We got the brand new team, corelli punisher, i guess officially the xp 6s. So this is a 1 8 scale. Brushless powered monster truck pretty much a truggy. It is the twin sister of the team, kerala kronos v2, so this was the last in their line of the 2021 releases. They have a full line of eight vehicles, pretty much four twins, so they got the python and radix, which is their buggy. They got the kronos and punisher which are they’re triggy. They got the morocco and the shogun which is like their speed vehicles, and then they got the dementor and the jambo which are like their stunt trucks. So, as you can see, this is a huge box here, a special shout out to your rc for sponsoring this series of vehicles. A lot of you seem to have liked the team corelli dementor v2 series. We did over the past few weeks. That was really popular and super happy to have them on board. To help with this series as well, we got a five percent off coupon code. Uh go ahead and check them out. Uh three euro shipping throughout europe and whether you want a team corelli or maybe you want an arma or traxxas or even a team associated. They pretty much carry everything you could possibly want with a discount, so definitely check them out. So just take a quick look at the box kind of some information here on the side so got the 16 millimeter all aluminum shocks, pretty nice shocks.

It does have the all aluminum center differential, which is pretty unique to this vehicle, helps dissipate heat a little bit more, prevent it from warping a bit of course, an all steel drivetrain, pretty much eighth scale, stuff composite arms, but these things are pretty cool because you Can get like carbon fiber stiffeners for those arms to tune the flex? These are the aluminum shock towers, four millimeter front five millimeter rear all steel uh differentials. Of course, spider, cut gears, rubber steel, bearings, very nice and a really nice overwrapping front bumper. There, Music, looking at the side, not a whole lot of other information. It is designed in belgium and assembled in china and then uh a little bit more here on the bottom kind of a little overview of the electronics so there’s the vehicle they got. The specs about the height weight length all that stuff uh, the vario prop radio, so this is an rtr comes with everything except the battery and then the really nice power system team currently stuff is super fast, for whatever reason these things do seem to be faster Than the armor equivalents, so that’s kind of a highlight there and then the very prop servo, 7225 and uh yeah that’s pretty much it on the box. It says it is capable of 100 kilometers per hour or over 62 miles per hour. I have not measured it on my team duran team corelli dementor, but it is crazy fast.

So i believe it four wheel drive three differentials and ready to run except for battery and charger. So yeah we’ll do a little boxing here and see what’s inside the box. Okay, we got everything: unboxed here’s, a quick look at the vehicle, uh, the boring stuff yeah. Here we go instruction manual, kind of a basic black and white photocopy type thing, but there are some instructions on how to adjust the esc, as well as some tuning suggestions. The vario prop s2r radio, just kind of a basic 2 channel radio, 2.4 gigahertz 4 double a’s nice little foam wheel fairly basic. It does have kind of like this uh. What is this? I think, a 75 70 30 50 50 switch on top uh trim adjustments. Uh the binding button and then steering reversing throttle, reversing and then a little dual rate function, uh, which is kind of the basics that you need: okay, radio, decent for an rtr. But if you’re a serious basher, you may want to consider upgrading that and or using your own radio here’s the vehicle itself, fantastic. Looking body to me, this is like the best. Looking of all the 1 8 scale team chorales that they’ve had so this line up has been out for about a year now so 2020 they’ve released four vehicles, uh, which a lot of people thought kind of mimicked the whole armor line and for sure they had. You know an a scale: buggy monster, truck speed, vehicle and stunt truck and then uh for 2021.

They released eight vehicles, so pretty much doubled up on each of those four and the punisher was the last one that they released, probably about a month ago or so really really good. Looking vehicle, though, i think this is kind of the coolest of the the eight that they released, so all eight have just different bodies and different tires. But to me this is like the best looking one so i’m pulling off the body. We can kind of take a quick look uh the front of it. You know it’s kind of kind of like this dodge challenger kind of muscle, truck type look, but then it’s got kind of a monster truck or truck bed and body. So i don’t know kind of a muscle truck, i guess you’d call it or like an el camino style type, vehicle kind of a little intakes and stuff on the side. Stickers, look really good. I, like the paint scheme, a lot it’s like a glossy black and silver, but yeah, pretty cool. Looking uh body, i don’t think it’s as thick as the armrest feels a little bit thinner, but it does have some sliders and stuff. I think that’s kind of a new feature on the punisher that the other vehicles did not have so it’s got the tethered body clips as well, so yeah pretty cool looking vehicle. I do like the styling a lot um it’s, just kind of meanand you know very aggressive, looking throwing that to the side.

