Første, the price was dirt cheap. Compared to what my dealer wanted to charge less than half of what one would have cost me. Music all functions work as they should, and i got the keys two days sooner than projected also in hopes this may help someone in need. I completely lost my only and original key, so this was a replacement, not spare Music. The dealer told me to cut the key would be 20 Bukke, but because it would also need the remote to be programmed. They would need to tow my vehicle to the dealership program it in the charge with ben 150 plus Musik. They said they had to do an onboard programming that required it to be there unless i had another key which i didn’t, so i called the local locksmith and told him my situation and he kindly said: Gå, get the key cut and he’ll. Tell you how to program the transponder, so at least the key will work low, here’s the steps he gave. One turn your ignition to on pose the ocean. You will save the car and lock symbol leave the key forward for 10 Minutter. The symbol will go away. Turn the key back all the way and repeat: do this two more times for a total of three, so i did the first two times the symbol went away, but the third attempt, after ten minutes it didn’t, so i gave it another five and still nothing Music.

I took the key out, put it back in and turned it and noticed the light was no longer on voila. The key started the car so happy. Well then, out of curiously, i hit the unlock button and sure enough. It programmed everything. Music saved me. So much money. The dealer was bsg me about when that’s all they had to do hope that helps someone. I only have one key for my car and it went swimming in coca cola. The car would not start as the transponder was dead Music. I removed the metal key portion from my original key. My original did not come apart easily and replaced the blank key on the new transponder.