I think you know what it is already let’s get this box out the box and have a look: oh yeah, armor, infraction baby. Look at that fresh in the box. Now, the reason why i got this rig is that all my rigs are basically all off road cars, as you can see there they’re all off roadand this is my second 1 seventh scale, apart from that mojave over there. So this is the v2 version of version two and that’s. Basically what i’m looking forward to play with that new handbrake system they got on there, so it’s, a mechanical handbrake it’s got the disc brake right there, powered by a buyer of servo and yeah let’s. Take a look, let’s get this bad boy out the box. Oh look at that. First things. First, get this thing off! Oh damn looks so mean. So the best thing about this guys is it is an on road car, but you can still run it on loose gravel short grass snow, but it’s not like we have snow here in australia. Well, not where i am anyway, but i am looking forward to running this in the rain, see how cool it looks with the water splashing all over and that sliding around the rain so yeah, it just looks so cool just the one thing i wanted to buy. This, even if i get bored with it or whatever it’s makes a really good shelf queen but i’m, not gon na waste.

It like that i’m gon na take it out have fun with it. You got a clear wing here, so i kind of like that, because you know you don’t really want to see the wing, it looks better without it, but the fact that it’s clear you know you can keep it on. There does help with you know, whatever the wings do being my first on road car i’m. Looking forward to it, i did have a little drift car at one stage, but i wasn’t very good at it. It was a rear, wheel, drive and yeah. Having four wheel drive, i should be able to drift this better i’m just hopeless at drifting really. So i got hopes in this car so again taking this out the box guys. The same thing i had within my harvey. If you look at the unboxing under my harvey click, the link here armor always gives you little bits of scratches out the box. So i don’t know if you can see right there yep fresh scratch out the box, yeah they’re very poor, with the handling when it comes to packing their cars, and it is kind of a bit disappointing. You know, like i said before, not that it matters you’re gon na bash it anyway, but you know when you’re paying a good thousand bucks for a car like this. You don’t really want to get that sort of thing. In the box i mean that’s scratched up right there and the only protection they basically had was that one piece of plastic that i took off that’s just terrible, yeah it’s, not something you want for thisfor a car, this price little scratches on the body.

So i thought i’d point that out. I have noticed that quite a few times with you know, with the mojave and also the the outcast, they didn’t have any everything set up properly. If you haven’t seen the video click up here, and i also noticed that too, they scratched up the pin areaoh well, let’s get it off and have a look at the inside, so guys we’ve got the full spectrum. Electronics, like usual. This runs on 6s or 4s. We got two battery trays here now. One thing i was going to do is run this on one 6s battery and i’m, not quite sure if it makes a difference on which side you put the battery regarding to performance. If you got one of these comment below what you reckon’s best left or right or it doesn’t matter, but you know i’ll eventually find out anyway, when i start driving it. But if you do know, comment below the receiver box is fully waterproof as they claim same as all the electronics servos are all waterproof, so that’s great looking forward to running this thing in the rain. So you can upgrade this thing to 8s, not sure if i’ll be doing that. This will be fast enough for probably what most people need. But you know if you want to experimentand you want to go faster and more power. 8S is definitely the way to go. I’Ve never had any problems or been unsatisfied with the stock spectrum.

Electronics that come in the armored cars, so we’ve got abc active vehicle control, so it’ll be a lot easier to drive with it on. But you know it’ll be more kind of like a uncontrollable animal without it, so gon na drive it without and with it on and see what the difference is, but most likely i’ll be driving it with avc it’s, really great, that most of the cars have. This. Just provides extra strength and all that also, if you look underneath the chassis here so that part there helps helps with the aerodynamics and helps push the car down as it’s going fast. So yeah that’s, pretty cool and the handbrake was basically what i was looking forward to seeing in this car, so that’s the servo there that operates the handbrake and there it is guys there’s, a disc brake right there. You got the caliper on top and basically the disc brake is attached to the rear axle. So when you hit the brake on the controller, the servo pulls it pulls the caliper and engages the pan brake, so that’s, pretty cool, so pretty basic guys. One thing um, my mate has one of these and as soon as you take it out in the first run, this whole thing here: it’s got to get filled with rubber. So if you’re going to do burnouts and go fast speeds and whatnot, the whole chassis area gets filled with rubber, so i’ll probably invest in some scorch rc fenders and that just to keep everything clean inside all right guys.

So i’ve got a 7 7. 200 6s battery right here boom fits. This is my biggest battery. Actually, this is yeah that’s the biggest battery, and this is my longest battery. This is the z3s battery fits in there so that treats the fit in there not a problem fit any battery in there. Let’S get some size comparisons just to give you an idea. Just in case you have the same car as mine on one of these cars. You can see the size difference so there it is guys outcast, my harvey the infraction right there bronco and the hpi blitz. So the hpr blitz is a 110 scale short course truck and it’s, clearly bigger and longer bigger than the bronco. So there it is guys that’s the size comparison let’s, bring it back on the stand. Oh he just looks so mean look at that glaring at you. It’S, like he just wants to go fast, all right guys. So in the box, we’ve got some spare plastic parts, some shims tools, the high speed, pinion gear stickers and your controller. So this is the three channel controller. You got your third button there for your handbrake. Now let’s check out the suspension. It’S literally just one finger from the ground front is softer than the back get this body back on charge the batteries up and take this bad boy for a spin make sure you click like and subscribe stay tuned for the running.