Welcome back everyone. In between the last video and this video i managed to have enough time to do a team, upgraded rc paint job on our bomber. Here i took my team, upgraded rc stickers and had them do a reverse image on them, so that i could stick them on the inside of my lexan body and they would show up here on the outside the way they’re supposed to be same thing. As my stripes that way, they’re all underneath and the rocks shouldn’t be getting to them too bad that’s. The way it should be and i’ve got another sticker here on on the doors. So i think that turned out pretty good. I put a gunmetal gray behind all of it to make it kind of pop. You guys can leave a comment down in the section below if you want to comment on or tell me what you think of our new paint job anyway. Guys todayand i know i knowi’ve already been through three motors on this – Vi har – had the stock one we’ve had the homes hobby 558 turn in here and right now, there’s a homes, Hobby, Drejningsmoment, master 27, turn in here. Godt, those are all brushed motors guys. What i really wanted was a brushless motor they’ve been out of them for a while. My hobby shop just got them in. Actually this is a brushless motor and esc combo, a smart esc guys now.

I know what you guys are thinking, you’re thinking. Why didn’t you put a tk in 412 rock hd in there and maybe a tkin rx4 esc? Godt, i could have done that guys. There’S lots of people out there doing that it’s proven it works really good. You know what this is upgraded, rc that’s! Why i’ve had so many different motors in here in such a short amount of time, because we test them and i do reviews on them and i know there’s. This has been out for a little while, but there’s not a whole bunch of reviews on it, and i really wanted to do this one myself and see how good the smart esc actually is. Why is it a smart esc because it can be programmed now? I know almost all the other esc’s out there can be programmed as well, but none of them have a smart programmer for the esc that you can buy to complete this setup here. This package now, with this programmer i’m, going to be able to adjust all kinds of things guys this i can change my motor timing. I can change the polarity of the motor. I can change the punch of the motor. I can change the drag break. I don’t know exactly what all percentages are i’ll, let you guys know, but it has an awesome, drag brake control on here, where you can just go infinite from from top to bottom and then it’s going to drag break force.

The amount of force you can put on your brakes this this is going to be really cool guys and you can adjust it on the fly while you’re out in the middle of the field. You can just plug this in and change it right there right. Then you don’t need your laptop or anything. Nwo. This also comes with a usb cable that you can plug into your laptop so that you can download all the newer updates and everything into it, and then you can put them into your car so that you can change the parameters. Men, you want to, for whatever it is you’re trying to do now. Another thing that makes this esc so badass guys is the fact that it puts out real time, telemetry directly from the esc, to the receiver and then to your radio. So you have real time. Telemetry there’s no lag in it very little latency you don’t have to download it later into your computer, so you can see what your telemetries were. Everything is right there on this, and you don’t need any cables, no wires, no modules, nothing else, like all the other esc’s, when you’re trying to get telemetry, you don’t need any of that stuff guys. I know like for my traxxas if i wanted to use the telemetry on my e revo. 2.0 i’ve got a whole handful of wires and modules, and everything that i have to buy and cram into my car to make it work.

This is all built into the esc. You don’t need anything else now. If you buy a spectrum smart battery, it will also tell you what the voltage of the battery is and all the other different parameters of the battery that you might want to know about. You do not need a smart battery, though from spectrum to be able to get the other telemetries directly to your radio. You just need a spectrum radio with dsmr on it and then it’ll just send everything to you real time. I mean i don’t really care too much about the telemetry guys, but for some of you that want to see how fast you’re going or how hot your motor is running or something like that. Det er, a pretty good deal to be able to see that on your radio, so that might be something you’re interested in as well. But that is not why i bought this esc. I bought it because it came with a great motor in it. It’S got the 1900 kv spectrum motor in here the five millimeter shaft um. This esc is waterproof there’s, all kinds of other great features about this guys: i’m gon na go ahead and i’ll. Put this down here and i’ll. Show you guys what’s going on the box and everything it says on it. Just like i always do and we’ll go from there. Okay gutter, so we have got a spectrum firma, Smart, 130, Amp, brushless esc here now.

