Now i made two previous videos on this one that you can check out. Uh first off i’ve done an unboxing overview where i go in in depth on the specs of this uh truck guys. So you can check that out and also yesterday, i took it for a bash test at the bmx track and performed rather well guys so uh. If you haven’t watched those two videos already and you’re interested in this uh particular desert, buggy from xlf, be sure to check those two videos out guys: Okay, i’ll leave them uh linked during this video. At the top right hand, corner of the screen you’ll see a couple of cards pop up and also leave these at the very end of the video in the outro end card section, okay gutter. So what i’ve done with this one before bringing it out today, is that i’ve added a fan now i’m, not too sure you can see that, but i’ve added a fan over the top of the esc, see if i can get a better look at it here. Just in there um what i’ve done, i’ve added a little brushless fan and it plugs straight into the esc. This go. This one has a 40 amp all in one esc, and basically i took the the actual um, the plug uh, where this light bar actually plugs in, and i just use the same. Uh plug for power to plug in the uh fan a little brushless fan all right guys.

Så, som du kan se, i’ve got my gps reader on the top it’s all ready to go so let’s get into it guys, i’m going to run it on a 2s. The stock 2s, which is the milliamp hour, should be on this side. I think yeah just there. The blue 1600 milliamp hour that i used yesterday at the bmx track, so we’ll see how it does on the stock battery. Okay straight out the box and then i’m going to put it on a 3s guys, som er en 1 500 same size, pretty much the same sized milliamps, 45c hrb, 11.1, Volt, 3s lipo, All right, so let’s get into the 2s test. Okay, so i’ll put the transmitter on and underneath is the switch okay we’re ready to go guys just make sure that is trimmed up, looks like it’s, trimmed up all right, so let’s press record, Okay, hun er, recording, åh, hvad der er, foregår her. Okay, now it’s recording it’s flashing just there; Okay, so it looks like make sure it’s trimmed up straight. I don’t need a lot of room so i’m, just at the basketball court, guys it’s geared pretty low this one, so it’s not the fastest thing out. There see what it got: 29, Kristensens, an hour now, Jeg er. Pretty sure the xlf x03a pickup truck last year got the same sort of speed. Around 30 k’s go up a couple more times go on a bit of a diagonal here.

All right, let’s bring it in see what we got. Music it’s got good torque though, but the top end is a bit lacking with the gearing so 29.1 case is what you’re gon na get on tarmac: Okay, with a fully charged 2s lipo that comes with it. Okay, guys well i’ll put that in mile per hours for his uh guys over in the usa. I always do that in my speed runs and uh we’ll check it out on the 3s battery that i’ll put in it, so let’s get into that one. Okay gutter, i’ve got the 3s in there, som du kan se. Okay, four wire and um there’s. The fan set up guys just running off the esc, just cable tied on top and it plugs into the light port or one of the light ports on the esc, perfect size, plug and everything identical. So what i also like about this see how i’ve got a larger this 3s is a thicker battery the adjustment. When you use the swing lever here, you can actually fit and accommodate larger batteries. So i like this uh lever design, you flip it and flip it around for a bit higher profile, so you can fit larger batteries so anyway, let’s uh get into it. I’Ve reset the gps, as you can see there to zero, and this should get closer, hopefully to uh 40 k's en time. Hopefully we’ll see what happens. Um. The previous model from last year did pretty much the same sorts of speeds out of the box.

I can’t remember what they actually claimed for this one guys i think they might claim 50 k’s an hour or something like that, but all these chinese companies that make these budget rc’s they over exaggerate or they at least get their figure from run on 3s. So uh let’s click record let’s see how she goes definitely faster, we’re at 43, Hidtil, that’s a big jump. Now i do recommend you do what i did if you’re gon na run on 3s just get a little fan with the right uh. Oh with the right plug, see i i braked heavy, then i braked heavy and it flipped trying to break heavy guys. Så vi har fået 43.6 and that’s a big increase on the 29.1, so we’re going into 14ks an hour increase just by putting a 3s in it let’s. Try that again see if i can trim it up a little bit better, so it’s a much more fun desert. Buggy now to drive got heaps more power, so yeah just be easy on the brakes. So that’s awesome guys. This is a much better rc to drive now. Okay, so just let it go past. The court here see if uh picked up a lot of crap there. Så 43.6 it’s got the same speed and uh that’s more like it. You know compared to 29.1 under 30, k’s to over 40k, så ja. This is going just under 44 kilometers an hour that’s much more better guys so uh yeah there you go there.

