I haven’t been, i haven’t posted for like two weeks now or one week and for those weeks i’ve gotten a lot of r c cars. Now i will be doing a lot of rc cars um now like a lot a lot, because i just like them they’re. So cool um uh, i will still be doing figures. Don’T worry, but not like not not every video, but so what i’m going to be showing you guys is how, when you get your grit, when you get this gravedigger, rc car, what do you do with them? So let’s go so on this rc car. It does come with a very small, remote um. What you’re going to do is you’re going to have to push down that um thing and then you’ll pop out put two of two of these um not triple a batteries. In here and then insert it back in just push it in and then um for this gravedigger. This is a charge charge grave digger. So what you’re gon na do on here is you’re gon na, as you can see here, you’re gon na have to like push this out like you can push that this way and then it will insert off and then there’s this charging thing and you can put It in the charging, brick or a computer to charge it, and this switch is to turn on that is on and, as you can see, the headlights are beeping.

So that means it is totally on and ready to go as you’re charging it if it’s beeping. That means that it is charging all you have to do to um turn. This on is just press that, and now it is ready to go so i’m gon na put you guys right. There i’m gon na tell a little bit stuff about this, so this cannot be in water because the wheels are like foam you can, i guess you can call it and um. This figure is really really fast, but it can go through um. Anything you can go through like sword sticks. All you have to do is just catch a little bit of speed and it’ll do it, and on this controller, these two switches is to make to like you know, if the tires, if the tire is like sideways, you can hit these buttons to make it straight And i like that about this controller it’s called the grave digger so cool. So i will be starting a series on rc colors. I do you guys probably seen, are seeing a bunch of them in the back don’t look at them because those are for next video but um yeah. This is the great bigger these. These metal things are able you you’ll you’ll, you can look, these metal things are make it able to do like a lot more stuff. This is such a big rc car. So this bad boy is really the battery life is like one well, it depends how much you use it, use it for an hour a day, probably last like three days two a week.

You never know that is the car. Now how to turn this controller off is very simply just tap it and, as i’ll tell you, this half is just boom. Now i will be actually showing you guys how to charge it you’re, probably saying dude. Why don’t you like actually show us how it charges and stuff i’ll show you that right now, let me just turn off the controller. You need to hold this for like a little bit, so it does off when you turn it on and have a light green and how you notice, if it’s out of battery it’ll, stop running, see, take your rc car here, i’m gon na cut the video actually So uh now all you guys have to do to open. This is just literally like just push it it’ll be closed, like this. Just push that a little bit and it’ll come out. So now we’ve got our charging station unplug this one, because i was charging another one oops well yeah. You guys saw it, but i haven’t done a review on it and there’s another one yeah. I haven’t done a review on it but yeah. So let me just put that in and then what you’re gon na do. This is not a screw on screwdriver thing because that’s i don’t like that, but it should it literally just like so um yeah that’s great about that, and then you put this usb cable right and don’t mind this.

You guys i love jeeps and i love rc cars, your head away, it’s kind of hard doing this angle. Oh yeah, you see once you plug that in you, you would see the headlights beeping. That means it’s charging and how you guys know how it’s fully charged is um um. The headlights will just turn solid red and then that’s how you know it’s fully charged. I have another car charging there, a bunch of there, so yeah that’s how you know, leave it for a couple, maybe minutes and then c come back and then boom so uh yeah. Thank you guys.