This has a continuous current of 130 amps or a peak current of 760 Ampere, and this is a sensorless brushless motor application. Now guys this will run between 2s and 4s lipos or you could go ahead and also put between a 5 og en 12 cell nickel metal hydride in here. This has a built in bec of 6 Volt 4 Ampere, like i was saying, and that is changeable through the programmer there’s lots of things to change to the programmer guys i don’t know what they all are, Selvom, and then it’s got your weight and your dimensions Here you come down a little bit further and it says battery connector. Now it has an ic5 on it, but it’s compatible with an ec5. I had to go ahead and purchase an adapter i’m going to show it to you guys here in a second, so that i could get mine from an ic5 to an ec3. Not a big deal. Um let’s see here and then the motor connectors are also the four millimeter and they’re the gold plated connectors. And then this is what some of the modes that you can do here on the programmer. Are you got forward and reverse and breaks or forward and break or forward and reverse so it’s got it’s got different modes there that you can set up and there’s? Også, a cooling fan here to keep it cool now it’s going into the the motor on the bottom.

Dette er 1900 kv brushless motor and this motor will actually operate from three to six s for a total of 25.2 Volt. But we don’t have to worry about that in this esc here, because the esc only goes to 4s. So this should be a really hard motor to blow up that’s a good thing guys now this has an efficiency rating of 86 percent and it also has a maximum continuous current of 60 amps see that maximum continuous current of 60 amps up here we have a Continuous current of 130, with a peak of 760., so there’s no way that this 60 amps is going to draw enough out of this esc to rob our servo of power, especially after we set up the bec for what we want. It i’m probably going to set it up for 7.4. It seems to run pretty good on the external bec. I have right now. Godt, Det er – probably about it on here guys it’s, putting out a couple more things here. You may want to know but uh. Det er en 4 Pole, børsteløs motor, it is sensorless and then it’s got some of the weights and dimensions down here if you guys are interested in this stuff here. So if i flip the box over hereand i got to hold this because it’s up on the end now but they’re talking about some of the firma, smart esc features and one of them is smartall in one telemetry that’s, where they’re showing you right here.

Your different connector with the ic5 it says that this ic5 connector replaces sensors sending telemetry information to the transmitter directly from the thermosmart esc that’s. What i was talking about guys. This also has a very fast powerful, 32 bit arm m4 processor in it. If i didn’t mention it before this entire setup here is waterproof, it has multiple programming functions and it’s also got multi point protection, so that’s pretty much it for this combo box here and then here is the smart, adapter or link. I was talking about that. You’Ll need to go from ic5 to either ic3 or to ec3 either. One is the same flip it over here. Let me see. I believe this is the correct part number here: it’s s, P, m x c, a five zero, eight that’s, pretty much it you plug! That into your esc and plug the other end into your battery, and that should take care of the adapter needs that we need all right. So one more thing here to make this work guys. This is a y adapter from mpi max, and the part number is two four six zero now you’ll understand a lot better. Why you need this to make this work uh? I should say effortlessly to make it work easier for you, so that you’re not taking your this is going to keep you guys from taking your cover on and off the car constantly to plug this programmer in whenever you want to make changes, see the way the Programmer works is the cable that comes with it that plugs into the esc, where it plugs into.

Is the fan port? So you need to remove your fan cable to be able to plug in the programmer to the esc. So what this is going to do is this is going to plug into the port where the fan goes, and then your fan is going to plug into this y adapter and on the other y adapter we’re, going to plug in the link for our programmer, so That way, we can have the fan and the programmer plugged into the esc at the same time, both of them working all the time, what’s that going to do for us guys. Godt, when i plug the link into this y adapter, i can run that length or that cord all the way to wherever i want to the back of the car, maybe coming out the bottom tucked away somewhere nicely so that i can just plug in my esc. Programmer and make changes in the field without having to take my body and my cover and everything off and unplug my fan to do that so for five dollars and fifty cents guys. I would say this is something that you need to complete this package. It’S going to save you so much time trying to take your cover off in the field and make changes it’s just going to be frustrating that way: Jeg ville, rather just be able to plug it in and go without removing, not even one bolt guys. Godt, now that i’ve shown you guys what we got here, let’s go ahead and throw it in i’m not going to take the time to show you guys, step by step each bolt to take out of here and to remove the shocks to get your cover off And stuff i’m, not even going to show you how to mount the motor up.

This will be the fourth motor in this bomber and the third time that i will have replaced it with a stock one. So there’s plenty of other videos out there. If you guys need to know exactly how to do this go watch one of my past videos, i’m gon na go ahead and throw this in here. I’Ll do a little bit of explaining to you before i put the top back on, Selvom, and show you what i did and then we’ll go ahead and go from there. So here it is guys all mounted up now you will have to go. Get a different pinion, the pinion off your stock bomber will not fit. This is a five millimeter you’re keeping the same pitch it’s still 32 kaste, but this is a five millimeter shaft. Instead of the smaller one, the bomber comes stock. With now the smallest one that i had here was a 13 so that’s what i decided to go with a reason why i’m going with such a small gearand i wish i had a little bit smaller one around herei know they said this is not For rock crawling, but a lot of the courses that we havei mean i’m in colorado. Here there are a lot of rocks, so i found it’s better to go with a smaller pinion to be able to get over some of these obstacles, and i still have a pretty good amount of top speed on the top so anyway, this is what it looks Like all mounted up, it was a pretty tight fit.