You go guys uh huge increase. There i’ll put that in mile per hour, obviously for you guys as well and um yeah much more fun, uh rc to drive now definitely uh, it’s gon na be a lot more fun bashing uh, so uh yeah let’s uh check how it goes off road Applause. So powers through this stuff rather easy not that it wouldn’t be four but he’s more power. Popping wheelies now – og du kender, like i said in my uh previous video, Fyre, the bash test. I just put uh and let me get my bag so i’m, not leaving my bag around while i’m out there. Så umm. As i was saying before my bash video yesterday um, you know i just put grease in these shops and it works quite well, but all field shocks are definitely recommended, but yeah look at that. This would go awesome on the bmx track. Nu gutter, i get heaps more air on those jumps, so i’m not finished with this uh desert truck yet guys the x 05 i’m going to mod this one up a little bit. The beauty about this model is that it’s got a three wire servo already and i’m, going to put a 60 amp esc in it. Currently it’s got a 40 amp all in one esc, kombination af modtager. So i wish my old little jump. Was there where this sand was, there was a jump here last year. Those following my channel for quite some time would remember the jump that was here, but it is what it is so yeah guys that will be it for this video hope you enjoyed it as you can see a rather huge increase just by putting a 3s in It got plenty more power out of this.

2847 3000 kv motor, so there you have it guys thanks very much for watching okay still, 43.6, der, Okay, so yeah guys thanks very much for watching. If you’re interested in this truck, Jeg kan varmt anbefale det. It seems. Xls have ironed out the issues from a previous model, the x03 that i reviewed last year that did have some issues, and i was very honest about that. En. So you’ve probably seen that video already from last year but uh, it seems like they fixed the issues with regarding the diffs and some overheating issues that not only i experienced last year, but a few other guys with x03 and x04. So the x05. Here i do recommend this. En. No issues at all seems like a very reliable uh desert buggy and for the price guys like um. I said in the previous video. This one is only going for around 120 us now. Currently i have and we’ll put in the description section of this video and pin comment. I have the uh 10 off coupon code, Okay, men jeg er, going to get in touch with my um, my contact over at banggood to see. If i can get a better deal on this one, i haven’t been able to contact him because they’ve been on a week or so maybe nearly a two week, chinese new year holiday. So once i get uh some information, uh i’ll try to get a better code. Next time i talk to them, i’ll reach out to them, see if i can get like a 15 off or maybe 20 uden for kode.

I’Ll do my best. I can for you guys anyway, Okay, but currently it’s uh 10 off it does work it’ll, be in the description below guys so 120 us for this. Currently, at the time of making this video uh take that 10 off you’re going to get 12 bucks off, which brings it down to about 108 os, which is a bargain for what you’re getting, i think all depends on the shipping cost which country you live in. Will depend on the shipping cost, but that price 120 and a bit less with a discount is without shipping all right guys. So yeah that’s a bargain in my book um, even in australian dollars converted i wouldn’t be able to get something: this cheap around 150 160 Dollars, brushless from a hobby shop that’s for sure, okay fyre. So thanks very much for watching uh. If you’re new to the channel by all means feel free to subscribe, i sure do appreciate it. Give this video a thumbs up if you do like it. I sure do appreciate that too, until next time, i’ll catch, yous, again um and yeah enjoy the hobby and happy assing. So i’ll see you then guys uh stay tuned for more videos on this one i’ll be doing a couple of mods uh. You know with an aftermarket esc and i might do some uh grass speed runs. Some off road speed runs with this thing, so i’m not finished with it.

Yet there’ll be more videos with this one, All right, Fyre, catches later i’m out of here, Bifald, Musik. So now it’s come alive, 3s power, Musik. All right guys have a good one.