of fun of a car, Fyre, a very fun car. I mean i would honestly recommend it again: det er, not a mojave mojave, just turn on the control you plug on your battery and you go bashing. You you’ll send that to the moon. You know what i mean this one is not on that it’s, not on that uh uh uh, a level. Du ved, hvad jeg mener. This takes a little bit more of of maneuvering and figuring out than a mojave. Du ved um um, but it’s a fun ride a fun from right. I really enjoyed it and the fact that it comes with everything you could think of on a car i mean he just it comes with these bumpers one on the top one on the bottom. The light kit right in between um has the lights up here. On top another, the lights back here, um one thing that uh caught my attention is that when you hit the brakes, the lights turn right back. On i mean it is awesome. Det er fantastisk, it’s really really awesome. Så, basically guys. This is my review for the car. I have no complaints whatsoever um. It was well made and uh it’s just nice to look at it’s nice to look at so um. I hope you guys had a again a great new year’s day today. Please stay safe, don’t forget to like subscribe.

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