One thing i’d like for you guys to note, is right here where the wires come out of your motor. I had them facing up before, and it was a little bit too tall. My cover wouldn’t fit. So i had to take it back off and turn it, so the wires were down on the side. That way it fits no problems at all. The esc is quite a bit bigger than the stock one. I had to turn it sideways instead of setting it back in the original direction, it was in that’s the only way i could get it to fit, and then the other thing the hardest thing that i had the problem with guys was trying to figure out where To mount the button on this thing, it’s got a button to turn it on and off and there’s also one other little tiny little. If you can see it back, there there’s one other little button behind this button, and that is your set button so that, if you do not have a programmable esc programmer, then you’re going to have to take and use the set button back here. Behind this power button to do all your settings so anyway, keep that in mind i figured this would be a pretty good place for it it’s kind of a short cord, but i screwed it down to this. This other servo mount for our two speed shifter here. For right now, Det er, where it’s going to sit and i’m able to get my finger up underneath the roll cage here and just barely get to that and touch it, but it does work.

Okay, let’s go ahead and start this up here and just see see how it runs. I would recommend you guys do this before you button anything else back up that way. If there’s a problem or an issue, you can take care of right now, it’s a lot quicker than having to take your whole cover and everything back off again. So let’s see what we got here, i got to turn it on that’s right. I forgot this one’s got a switch. I just showed it to you guys here. It is right here. Boom turns red fires. Up i got green lights flashing. I guess our wire adapter and harness worked. I can hear the fan. I can feel the fan moving. So the fan is on let’s, go ahead and see we got here: Åh, we got steering left and right and we got speed. Wow that’s quite a bit quite a bit quicker than the other one i had on there guys. I can’t wait to get this all mounted back up and go. Try it out. Everything is correct. It looks like it is spinning in the correct direction. I’Ve got forward. I oh, Jeg gætter. I’Ve got reverse too, but it looks like it’s gon na have to be set up a little bit, det er, not quite adjusted where i want it to be. Okay. Godt, alt fungerer, Fyre, um everything fits. I did use quite a bit of zip ties to make sure that it was all tucked in there.

Nothing was sticking out and then just so you guys know right here. Right here is my uh other y adapter coming off the esc, i’m gon na tuck. It back here just underneath my spur gear for now and let it kind of kind of hang there that way. I can plug in my link to that and we can go ahead and do our programming if it turns out to be in the way or something i’ll have to find it someplace else for it to sit, but for right now i think that’ll work out just Fine, Okay, Fyre, so we got it all back together. I got it all buttoned up, we went out in the backyard. I gave it a little bit of test run. I just want to see how the all the stock settings on the esc were programmed and the way that it was going to run stock out of the box. I got to tell you it’s quite a bit faster than the 27 turn homes hobby that i just took out of there, but that was to be expected. The other thing i did notice guys if you are used to this bomber with the stock esc and they’re being at 50 Eller 100 of the drag break, and when you let off the throttle, it slows down pretty quick. The way the csc is set up right now, lager. I don’t think there is a drag break if there is there’s very little.

I let off, and it just kept on going so be careful if you’re in close proximity to cars or a wall or a house or anything dangerous to your car stock out of the box. Fyre, when you take off with this you’re, not going to have very much brake at all, so be careful now you can go ahead and use your brakes, but just to let off the throttle the way it was stopped before it just keeps going right now. So we’ll have to turn our our uh drag break up quite a little bit. We can also adjust our braking force with the programmer, so there’s a lot of stuff we’re going to do here on this next video don’t want to miss it make sure you come back and see it this way by doing two videos also guys for whoever wants To install this, they can get it installed and for the people who already got this in their vehicle and they’re just interested in purchasing the programmer, whether it’s worth it or not, Det er, why i’m doing a second video also it makes the two videos a little bit Shorter and you guys can get the information or the content that you actually want. So with that guys, that’s going to pretty much wrap up this video now, som altid, if you have any questions or anything, please don’t hesitate to comment in the section down below. I promise i’ll get back with you.