Willkommen zurück zum Kanal, welcome back to erc vlog guys. I got a prep for the southern nationals it’s this weekend. I got ta rebuild my cars and when i say rebuild, i want to rebuild the disc. I got to rebuild the shocks i can just you know basically drain and refill all my shock fluids and oils and stuff like that. So phone’s going off my phone just started playing a youtube video. While i was talking to y’all anyways but yeah. So i i can’t i can’t stay motivated. I can’t get excited to wrench, but i know how to get excited to wrench and i had this stupid idea and basically it’s to buy some new tools to write. I did that tool video. I told you guys all going through. All my tools makes me want to buy more tools. Ich weiß nicht warum. I think tools are cool, so yeah we’re going to go, get some new tools and the tools that i’m going to get i’ve got to try them. I’Ve got to try them. I’Ve had a couple of buddies hassle me about. It told me to try them. I am going to get it, get the traxxas tools, ich bin, going to go down to the traxxas store and try to get the really high end expensive, traxxas tool set and we’re going gon na see how well they hold up i’m, even gon na take them to The race to me this weekend and just see if it can be your one set of tools that you use, so i mean look that mat has come become my favorite pit mat only because it’s so easy to clean when it’s dirty.

I take it out to the backyard and i spray it off with a water hose and it dries super fast and it doesn’t absorb water, like the other mats that you’d have like the ones that are like yoga mats kind of like that, eine direkt dort. If you wet it down and you touch it, it’s wet so this one it doesn’t soak water, es ist, wirklich schön. So if traxxas is you know, they’re getting this tool thing down, we’re going to give it a shot. Blick. I got this all cleaned up because i planned on doing wrenching i’m going to work on my trucking first then my buddy, i got to put my sunday buggy up but check this out guys. Look at all the paint i have. I got oh look. Oh, i got so many paints. Das ist genial. I got all those paints for 20 Dollar. These are brand new. Most of these are brand new uh. Some were open. Im grunde, he gave it was like two for five and then he gave you a free used can, but the use can still have a lot of uh pain in them. But man that’s, Prima, Wie auch immer, lassen Sie uns, head to the traxxas, store all right, Jungs, we’re here back again, traxxas store, Natürlich, das ist es, was ist, großartig, es ist, just right down the street, Vielleicht 10 Minuten, Vielleicht 10 Minuten. I don’t plan on spending too much time here, um but i’m. Gon na check out something that i heard a rumor about i’m gon na check it out.

Maybe they have one here, but i heard a rumor that the slash two wheel drive. The rock and roll slash wheel. Drive actually has s1 compound tires on it. Hopefully they have one in here: we’re gon na go check it out, but i’m heading in all right. Sie haben tatsächlich. They have the uh, i figure they have it because they have all the freaking, colors and slashes here, but here’s the rock and roll color. I believe it’s a rock and crawl color. They don’t feel like s1s, so what you can tell if their s1s will be an s1 logo on the back. I don’t see it. I don’t think these are the ones guys it is definitely a rumor damn that sucks. I was gon na pick one of those up and then because i need those s1 fronts really bad. If you’re racing spec slash, you got to get those s1s they’re a game changer all right. So here is the tool section let’s see what we need here. We go we’re gon na get we’re gon na get this thing too. Das ist cool. I think this is the premium tool kit um that’s. We got the extra handles here. Hmm. What else do we need let’s grab? Some scissors, too we’ll see all right guys check these out. They just came out with these. I actually saw a press release on these coming through email, but this is the center chassis brace on the up for the lcg traxxas 4×4.

And if you, if you know anything about slash 4×4, if you’ve actually tried to erase it, this was a part that i feel like was missing when i did run a slash 404 back in my days that i ran slash four by fours, i ran a platinum And then i bought this like aftermarket um like cheap ebay center brace, i basically connected the front and rear bulkheads. Now the traxxas actually makes them, and these look super freaking cool too. Oh there it is here’s a slide here’s a slash. This is actually the uh. The platinum so yeah it goes like this and basically keeps i feel, like the car had too much flex. So if you wanted to build a race slash, i would recommend stuck. I would recommend you putting some weight up under here and then putting this center chassis. Brace on it and i’m telling you this thing actually handles really really well, and you can even run the blending system. You won’t be that far off pace. You will be a little bit off pace, but you can still be competitive with it, but these are freaking. Prima, i would pick up one of these now, but i kind of want the blue one because they don’t have to change. I can’t have miss mitch, matt mitch, mismatching aluminum on my car, so i have to get blue. If i get one dang it all right, Jungs, here’s what i got uh first thing i noticed i meant to get the curved and the straight scissors.

