Ja! We’re getting equipped for an entire new yr of Gold Mining on #YouTubeGOLD ! One of many causes we fell wanting our purpose final yr was as a result of we have been shedding GOLD that have been trapped within the bedrock that wasn't getting processedas a result of it was too huge for the trommel! NOW.. we will roll this 1/14th scale Self-Propelled Mini Rock Crusher across the mine web site and crush any bedrock that will get in our method. NO MORE LOST GOLD as a result of its caught contained in the hard-pack! Be readyif you’re searching for a machine like this, they aren’t low cost. You might need to buy a pacemaker on the identical time. $5800.00 Usd!

En hel masse seere stille mig spørgsmål med hensyn til de varer, jeg drage fordel af i mine film, and I’ve discovered to cross alongside this information in my video descriptions.. For individuals who are serious about extra details about this product please go to, or contact:

E mail: [email protected]

The Battery I’m utilizing on this mannequin is a Gens ace LiPo Battery Pack 7000mAh 11.1V 60C/120C 3S HardCase with a Deans Plug Connector! You may get one too on Amazon.. here’s a hyperlink:

At present it’s Minus 30 levels Celsius open airhowever that doesn't cease us from preparing for the brand new season. We’re going to hit it arduous. Within the phrases of Todd HoffmanThe Extra Tools you HaveThe MORE GOLD YOU GET. We’re going to nail it this yr

"YouTube GOLD" er en #Parody sekvens primært baseret på tværs af GOLD afslører af TV, at alle kender og elsker. #GoldRush #YukonGold #BeringSeaGold all of those are reveals that my household & pals take pleasure in seeing!

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