RC ADVENTURES – Überschreiten RC MaxStone 1/5th Scale Crawler – Ein Monster RC TRUCK

You know online video. That kind of thing I flew to Anaheim met with the Nitro RCX guys had some fun with them and that's. Actually why I still do some of the exceed products. A lot of people ask me to do. Cost effective or budget are C's because we don't all have like […]

RC ADVENTURES – SLUSHY Winterspieltag – Schwarze Witwe 4×4 & RC 6 überschreiten×6

RC ADVENTURES – Riesige Überschreitung RC MaxStone 1/5th Scale 4×4 Wasserdichter Crawler

RC ADVENTURES – RC MEGA Collection 2014 & RCSparks Studio Walk-Through

RC ADVENTURES – Exceed RC 1/8 scale 6×6 MadTorque Crawler /w SPECiAL GUEST!

RC ADVENTURES – Drift lernen – Teil 11 – 3 Exceed RC MAD DRiFT 1/8th Scale – entpacken & Ausführen

RC ADVENTURES – Wie man ein Drift Car mit einem 4200XL Bagger vergräbt

Click Here To Subscribe! ► – No RC's were harmed in the making of this film.. Everything is for show 🙂 For all those who are concerned about the drift carfollow this link: – This is what happens when you don't pay your debts! The driver owed me significant amounts of money.. Und […]

RC ADVENTURES – Drift-Teil lernen 12 – Objektdriften & Verknüpfung – Supersportwagen & Flugzeug

– 1080p HD Straßenspaß! Mein Freund Everett und ich sprengen unsere Exceed RC Mad Drift 1/8th Scale Electric Drift Cars – diese Dinge sind RIESIG. Here is a link from NitroRCX where we got 'em: It's been 1 Jahr, seit ich angefangen habe zu driften. Zeit zum Feiern! Let's start drifting Objects – Eine […]