I mean this is crazy. It was a crazy weekend. It was so much fun um. Before i start the vlog i got ta give some shout outs. I got ta get some. I promised some people some shout outs, so i got a list of them here. I actually wrote them down. So i didn’t forget them there’s a lot of people i need to shout out. I first want to thank everyone who came out to check out the race at stop by the tent and say hi. That was super cool also want to thank everyone on live rc that was supporting me and q tip man. You guys have no idea. Melissa was watching almost the entire time when it came to our races. She was. She was telling me all about the comments. Thank you so much for the support guys. I also want to thank dave, lykem and bobby moore with race time entertainment for all the hospitality. I love those races. I will definitely be at psycho nitro blast. Also and i’ll do a lot of cool coverage there. So quick shout out to all the people who came visit, or at least the people that i promised there are more people who can visit, but i promise some shout outs shout out to harley melissa, jamie and lauren. I got ta write down some cheating, Äh, bailey, billy, william and sharon. Thanks a lot for coming out. Thanks for hanging out, i had so much fun guys.

You guys made the race awesome. So big shout out to those guys. Um also have a super special shout out today, i’ve been catching up on this morning, i’ve been catching up on orders, und solche Dinge. I woke up super early to catch up on t shirt orders because i knew i was a little backed up. Auch, if you order t shirts right now, i have stickers so i’m, throwing those in for free i’m just throwing a whole bunch of stickers. In with your t, shirt order, i have some left. I have some some sizes that are gone, but i have some left email. The email below let’s think it’s merc msnblog.com to find out what shirt bill, what shirt size i have available, what colors i have available. So you can pick up your shirt and get some free stickers where i was going with. That was i got to give another super special shout out to mr nathan c it’s, his 13th birthday uh. I just got done packing up a little package for him. He uh he’s getting a shirt and everything big happy birthday bud. I hope you have a good one all right now on to the vlog. I got to drop these packages off at the post office. I got a package at the post office also i’m excited about this one. I got to pick that one up also got some other stuff in from mac designs. You got to check these out.

Guys also got a shout out to him because i think it’s. His is it his birthday too holy crap. It is his birthday. I just got done messaging him it’s his birthday, also a happy birthday, patrick. I i get confused because it’s mac designs, but his name is patrick happy birthday, patrick he’s, actually gon na he’s gon na celebrate the birthday with you guys, i’m gon na put a link and a coupon code in the description below to get 30 off at his Website he’s got a whole bunch of cool stuff and i’m going to show you something super cool that he did for me here shortly. It’S gon na be a great time, so let’s go to the post office and pick up what i got over there so excited it’s, gon na be awesome. There we go ah here’s the package, easy easy, Alles klar, öffnen wir es. So i got to tell you where this is from first, so this came from stan stan. Is i always get phone calls during races? Recording all right anyways, this came from stan stan is the one that won the mini e revo. Zwei Punkte: nein, es ist, nicht ein 2.0. Es sieht aus wie 2.0 mini revo and after i sent it to him, he wanted to pay it back and he ordered us this. So we’re gon na open this up uh. This is super cool kindness guys is so contagious. I don’t how you open this thing: Evan! Nein, Nein, no don’t do that.

Kindness is so contagious. Uh that’s awesome that he wanted to give back. He’D sent me pictures of him and his son driving the mini irivo, and it was great so i’m pretty excited about this. Jedoch, all right there’s a lot of stuff in here i was gon na, say i’mpretty excited about this. Jedoch, i don’t know what i was gon na. However there’s nothing to. Jedoch, i’m excited about this, no matter what i left my freaking knife in the rv. So now i got ta use this janky knife. I have to move the camera. I want to make sure it’s centered uh. Oh the beast is here: Okay, let’s pull this out. First looks like these are: oh my god hold on got it got it ethan, pull that over there pull that box i’m getting another phone call. Is this really happening right now, all right go ahead, all right see what else in that box. Oh Mann, this is freaking cool. Here are the instructions, i think all right. So what this is actually we’re gon na put it together and then we’ll tell you what it is. Oh man look at these. These are ramps, so basically we got a launch ramp. These are for the like mini cars. We got a launch ramp and a couple of rollers we’re gon na set it on set it up upstairs, but we just got done putting it together. Um super cool. They come together, really well it’s by t bone racing.

