Das Auto ist also genau hier drüben. Okay, so im gon na set you guys down on this chair, also bekomme ich euch einfach Jungs. Ich hoffe, ihr könnt sehen, wie Musik einfach in den Vorgarten geht, Okay, Jungs raus; Okay, also so umgedreht um. Das ist mein Fahrrad. This is my bike that i ride. Lets put that aside. Okay, so lets go stuck. Okay goes okay, it goes pretty well im gon na, take it to my neighbors house, but yeah okay, so lets go test it inside oh geez, its called Music. Okay, Jungs! Im! Tut mir Leid, Okay, so here we are inside the house: Okay, Okay, Alles klar! So im gon na just uh you guys over here. So i need something to hold up the ipad. So im just gon na use this remote okay. Also hier, Okay, so the rc car im, Weiß nicht, Okay, that you guys can see it. Okay, so just turn so whoa. So im going to show you guys, so you guys didnt like so, you can actually change the speed of this thing. You can change the speed, so you see this one theres a button over here. You can change the speed if you, like click that no rc car its like. So it like it sounds like the highest speed right now, its on the like full speed, its like super fast, and it goes out of control actually, but i tested it out yesterday night, so you guys can find this at uh costco.

I i dont think you can find it at walmart, but i know you can find it at costco theres, also like a blue version of this. If you guys want like yeah so theres a blue version of this, if you guys want a blue version and um, this can also actually go off road, as i showed you guys on the grass so um it takes about um 40, mögen 40 An 50 minutes To charge takes like 50 minutes to to charge, and it only works for like 12 An 15 minutes only works for 15 Minuten, and i wish they made it work a little bit longer, aber das ist, okay and you guys can also do races with these things. You can also do races with these. Okay, so also look, let me get the rc car, Okay, so im gon na just point: you guys right to me so it kind of light up it can light up so uh. Let me just okay. So let me just off it so so it doesnt okay, Okay, so im gon na off it right now. So like the car is like uh on the cars on like rear wheel drive. All of them are rear, Rad, drive so uh. You guys can like actually like actually um yeah theyre, all rear wheel drive. So theres like this, like suspension, theres a suspension on the back, so like its a 4×4 Aussetzung. So you guys can like look right now, es ist wie, like its off.

Also, like you guys like this, is since its uh since its like, we will like this thing. We just bounce it up and down when this thing bounces only this thing, bounces like so like uh, whenever its like this like this, but whenever its like its like, like going on something bumpy like this, whenever its like going on something bumpy, this like gets, triggered And it starts bumping all over the place, so yeah thats it for the video guys.