Ich habe wirklich ein paar Wochen frei genommen. I really haven’t even touched any of my rc’s or done any wrenching or driving of rc vehicles since before christmas till now, after new year, the track shut down. The last videos that you saw was my december 23rd racing and and then i just kind of took a break, had a nice holiday with family and i really didn’t do any rc related stuff. I did get a bunch of new rc related products and some new tech and some new things that i’ve been working on for future plans. So i did get lots of new stuff that i need to make content about and that i will be researching and working with over the next months and year. So look forward to that because there’s a lot of stuff coming up in 2021. I am now officially on team technorc. I was approved to race for team techno rc for 2021, so i am officially john kennedy is officially on the racing team for 2021. Das ist genial. Super stoked about that i’ve been extremely happy with my techno rc vehicles. They’Ve. Just made me stronger and better over the past few years that i’ve been using them and i’m extremely happy to be driving for techno rc into 2021.. What does that mean for the channel? The channel is somewhat of a separate entity from from my personal racing career. So john kennedy me is running for techno rc as well as bego rc raceway.

I will be racing again for team bego racing in 2021 and uh super happy about this. This is a hobby shop that’s in quebec and they have the track in napierville and uh. Excellent eight scale facility very looking forward to uh two more bagel races in 2021, as well as jen’s ace. Jens ace has been an excellent supporter of the channel and i will be showing more genzis products over the coming year. I have plenty of genesees products to show you this one is a big 6s battery that will be used in some of the bashers, and this is a 3s that will be used in some of my other 3s bashers, as well as all of my race cars. Every single one of my race cars has gensei’s batteries in them. Redline are the best 130c shorty lipo is what i run in the techno. Eb4 10.2 and i’ll probably be getting a few more redline throughout the year. So since i’m on team techno rc for 2021, that means that, for my personal competitive racing, any race class that techno makes a vehicle in. I am to run techno, rc and i’m happy to do that. So four wheel drive buggy techno uh four wheel, drive truckee mini chuggy techno. If i get an eight scale, truckee that’ll be techno. Uh i’ll probably be upgrading my eight scale buggy as i have one that’s, two generations old. I have an eb 48.3. I will probably be getting the eb 48 2.

0, although i have not put an order in for that. Yet then anything new that comes out that i might want to race with that’s that techno has a class, for i would be buying that techno vehicle so that’s. The plan, but that doesn’t mean that this is becoming an all techno channel. What it means is that my personal racing in four wheel, drive off road is mostly going to be techno, zwei Rad, drive and other bashers wide, open and what’s going to be happening here is, i will be retiring. The tlr22 i’ve mentioned that a couple times. The last race, with the tlr 22, is complete. What i need to do next is strip the components out of this, and i will be putting them into this yokomo back here. A yz2 dtm3 that’s. Tatsächlich, a used yokomo two wheel, drive buggy and i will be making a totally separate video, but that just explaining the differences and why i’m doing that also i mentioned, i have ordered a couple of new things for 2021.. I have a new stadium truck on order, so put your guesses in the comments below of what stadium truck you think i ordered, so that is on its way it’s been delayed. It should have been out by now, and i haven’t received it so that’s a hint um but yeah that should be arriving any day. And then we will do a new kit build on that and get a new two wheel: drive stadium, truck ready for 2021 Racing.

Für 2021, four wheel drive mini truckee i’m, likely going to be keeping my techno et410. I might put in a couple of new 0.2 upgrade parts into it, aber äh. I do not plan on getting the totally new 0.2 Kit. I think i’ll be putting most of my money into the new eight scale, technos that come out in 2021 uh as most of my eight scale. Uh rigs are quite old now i have plenty of other projects that i want to do in 2021. Some of them may happen, other others definitely will happen and i’m, not sure what order they’re going to happen in but i’m just going to fire it to you a couple things that i have on my mind and some things that i’ve ordered to do it. Zuallererst, no prep drag racing. I would like to convert or build one of these cars i’m likely not going to go the aedr 10 route, but i’m likely either going to go either. The traxxas slash two wheel, drive conversion route or the other option is once i move all the electronics into my tlr 22 5.0 into the yokomo. They make a conversion kit for the tlr 22 by exo tech, it’s called the exotec vader, and it turns this into a no prep drag racer, so it’s an elongated carbon chassis. It basically completely converts the whole car over you’re, basically just you’re keeping the transmission. The arms the front bulkhead most of the running gear, but then it gets transformed into a completely different looking type of car that’s one option.