I only use curved scissors, but i was gon na get the straight ones to try out and i accidentally got to curve dang it it’s, Okay, because i usually use curve anyways, but i ended up getting all the cool things that i thought were cool least i Got an oversized handle, i got the smaller handle, i got the cool sweet body reamer and then i got the premium tool kit. Dies ist die 15 13 piece metric premium tool kit. This comes with all the speed bits. The handle um, the cool thing about this. One this one comes with the ball end driver, so what ball ends are for is, if sometimes you have to go straight into a screw and it’s hard to get to it. You can actually unscrew a screw or screw and a screw from an angle. It saves a lot of time and a headache and your fingers a lot of time. So this one comes with all the good stuff and then i got scissors. I use an electric screwdriver. I did a a review on this a while back. I still love this thing. I’Ll put a link in the description for all this stuff, aber ja, das ist. What we got in regards to tools all right, let es, open this stuff up i’ll, give you some first impressions. Obviously i don’t need two pairs of curved scissors. Oh, by the way i went ahead and got one of these. This is the center chassis brace for the slash four wheel.

Drive lcg i’m gon na build one soon um and i do have a blue one now, so one of the workers was actually gon na. They had a blue one and one of the workers was gon na buy it. He heard me talking about he’s like you can have my blue one. He knew he could get one really quick, so he saw me he’s blowing. So i did. I did get a center chassis, brace super cool, let’s open this stuff up. Don’T need this um, mögen, Offensichtlich, we got ta open up the toolkit first that’s, das erste. Erste Dinge: first right: Oh, you know what i can’t open it up, because i don’t have scissors let’s use my new traxxas scissors. I think i have people watching me vlog on the street over here that’s kind of weird all right. Oh, schau: there’s a it’s like etched in traxxas and the scissors open this toolkit up, just as i could expect very sharp scissors. Nothing like brand new lexan scissors i’ll leave this right here in case. You want to see this all right. Oh sehr nett, the handle you know what i like about this handle it’s, not that ratcheting handle like the uh, the mini tool kit that they not that they but dynamite has. It has like a ratcheting handle that handles sucked. This is a solid handle which is nice. The tips look great. I always thought the tips look good um.

You know what i like with these tips, i like the ones that are silver here. Let me pull one of these tips out i’m gon na pull it 3.0 um. I always like the ones that are silver like i got a set that were that flex, steel and it seemed like the flex still wore really fast, but nice very nice. The handle feels really good it’s a good size. This is the medium size handle let’s open. The big handle here is the big handle. You know what i’m gon na do. I think this is gon na be cool i’m gon na have here’s a ball tip here’s. What a ball tip looks like i’m gon na have the two five, the big one and then maybe the one, the two o the medium size, one and then the one five should be this smaller one, because i think with the big handle you might even over Torque it like you, might torque it too much so here’s the smaller handle they both they’re all kind of feel rubbery. This one’s uh, maybe it’s plastic, but it feels good. It feels like it has a good grip. This is one i would use a 154. Oh, it does it’s got magnets inside so it does. You know snap in there. Oh, these are nice, so handle sizes i’ll put them down here, so you guys can see the difference or if you can see the difference, actually i’ll put them all up.

Let’S see if i can hold this, where it makes sense there’s the different handle sizes. I i can’t i’m just going to sit down let’s open up the uh body reamer here. Oh, look this little pouch right here: oh, das ist, Cool, Okay, so body reamer it’s got the measurement things i really like how it has the measurement lines. The old school body. Room mirrors here is an old school body. Reamer see how this one doesn’t have the measurement lines. I always thought that was kind of lame. Dies ist sehr, Sehr nett. You can tell it’s really good quality, so i have the body reamer super nice check this out in the tool so here’s what the tool kit actually looks like it comes with your i don’t know. If y’all can see that it comes with your uh, your nut drivers and your hex drivers and the balls, so it comes with the four out for nut drivers. Es kommt mit einem 4 0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, seven and eight. So those are all the sizes you’d ever need. I don’t even think i’d ever use a 4.0 oder die 4.5. I know i use 5.0 all the way up to eight eight i use on the sct wheel, nuts and on x, oder ich denke, t max wheel. Nuts and then or the older t max, and then it comes with the ball drivers. It comes ball, hex drivers, it comes with the 3 0, das 2 5.

2 0, no one five, because that would be way too small and then there’s a regular hex drivers. It’S going to come with a 302520 and one five, so super nice. What i like about look at this! Das ist irgendwie cool. You can put your scissors on the side here, oh, das ist, not in. I bet you can put yeah. You can put your reamer and your scissors inside here super cool, etwas anderes. I noticed guys it’s all about small details, check out the traxxas etching inside of the uh, the nut drivers that looks really cool and also on the back side. On the on you know, one side has the size: what kind of driver it is and on the back side, it’s actually got traxxas edge, trying to get where there’s no glare jeez come on glare go away, or maybe, if i turn it like this, there you Go that looks a little better, see that looks good, Huh, oh schön, sea and then it’s. You can put your your body reamer and your scissors there sweet. Gut. It works guys. I kind of want to rent my cars. Now look it’s a nice little compact little case. I will do like a follow up video on the tips how i got to use them. I got these that’s the only way to tell how good they are i’m going to use them for erase i’m going to take them to the southern nats with me and then we’ll do a follow up video on how well the tips held up.