2019 „Groß schmutzig“ – Gemischte Buggy: Kanadische groß angelegte Offroad Race Reel (PT 2) | RC ABENTEUER

An AMAZING Day for Racing, we opened the observe as much as each 2WD and 4WD Buggys. Each of those courses are about the identical weight and so they BOTH placed on a tremendous present. Spherical and spherical they go.. we now have solely opened a portion of the observe this morning.. to let the racers get their vans able to FLY HIGH for the MAINS! The Mains are coming within the subsequent few moviesand we hope that this video tantalizes your senses of what it MIGHT be Wish to Race one among these huge 2 acre race tracks! I’m situated in #Canada, and that is my very own race observe in my again yard. In case you are enthusiastic about races like this one you might be watching, I do have a number of movies referred to as "The Little Soiled", or earlier years of "the BIG DIRTY"! All of them are full of high-flying, mega loud vans that smash, bash and race their entrance ends off! ENJOY!

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