RC ADVENTURES – 12s Lipo 44,4v LOSi e-5T – 1/5 Skala 4×4 Race Truck

RC ADVENTURES – Projekt: „Große“ / LOSi 5T (Pt 5) OBR 8.2hp Full Mod 30.5cc TR/OBR 4 Bolt RC Engine

I don't like a lot of my sandwiches. Ich sage ihr. Ja, hey habe ich nur mit ihm gesprochen? Okay, what did anybody hear me say it Laughter, Musik, Musik, we're back we're? Schließlich, back in the studio, and today is the big day isn't it big day. Everybody knows my friend, Everett he's […]

RC ADVENTURES – gesamt: 16s Lipo – Elektrischer Losi 5ive T Funkgesteuerter Renntruck