Oh, i wonder if i got the red one, i actually like the red, Farbe, hmm or the green one. Let’S see how lucky i am today, looking for the perfect toy to give a kid check out this huawei rc amphibious off road monster, truck that’s available amazon 49.99 looks like you, can save a five dollar off with the coupon look at this 2.4 gigahertz remote technology. It’S all terrain and yes even drives on water, with the four wheel drive capability and this free roll over 360 degrees rotation transmission to get you out of the jams and it’s waterproof and it’s fast too. So it doesn’t look like you can actually choose the color. So just let’s go see how lucky we are today go buy that well i got the blue one it’s, Nicht schlecht. Once out of the box, make sure you have all these accessories. A user’s guide, two lithium ion battery packs, a two double a battery pack, the charge cable, the little mini phillips, Schraubendreher, the rc transmitter and, Natürlich, the amphibious vehicle itself. The dimensions of this vehicle are roughly eight and three quarters length by eight and a half inches, almost like a box and four inches at its greatest height, and it weighs about 1.36 Pfund. The material of this vehicle is made out of abs and also non toxic. Pvc plastic it’s got the pro racing stripes on both sides. Here is the on off switch here’s the front view there’s no light or led lighting at all.

The tires are made of plastic, so not rubber, but it has this like a tank track in the middle independent, vier Rad, drive here’s the side view back view, bottom view where you put in the battery pack and the top view might as well hook up the Battery pack make sure that’s charging, because it’s going to take a while, so i’ve decided to charge it to the wall it’s a lot faster than via usb. This is purchased separately and i’m, pretty sure that’s going to turn a different color when it’s fully charged. So it looks like once it’s fully charged. It just turns off that was fast. Let's. Werfen Sie einen Blick auf den Sender. You have the on off switch right here, slip it to the other side and here’s where you enter the battery all right. This rotator wheel. This motion is to turn left. This motions will turn right. Power led indicator right here, backward motion forward motion. You guys won’t believe it, but this is actually my first time using one of these trigger type of or gun type of remote transmitters. I suggest holding it sideways that way, you can remember left and right and similarly like if you pull on a gun that is the fire so that’s to go forward as opposed to you know, going pushing it forward front to make it move forward. So yeah that’s easy to remember for me, ich bin, going to use a supply mini screwdriver to unscrew this in order to put in the double a batteries and make sure you have the polarity right, it’s time to put in the battery pack, and i want to show You guys these two water, spouts it’s, recommended that you drain the water spouts after each use in water, so let’s go ahead and remove the cover and insert the battery pack make sure you line up properly clicks in place.

Put this in here and it’s a good idea to fold in the wire, so it doesn’t stick out because we want it to be near waterproof, so let’s go ahead and test it out at home. Ersten, ich bin, going to turn on the car, see how it’s blinking red and then i’m gon na try and turn on the transmitter and let’s go test that out all right forward backward hold down the left to rotate fully hold it hold down the right rotate fully. If you want to forward and left backwards right, wow gibt es, actually a warning that says: do not drop this from more than a height of 30 Zentimeter, so that’s roughly 11.8 Zoll, and i was going to test this out, dropping it from my uh staircase. Wie ich erwähnt, it’s recommended you, don’t drop it from more than a 11.8 Zoll 12 inch drop, whatever is upside down, Und, Natürlich, that would be the reverse fit back. That’S awesome and on hardwood floors and on tile here is on rocks, Okay, guys so out. In the woods right now, and if i didn’t mention it before this has a range of 100 meters or 328 feet and it’s got a play time about 20 An 30 Minuten. Let’S go ahead and test it out going from grass to mulch by the way top speed is 20 Kilometer pro Stunde oder 12.4 Meilen pro Stunde. Also, oh so here’s a reason. Warum? Because i have all these grass and weed that’s just stocked up on the um wheel.

Gut, i have to remove this the one that kept on going in circles i’m out in the woods right now. This is a nice sandy obstacle course let’s go ahead and try it out. They got stuck right there back up. I was stuck in a valley. I had to wind it we’re good to go see how that flipped over it looks like the smoke has finally cleared i’ve made it to the beach tide is coming in not much waves, final test and it’s going to be on salt, water Applause. Schau dir das an! Go see the four wheel drive independent transmission, shifting that was super fun, wow guys that was super fun. Every single terrain. It impressed me in its performance and function, especially when it’s upside down. It wants to write itself in its correct position: it’s not the fastest, but it is it’s fun though it’s definitely a monster truck that can go on any terrain and it’s waterproof too. This will make it awesome present for anybody that’s interested in remote control vehicles. Weißt du, especially if you combine this with a monster truck with amphibious vehicle it’s like a tank i’m. Loving it go check it out. The purchase link is in the description.