I will put a link in the description below i’m, not an affiliate with them at all i’ll. Just so you guys can see what it’s all about um. I think it would be cool to set up like a mini turf track. Das wäre cool, and then i have these jumps all over that that might actually happen, but big thanks to stan. Es war toll. I took a couple of pictures while we were putting it together. The entire family was in here, put them together and we just had a good time. We were laughing and evan q tip couldn’t figure out how to use a screwdriver, and it was really funny anyways. Ja, this looks like it’s gon na be a lot of fun. Big thanks to stan. These are awesome. These are ramps and rollers by t bone racing. Oh mein Gott. We just had to get marshalled on this mini itty bitty track. So i think i am going to get a couple of more mini buggies, though mini beasts um and then i’m, going to try i’m going to turn one of them into brushless. I think that one four golly boys seriously all right check this out. We made a little mini track, so grundsätzlich, here ethan’s gon na come you got ta, go down and then down. Then you got to go around the tire and you come back up just step up. You go back around that tire. I mean yeah it’s, a small track, but it’s a work in progress and yes, i’m going to get more mini bees.

I like how that area is blue, now that’s, ziemlich cool. Oh, we just took the tire out we’re gon na make that into a pole man. These are gon na be awesome. I kind of want more to make a bigger track. Melissa was driving, evan’s head is over here at the uh that’s, pretty freaking cool guys, nicht gon na lüge in Ordnung, so we are getting the battery charging batteries dude this. This little mini track thing is gon na be freaking. Prima, i’m gon na probably order more and i’m probably gon na order, like a turf like almost like carpet for set up like an actual indoor track in my house, sie sind. So cool i’m also ordering more mini bees and brush systems, not sure which ones i was going to order yet. But i did take a little video intermission to go check them out um, but when they come in, Natürlich, you guys will see them anyways. I got to show you some cool stuff that i got from mac designs again in the description he’s. I think it’s only going to be two days he’s doing like a discount a super 30 discount for anyone who wants this stuff check this out guys. He made me he made me custom shock covers look at these. They say msm on them – Oh mein Gott, they’re freaking, Krank, so we’re gon na put them on these are for the haas. They match the haas and they say msm on them.

Oh, meine Güte! So the easiest way that i’ve found to put shock covers on is you put you get it started and then you just like screw them in because it’s a spring right, so it just goes right in there. Oh Mann, these look so freaking cool. Schauen Sie sich diese an! Oh, my goodness here look, i got my max. They match my max my house look at this. They match my haas perfectly. Oh, Mein Gott. I can’t wait to put these on i’m actually going to put them on now, oh q tip. Blick. I got orange too for my orange josh hush my orange sauce, and i got some from my other cars. Oh look at these other ones i got this is for oh, Mein Gott. Schauen Sie sich diese an. These are for my uh, my other x maxx, with the the green and white flames. Schau dir das an, they say msm on them and the checker part looks so freaking cool, and then i have he made me these. These are they look like the banner of my youtube channel, but they also say msm all over them. These shock covers are freaking sweet. Look at these hold on i got. I got even cooler ones, those it’s like just the white checker flag. This is for the max. I don’t have a white max, but i’ll probably get more. These are for a 10 scale like the ultra shocks, and then this is for the revo.

They all say msm on them. Super freaking cool. They made me a bunch of cool stickers. Blick, these are kind of cool. Oh look at this says downloading and it’s a guy on the crapper um. He made me some really cool stickers. He made me a whole bunch of cool stuff mac designs, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!, patrick um, thanks for everything. These are awesome i’m, going to put these on now, so we can see what they look like dude. It matches the freaking house – Oh mein Gott. Okay, let’s put them on holy crap, Jungs, look how sick that is! Msm shock covers, Oh, my god that looks so sweet. Oh Mann, i can’t wait to put these on. They went on really well they fit on perfect. They don’t stretch too much. You can still see the msm very clearly. Oh Mann, that is so freaking cool, Naja, Leider, it’s raining otherwise it’s raining in dark right now. Otherwise i could drive some of my cars. I don’t want to drive in the rain but anyways.