RC ADVENTURES – 12s Lipo 44,4v LOSi e-5T – 1/5 Skala 4×4 Race Truck

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Mein Name ist Aaron Baraka für diejenigen, die neu im Kanal sind. Ich bin der Schöpfer und Gastgeber von rcadventures. My show focuses on the radio control, hobby and all of the fun and Wonder and excitement that we've discovered that it has to offer with more than 900 videos a hundred of those […]

RC ADVENTURES – OPTiMUS OVERKiLL – AUSROLLEN! 6x6x6 BiG RiG Transformatoren Tribute Semi Truck

Ich wollte sicherstellen, dass alle Funktionen daran arbeiten. Ich habe noch kein Soundkit installiert, aber ich wollte es eher mechanisch testen. Hier ist das Heck, Steuern Sie schönes und starkes Laufen auf einem Schloss B ec pro, which is really a power regulator that's going to each one […]

RC ADVENTURES – Der neue Chef ist da – Dual Motor Traxxas Summit 1/10 TH MT

Everybody'S gon na want to have a look inside at this one tenth scale tracks. This summit and I'll tell you. Es ist eine riesige Maschine, a beast I've been running for a long time. Viele von Ihnen erkennen dies vielleicht als den schwimmenden Traxxas-Gipfel, den ich hatte, sowie die Ratte […]

RC ADVENTURES – Project RoadwayHydraulic Heavy Duty Radio Control Equipment


Just these tires alone are 10 Zoll im Durchmesser, 10, inches Wow, Okay! So now I got to take it out yesterday for its maiden run. I wish I could go outside and do another running video today, but unfortunately it's a little bit on the unpleasant windy side, so it makes for very bad […]

RC ADVENTURES – Unboxing LEM Traxxas Summit Upgrades & Spykers atemberaubende 3D gedruckt Schnee gebläse

Alles ist frostbedeckt, but look at this no snow that's, it it's all melted, so it's pretty cool today. I think I'm gon na take this opportunity to go over some new products by some inventors. Ich denke, ihr wollt in Ordnung für die Hersteller sehen. I want to talk to you about […]

RC ADVENTURES – An FPV Racing Quadcopter Experience – 285 VortexImmersion RC

Everybody wants some look at what he brought my shadows in the way done, tintin tintin. He brought a racer FPV racer, so we're gon na pop in a video card. Rob can you tell me a little bit about this machine yep it's? This is the vortex from immersion RC, Ja, das 285 Version, […]


6L. 22 point two volts: 3200 milliamp power keep in mind. This truck weighs about 49 pounds not including any mud, but I definitely think we should take it in the mud. Let'S do it. Oh, Oh looks like I lost my back axle. I wonder if opinions come loose, ah right, the best part […]


Speaking of suspension looks like that's what I kind of broke here, keine große Sache. The spring is not a big deal but I'm worried about what happened to the bottom of the shock. Aha, so upper control arm, I snapped it. Keine große Sache. I'Ve actually have another one of these on the wall. […]

RC ADVENTURES – HUGE Military Presence at RCX – Pt 2 – Interview with Taigen Tanks

I cannot believe it tell me more about this tank. Why is this one so special? Now this is one of our newer Sherman's yeah. Dies ist die 75 millimeter we've, designed a new lower hole for these guys so hold on hold on before you go crazy, everyone's going to look at these and […]

RC ADVENTURES – gesamt: 16s Lipo – Elektrischer Losi 5ive T Funkgesteuerter Renntruck