So today we are going to unbox the world’s smallest car and it is also available at amazon. So are you ready so let’s unbox? It wait if you haven’t, subscribed, then subscribe and the bell icon to get many more notifications. Tak. Let’S get started so let’s unbox, this world’s miniature car, so actual rate of this is 1500, so now it will come only for 783, so this is in shape of the cola. So this is the cola can now let’s take out this cap out. So there are also given four cones in this, so first let’s remove that so there’s, a black color one. You have to keep it down and remove this cones like this. The black one is acting as a stopper for these four cones. So there are four cones like this, so this box contains four cones and now let’s remove the manual. So this is the manual so in manual. It is written that the contents are one mini car, a transmitter, an antenna and a road block. There are four road blocks, so this is the manual, so i am keeping it right here so now, let’s remove the transmitter and the car out. So now just remove this transmitter from this box like this, Som dette. After that now you will have a silver color. One so press that one and move this car to the backwards like this now see the car and the transmitter are separated now there’s, also an antenna provided here for us.

So this antenna is extendable and again it goes into a smaller, so antenna can be fixed right here. So the box contains these and there’s a mini rechargeable battery in this box in this car box, and you have to keep two double a batteries which are not provided in this set. So i have two double a batteries, so i am inserting them into this transmitter. Positive to negative, Som dette, you have to insert it now, like this it’s perfect, now let’s insert this antenna. Også, you have to keep this and screw it like this, so you have to rotate it like this let’s fix. Now it comes like this and also goes now on to the right side. You will see a small thing like charge. You have to open that clip and you will have a small plug coming out and that should be inserted into this hole which is given in the down part of the car, se. Now there will be a green light here, so means it is charging the car is being charged and let’s see. What should we do with the next Music? Let me read it yes, now let it charge for one minute so that you can play for 20 Minutter. So let’s make a charge. Car is charging it’s like new type of cars which are coming like charged cars, so it’s charging now let’s remove the charger out and keep it like this and close this deck.

Now there will be an on button right here. So when you on it, it is ready to play so i will show you how this works now and when i go front see you can go for it. So speed now, i’m coming back see, it is so speed. I go now when i go back. The red light brings it also slide back no see see the wheels, are more spent, go back and now let’s see the side, parts side, side, det er, really an amazing car. So now let’s play with this and this roadblocks Music. Musik, Music do Music so hope you guys enjoy this video. So if you like it, please give a like and comment below and share this to your friends, and they may also know about this world’s miniature car. So thanks for watching and if you want to buy this check, the link which is given in the description box and get it only for 783 Rupees.