Fr. Today we receive again a D12 from WPL the chinese version. It comes directly from WPL website, det er 49 and delivered in 15 days today, it’s a detailled video. So we will open the box and see how it’s built electronics and different upgrades. Så, like last time same package, you can find the transmitter with 2 steering angles and 2 throttle speed. This one is silver, but you can have it in blue, Pink, yellow white and silver it’s. Den 1 battery model, the 700mah battery is installed in its compartiment. You can watch the previous video to have deailled informations. You have the manual mirrors, rear, grill, Klistermærker, Oplader. You have here another stickers sheet and a letter saying that more the brand will develop more opportunities. We will have to find WPL products in Europe with faster delivery. It comes from WPL, you have the link in video description, It’s an affiliate link. It means this make a feedback about selling to the brand, and i have a percentage on sells to allow me to reinvest in products to review for you in the package. You have side lights and also on front and rear. You can put 3mm leds inside. We will paint them with tamiya, clear paint. We use red orange and yellow. Sometimes the idea of this project is to build a drift chassis, like i said in last video, so we can adapt chassis with different parts we already received here. We have a matal axle with metal gears.

We already showed you the metal, Transmission, shocks and metal gear. Servo, we also ordered a brushless combo, so it will need to replace electronic card with a classical receiver. We also have the metal shaft so with the brushless it will reinforce. We have also 3d printing stuff to upgrade the body, so we will see everything in video today we start by unmounting the cabin unscrew, these 2 screws and disconnect the 2 leds in the front lights. The led connector is here, it’s a classical interior, but there is a file to 3d print with just the floor to install race seats, you find the files on thingiverse a lot of files are available, det er, an electronic card that include receiver, ESC and led kit, the Motor is a basic brushed one it’s, a 17g servo with plastic gears. We showed you in another video a way to upgrade with metal gear servo the WPL metal gear servo is about 10 at banggood. På denne ene, we will unmount the electronic card to install a brushless combo. We need to receive it and will show you in a next video and install a classic receiver to put my transmitter on it. I will tr to modify the front train to have a softer train. I plan to install this in monoshock. Next we will unmount the rear body. This is the battery compartiment. The chassis is full plastic and wires goes inside. Rear suspension is leaf springs. The axle is in plastic, with metal gears.

No diff and shaft is in plastic and transmission is integrated in chassis, so we will replace it with this one. Now we unmount electronic card. You have here servo connector, with the negative always on the side of card here. Motor wiresand here leds, the interesting thing under this cardis this part: you can see the 2 screws, so you can adjust front train by putting on front or rear about the servo. We will replace it with a metal one. I showed you before also a WPL servo. Næste, when you unmount this cover, you find the steering. That is a kind of slide, rack let’s, åbne den. You have the servo upside down. Here you can adjust the arm., and here you have the slide rack that push rods like that it’s, basic and efficient. It could be interesting to put a point of grease under the sliding part here on he front train. You have this screw to unlock, to put the axle off, so you can move the shim on front or rear to adjust front train here i will modify lower arms and knuckles. I have 3d printed knuckles here. This one is not good, but the same model. I modified the file to fit stock, bearings and axle. You can find the files in Facebook group WPL D12, FRANCE in files, section it’s modified to fit the stock bearings so stock axles and also to fit M3 screws and balls.

Den 2 files are on thingiverse. The arm is also 3d printed, but modified to fit 3mm rods. The files are available on this Facebook group, so this will be also a modification for this chassis about the front shock. You have here a metal line that goes side to side by passing under the motor. This part make the spring of the suspension. Her. I will put a monoshock using these holes, we unmount the electronic card and replace with a receiver. I checked the shock will work. We just need to fill some oil inside length is good. I just need 2.5mm screws about the wheels it’s a 5mm hex. I printed this part available on thingiverse it’s, A 5 12mm adapter, so you can use drift or M chassis wheels with tamiya or topline drift tires be careful. These wheels are not wide. The adapter is wide, so even with low offset on classical drift wheels, they ill goes outside and it will touch. You need to find the good wheels. Usually M chassi wheels are smaller, and maybe we will need to trim 5mm, hex and print a smaller 12mm hex. You see the 5mm hex, the 3d part goes on it, so you see it’s wide. You can trim the half and put a wheel that goes well inside, so we can win 5mm on each side. So maybe we wil need to modify the coming 3d files and on the rear, we also have the 5mm hex in plastic.

This is the plastic axle with metal gears. We also have here the metal axle with metal gears, the advantage we have with his part here. It ‘s in metal, so it will be harder to trim, but it will be stronger. This is a part I will save for later. I will first use the stock one and kill it before changing, but now we will change plastic shaft for a metal one. You can find this part on a lot of asian websites around 3 Eller 4 it’s full metal with some allen screws. You need to tighten like on SCX10 shafts. You have 2 parts with a flat and it goes inside like that. Let’S install it first. We need to unscrew the stock one, so there it is, i unmount the cover and wheel from the battery compartiment. I will not use it now. I unmount wire and electronic card just to keep servo. For now. We will not touch the transmission, but we will wait for the brushless to come and mount everything in one time: Lad os, unmount, Elektronik. We dont need it anymore, let’s save it for later now we will try to unmount servo and change it, but first we need to unmount the shock bar. So let’s try this to remove the bar. You need to unmount transmission shaft and cover. So now we can remove the bar. This si the front shock. We dont need it now. Næste, we will put the cover off and unmount the servo arm.

So this is the front train. You have here the setup front, rear and here the sliding steering so let’s install the metal servo so to install servo it’s easy. You cant fail because of hole. You use the stock screws to mount it. Servo is ok. Now let’s see for the shock. I put 2 screws to install the shock. Let’S see this, so you see it. Doesnt work well shock is too long and there is no course let’s see with drift shocks that maybe will be shorter. I come back after so i tried with a yd2 shock. The problem is, i dont have the good ball that goes in the shock head, the shock work, but more on a side than the other, so I’m, back in the video after 2 Dage, i tried to work on the chassis to arrive at something a bit correct About the front shock, it’s soft let’s see without body, so I acheived to install the shock. I showed you. I tried with yd2 shock but it’s too long. I put some spacers under the shock. I drilled the balls in 3mm. We have something that work, not a lot of course, but it’s correct. I also changed lower arms and knuckles. All is 3d printed. I used stock bearings and axle from d12. I also changed rod ends. Maybe i will need to modify file of knuckles to be shorter and add balls with small screws to win some height.

For now the chassis is higher, but shock is softer. So with the body the chassis is lower. We stay in e 3toyquot range. We are not in high tech. We will see how it runs so in a next video, combo and transmission installation. We will let it sleep a few days while waiting for the package waiting that you can join us on Facebook group, WPL, D12. France. You can also find a lot of info by searching wpl d12 on Fb. If you are interested in this chassis, you can find the link in video description and buy direct from WPL. We ordered it from them. 49. 2 shipping. It comes in 15 Dage, det er, not the more expensive it’s, not the cheaper, but it arrives quickly. As i came back in video after a few days, i dont remember if i showed you this, i 3d printed, the bumper lip and the roof wing. The files are for free on thingiverse on fb groups, some guys sell files for body kits or something it’s a cost compared to chassis price.