I have not ordered any of the parts to do that to the tlr but it’s. On my mind, it would be the best way to do it. It would probably be one of the best. No prep drag cars in the area. If i do that for materials wise, it would be pristine, like the best of the best in that type of a thing. The other option is now. This is a proline barracuda body that i just bought, but what is it sitting on top of? Is an elongated rustler platform now this was my two wheel drive short course truck from 2011 2012 era. This is before traxxas. This had a low center of gravity chassis. How you would do it is, you would take a rustler chassis and you would buy this strc extension kit. They don’t make this anymore and it elongates the transmission at the back. It gives you a short course style length and anyway this would be eligible to be converted into a no prep drag car, but i still need to get bandit arms axles. All das Zeug, which bandit stuff seems extremely hard to come by now, because i think a lot of people are doing these type of conversions. So i can’t find any bandit parts. I might do that. That would end up being probably the cheaper way to do it or if i want to go nicer gear we’ll, do it to the tlf, then other new stuff.

On order, i do have a low z, lmt roller on order. Das heißt, the new low z monster shock, Feste Achse, vier Rad, drive monster truck uh basher, so i will be getting one of those and building it up i’m, likely going to be stripping out some of the electronics out of an old arma to get that running so I’M thinking of taking a blx 185 und ein 2050 kv motor off of my old typhon, putting it in the lmt to start and then go from there and we’ll see how that runs for a servo. I have an agfrc 40 kilogram servo that i want to try out so that will go into that as well and then i’ll probably put in a traxxas radio system just to get it up and running and that’ll be the lmt. I have a couple other repairs to make on some of my crawlers other some other bodies that i’ve ordered as well just to change up the look and feel of some things so that’s on order as well and then, as i’ve been mentioning i’ve been just. Ich fühle mich, like i’m buying a lot of parts lately, as i have been so. I have three speed controls here: mama x8s for the armor, a limitless wing xr10 pro stock spec. These are the best budget option. 10 scale racer esc’s. This gives you all the fully featured options of a 300 racing ese, but it’s a little bit more limited.

It can really only run 2s and up to a certain uh motor, you can’t go like a five turn. Motor it’ll it’ll be too much for this, but i think you can run up to like a 13.5 on this and it’s perfectly happy so it’s going to go in a two wheel, drive vehicle. My plan was eventually after i do the upgrade to the yokomo. The two wheel, Buggy fahren, is going to get the hobbywing xr10 pro stock spec, because this one has the frequency adjustment and some other fancy features that i want to use and the old tkin that’s in this will go into the new short cursed truck that’s on One then, just because there were sales on over christmas, i got another hobby wing. This one is the xr8 sct. This is pretty much the best bang for your buck. Eight scale racing esc that you can get it does everything that you need from a performance, uh tuning options and you’re paying less because it’s, not the full xr8 it’s, the xr8 sct, so it’s designed for 2s racing on a 3600. das 4000 kv motor for short course or, if you’re running on 4s, you can run it at a 1900 kv motor or 2200 kv motor for eight scale buggies. So i have one of these in my current techno, eb 48 right now and i got another one, because i do expect that i would end up getting a techno et48 whenever those new ones come out in 2021.

, so yeah lots of stuff on order. The mamba x8s is still brand new sealed i haven’t even played around with that yet, but this is going to go in the armor limitless and then, as well as for the armor limitless we’re going to test out this, which is the radio link rc6 gs. V2. Why i think this is a good candidate for the arma limitless is because this has a receiver on it that has two antenna and it’s really designed for long range running. So i think it’d be perfect for a speed runner, so we’ll be testing at this radio. On the armor limitless other things on order, i also have a fly sky, noble nb4, on order, that’s been on order since november 11th, and it still has not come in yet because it was coming directly from china, like an aliexpress super sale, that’s still on order. When that comes in, i will be reviewing the noble and and then deciding for my personal racing. If i want to stick with my older sanwa mt4 or switch over to the fly skynoble, nb, 4., Okay, there’s plenty of other stuff that’s in my mind, as well for future upgrades and projects that are going to happen through 2021. But this is just the lay of the land of where we’re at right now and that’s just up to me to get into it again. Also, wie ich erwähnt, i haven’t touched any of my rc stuff for uh for a couple of weeks, and now i just want to start getting into the cleanup phase.

So i’ll do some cleanup on the techno eb 48.2. Just get it ready for when the tracks reopen oh that’s. The other thing i did not mention is that we’re currently in a lockdown situation. So all the tracks in my area, within probably 10 hours of me, are all shut down locked out. So i can’t go anywhere. I can’t race anywhere that’s likely going to be the case until february, so we’re not going to see any racing actual rc racing anytime soon. But what i am doing in the meantime is vrc, so we have virtual rc racing happening on the computer and i’m in a race series for that right now, and so you will be seeing those videos coming up very shortly, Alles klar, so lots of stuff happening For 2021, again huge thanks to my sponsors, my personal racing sponsors, techno, Rc, bego racing and jen’s ace. Wie ich erwähnte, net cruiser is an open brand media platform. So that means that any products that get sent to me or that i buy i will show and so there’s going to be no change. There we’re still willing to show everything, that’s really cool in the rc community, and i hope you stick around for the ride.