Es ist ein 176 Skala Mini-RC-Auto, das vollständig proportional ist, Es hat LED-Lichter und es sieht aus wie Brian Oconnors, grüne Mitsubishi-Sonnenfinsternis von fast and furious. Das klingt alles großartig, also lasst uns einen genaueren Blick darauf werfen. Musikapplaus, Musik. Willkommen! Zurück zum Kanal heute, we will be taking a closer look at the limited edition turbo racing c72. This is a fully proportional mini rc car and it is tiny. This isnt the first time i featured a turbo racing product on my channel last time. I tested out the c71 rx 7, and that was a lot of fun, and these little cars are ideal to use indoors when the weather is bad, so lets get it unboxed and find out what we get lets take a look at what we get in the Box with the turbo racing c72, now we obviously get the car itself, which were going to take a closer look at in a moment, but lets have a look at some of the other stuff. Now weve got a black and white manual, a quick start guide. Weve got two spare bodies and they also include all the plastic bits that you need. I think the spoilers in there, die Lichter. You know if you want to make up your own bodies. Das ist wirklich schön. I do like the fact that theyve included those. They also include two spare bodies with the c71 youve got your decals there for the bodies, weve got a usbc cable.

Schließlich, weve got our four channel transmitter and this is quite nice pretty much exactly the same as the the c71 again. This takes four aaa batteries. To get you up and running, you can adjust your lighting settings from this. Youve got your throttle dual rate and you can adjust. You can adjust it from 25. 50. Bis hin zu 100 steering reverse and, as you would expect, youve got your steering jewel rate, pretty much what you would expect so lets move on to charging. When it comes to charging the c72 youve got two options. You can use the included usbc cable, wie Sie hier sehen können, just plug this into a pc or plug it into a usb socket, and that will get this thing charged up. You can also use the transmitter as well and ill demonstrate that now you can also charge the car using the transmitter as well and, as you can see at the bottom there there is a usbc port. All you have to do is click it in switch. The switch over to the center position until the led light comes on, and then you will be good to go. That is charging and when the light goes off, it will be fully charged. Lets talk a little bit about the actual car itself, Dann, because this thing is tiny, its somewhat hard to believe that its fully proportional and it behaves just like a much larger rc model.

It has got a 40 MilliampereStunde, inbuilt lipo battery, which takes about 30 minutes to charge using the transmitter or using the included usbc cable, its powered by a tiny brushed motor, and i have to say if this is anything like the c71, i tried considering the Size, it was pretty quick. This little car is ideal to use indoors when the weathers bad and they even sell two different tracks. For these. I will leave links in the description below if you want to check out the tracks that they sell. I cannot wait to give this thing a little run. This little car has got various different, led settings now, Wie Sie sehen können, all the lights are off at the moment, but if we click the channel free button, Das heißt, which is on the green underglow, if we click over the channel 4 Das heißt, which is on our Headlights, this has also got brake lights. If i can try and turn it around, Wie Sie sehen können, we have got working brake lights, weve had a look at what we get in the box. Weve also had a closer look at the little car itself. Theres only one thing left to do, and that is to get it charged up well set a little track out on the worktop here and well see how it performs so lets. Do it so lets give this a little go then now ive got the turbo racing track out.

This is exactly the same track that i used with the c71, really really nice little track, and they do sell this as well, wie ich sagte, ill leave. A link down below if you want to go and check this track out now, ive got the throttle set to 25, so lets see how we get on well. Das ist sehr, sehr langsam, but its going to help for me to try and get a feel for things. The lights look really really good. Lets switch the uh, the green leds on as well. Wie ich schon gesagt habe, you know this is something thats going to keep you happy when the weathers bad or you just cant, get out for whatever reason: roll the track out, get the car charged up and youre going to have a lot of fun, es ist verrückt. How much concentration it actually takes im really trying to keep it on the track, but its not as easy as it looks. What im going to do is im going to whack this up to 50 and see how that is well thats, quite a bit quite a bit different on 50 crashed it there into the the micro infraction the 284 131. I think its called. I have reviewed that on my channel, so be sure to check that video out as well great little drift car super super tiny again. Another great option for when youre running indoors, all right lets whack it up to 100 and see how that gets on 100 is just uh crazy.

Fair sein, especially on this small track. Im gon na go back down to im gon na go back down to 50 on the throttle, because that was a little bit more controllable im interested to hear what you guys make of these little cars because theres a lot of people out there who say theyre, Not worth the money and when you think of some of the other models that you can pick up for the same price, this being one of them. This was a really really good. Little car really really fun. When you consider some of the other options out there, are they really worth the money im gon na say? Ja, they are because if you had a couple of friends around and you had two or three of these things running around on a homemade track, i can see them being a lot of fun if youre going around a track on your own, like i am now. Maybe not so much, you know you may get bored after a while and again there are so many options out there now in the budget range. This may not be for you. If any of you are fast and furious fans well theres, no denying how much this thing resembles brians 1995 mitsubishi, eclipse and im a massive fan of the fast and furious franchise. So this does appeal to me: yeah its a lot of fun this little car there. Wir gehen, Dann, so this turned out to be a lot of fun, just like the other one, the c71.

This thing was a lot of fun as well. Now this has got so many features packed into it and considering how small it actually is. Its very very impressive: you could think of many different creative ways to build a track at home, and if you had a few of these running around on homemade track, i really do think it would be a good laugh. What do you think of these little cars? Then are they worth the money now at first, i didnt think they were. I thought theyre a little bit expensive for what you get, but when you consider that its fully proportional youve got led lights, you can switch them on and off on the transmitter as well. It does have a lot of different features and i yeah, i think you can justify the cost. These are selling for a great price at the moment over on banggood so head over to the link in the description below to check them out. This one is available in two different colors youve also got the c71 as well, but apart from that guys were going to leave the video there today. I really hope you enjoyed seeing this little car in action and if you did be sure, to drop a comment down below and let me know what you think of it were gon na leave it. Es jubelt Jungs und krank wirhst dich bald wieder auf dem nächsten.