So you’ve got the nice big wing with kind of this uh wing nuts or wing stay. I guess with the little aluminum spacers as well, so those are kind of a team crowley uh feature a lot of the screws, basically use kind of like a aluminum uh. I don’t know we call it spacer. I guess uh to hold them in place a little bit better giant wheel, so that’s the other difference between this and the chronos. They got different style of tires uh. The chronos is a little bit more knobby. This is a little bit more half and half between knobby and street it’s a little bit more of an intermediary style and then here’s the vehicle itself. So yeah, the very fast motor and esd ec is programmable. So you can use your hobby wing programming card a lot of functionality in there uh you know like drag, i don’t know yeah. I think there’s drag break punch level, uh, reversing lipo, all that kind of stuff. So a really really nice esc very fast combination. This is one of the quickest eighth scales out there, aluminum chassis. Of course, i think it’s, 60 61 aluminum, aluminum shocks, uh, fixed links, front and rear, so camber and toe is kind of like the standard, composite uh link, so no adjustment. There um servo’s kind of diagonal, mounted receiver box, pretty spacious and then aluminum servo horn, that’s pretty nice. This thing is pretty much, i think, very similar to the dementor with just a slightly shorter chassis.

So i think here in the back, they lengthen a little bit. They add this additional bracing, so the bracing is a little bit different in the rear. I think the durability on this may be higher, because the dementor does not hold all additional bracing’s just got one single uh spine down the middle. So this looks like very much like a dementor chassis that they extended by another. You know a couple inches or something like that, so uh very, very similar vehicles. I believe the shock tire is actually different. Although the shocks are the same uh. One thing i i noticed on my dementor, the spring rate seemed a little soft. This actually doesn’t seem as bad. So i wonder if the springs are different, but um yeah, i think the shock tuning is very similar. Dementor definitely could use a benefit from stiffer springs, but we’ll see how this thing runs. This is a little bit more of a ground flying vehicle because it’s got the longer wheelbase, whereas the dementors, obviously much more of a stunt vehicle that you’re going to send it high in the air. But this should fly a little more flat fly a little more level, just a very nice looking vehicle overall, as like all the team corelli stuff um. Is it the same as an arma? No, i do not think they are the same at all totally different vehicles. I think their marketing departmentmay you knowmaybe they stole somebody from the armor marketing department, but the vehicles themselves.

The designs everything is very, very different, so uh, yeah there’s, no uh overlap there in terms of weaknesses on my dementor, i did bend stuff on the front shock tower. So i’m was moving the shocks inward, a little bit that helped quite a bit and then the plastic bracing down the middle definitely was a weak point on the dementor. I think it’s worth looking into the aluminum upgrades. They do make these like. 70 75 lumen upgrades and then they just re announced the uh was the xtr version of the chrono, so they have even more aluminum parts so, including like this aluminum front, brace they have like a little carbon stiffener. You can use down the spine, so that’s, pretty cool, so yeah. They are working on improving these uh vehicles, making them more durable having more option parts that’s. One of the cool things about team corelli is that they do have a nice line of upgrades. If you want to get more durability or stiffness or tune the flex, all these different things you can do to improve the performance of your vehicle, so i think that’s pretty much it uh uses xt 90 connectors two of them, so you can run a battery in Series or uh run, you know single 6s or force. If you want, i will probably just run single 4s for now. Honestly, this thing is crazy, fast on 4s, already this thing on 4s runs like my arma notorious like on 6s.

I don’t know like i don’t feel generally need to run these things on 6s, but i’ll probably try it out i’m sure, but start out with 4s um increasing the punch level, of course, but yeah nice looking vehicle tires feel pretty good, not too soft or anything. All aluminum 17 millimeter hexes wheels, look really good, probably will need to vent and uh, maybe tape the wheels. I don’t know if there’s camera, if there’s holes on the insides but uh yeah, you probably would want to drill some holes in the tires or let out any water or dirt that gets inside very minimal bumper kind of a buggy style. Bumper does have the quick access disc, it does have the sway, bars front and rear uh, but yeah suspension actually feels pretty good on this thing. We’Ll have to check it out. All steel drive train, including the center dog bones um in terms of the diffs don’t, feel bad hair light, maybe in the rear, especially but um yeah, very good vehicle. Looking overall and uh yeah i’m super excited about uh. Taking this thing out again, thanks to euro rc go check them out your rc.com. We do have that five percent off coupon code, so you can get this or pretty much any vehicle. You want uh for a discount, so thanks for watching definitely hit the like share and subscribe buttons.