You know online video. That kind of thing I flew to Anaheim met with the Nitro RCX guys had some fun with them and that's. Actually why I still do some of the exceed products. A lot of people ask me to do. Cost effective or budget are C's because we don't all have like huge budgets to blow on our rigs, and you know for a couple hundred bucks. You can actually get a pretty decent rig. You know within a budget, so I decided to delve into it a little bit more one of the research and designer guys at nitro RCX had come up with to putting two of the eight scale, crawlers together to chassis plates, and I actually filmed the prototype. While I was down there, you guys can find it I'll put a link in the video description box. If you want to see other green bastard videos. The reason you haven't seen me use this. Kerl, Obwohl, is because I shared look it. I shared the the gears in the back when we were at the 2012 TTC and this wrestled a summit and they went head to head in the mud pits like ah, and I feared the gears in the back they're plastic. So what do you expect right? These are actually motor on axles, so here two chassis is put together. I kind of listed the parts for conversion. If you see the video it's an old now, but it's just too chaste, he's kind of like the 6×6, the exceed that I had just done.

The the 6×6 that they offer I did give that away. I gave it to p.m. hobby craft to give away to a young fella that needed something you know was eyeballing the nice stuff and there's an extra RC. I didn't need another one, also leider, it's either it's, probably the spur gear on the inside right off the motor on axle. So this has a motor that's controlled right on this axle. So there's no drive shafts see nothing like that. No drive shafts all the turning gets done right from the axles, so this was so popular. Ich denke, mögen 300000 people saw me put it together for this 300. One fifth scale monster truck conversion right on the only thing they're having a hard time buying. Was this body or the parts? Ich weiß? I guess they had some parts issues and some are out of stock, and you know that happens, especially when you have thousands of people going. This is actually off of the Hannibal. This is a one fifth scale. Gas powered truck they had so after they saw the success in what had happened online course exceeds like oh. How can we get that to the people because everybody wanted one, but they couldn't get their hands on one, so instead what they did? Oh here, you guys want to see a size comparison, hahaha that's. What II then there's that it's not mounted on the post here's the Black Widow boom, so there you get like a real idea of how big in comparison.

This is that can go over lots of obstacles. This here is not super fast it's, a crawler it's supposed to crawl go slow kind of maneuver it's, big burly body over whatever it needs to do right. Can you put it right on the Black Widow how's that for a shot, but ok, Ich schweife ab. I'M. Tut mir Leid, I was cooking all this down. I know some of you guys would want to see how big this actually is. Let'S do something fun that's right. They did it check. Es kommt raus, says waterproof right on the box, the max stone five I don't know do they have any in stock. I don't know at the time of this filming they might. I didn't go and check, though they wanted to send one to me to show you guys that they, actually they were listening. They could see that a lot of you were having from sourcing the parts and, like I said this was an originally an exceed developers idea. Sowieso, I just got to show it off: Oh mein Gott. Okay, I can tell right away it's like a giant axial body, the XR 10 Beeindruckend. Look at this okay, I know I'm hiding it. I know I need it check it out. That is definitely an XR. 10 body or style type of body pull the tires out, pull the other tires. Oh, is it love nope kind of open, already awesome get that out of the package, throwing the box out of the way it's a huge box.

Hmm done let's see what we got here tires here, tipped of tires. Ah let's see where's my knife bit of a flibbertigibbet I'm, pretty excited to see this finally came around it's too bad. They didn't stick with an animal body, but you know a lot of people. Didn'T, like I like it, I don't mind having a big ugly truck. I grew on me. I liked it okay, so here two two tires same tires: nett, color coordination kablammo. I did not even check how much they're selling this for, but I imagine it's around the same cost. I try not to mention costs. I in my show, because prices fluctuate over time. The video lasts forever, but prices change. Another time here is my radio. Oh, is it the same blue yep same blue handle? Oh, I see they've changed it. Ein wenig, Obwohl, check this off different antenna on the radio bluey different antenna. Look at that just a little stubby on there. Let me turn the viewfinder around there. Wir gehen dorthin. You can see you know the standard radio waves like nothing like an ounce. If that hmm ah comes with charger, though so that's nice boop, boop boo. How many more of these do I need. I keep writing on the bottom of them. You know what truck it is just so, when it's in the radio control hobby closet there it's all fixed and done. I see a Deans connector on this and you know what, for the first time ever, I see a Deans connector on the inside of the fish scale.

Also yeah they've, totally added some to this. To make it look at they've extended they put real extensions on nice. Looks like an aluminum servo steering horn, also a waterproof servo, and this thing weighs nothing like super super light check it out, kablammo that big, Hey okay. So if you're looking for a monster, crawler where's, my XR 10 – here it is thishas the tires on it. So you can see why I say: it's an XR ten modelled body for sure sorry, I'm, looking in the viewfinder should be looking at you here is the size. Dies ist ein 110 Skala. Dies ist ein 15 Skala, so that's easy to see just back off these lock wash or these washers not lock washes. I guess get this out of the way looks like you could put in a rear. Lenkung, wenn Sie möchten, I think I don't know I'dhave to look at how they mounted up the servo but I'm, pretty sure that's what I'm seeing yeah they just do it on one side, so yeah rear steer can be installed. Easy peasy put this on like that. Come on get on there don't give us our dime. This did come with a wrench check. It out now here's the wrench in here. Instead of fiddling with this. Why don't, I just do it off early now, I'm glad to have this big fella in the studio I'm. Glad to see when good ideas come out that companies pay attention right, I could see fiscale crawling definitely catching on right.

Tenth scale crawling is the bomb I don't know if somebody came out with a really decent fish scale, trailing crawler I'd. Be all over that. I would be all over that let's see here. This goes on this side. jetzt. What can you expect when you're spending? You know a few hundred bucks on a big truck right, like it's not going to have all metal gears or anything. I don't know much about this, but I assume that it's pretty straightforward with plastic gears on the inside. But if you want to upgradeand you have the budget as you goholy cow that's lightyou can always upgrade it. You know look at these big long shocks, nett. These actually look really cool. Come here check that out all aluminum all anodized, and I can certainly see that this is now one big frame, Gut gemacht, Jungs, sorry about the shadows there boom. I try to do some giveaway it's, like the 6×6. I had we giveaway sticker sheets or RC Sparks decal sheets in the RC sparks forms every week, actually so there's 52 contests in 2014 for sticker packs, so you guys are allowed to go and look there it's in the contest section. If you want um wanted to open it up, and sometimes we pick a few winners during the week there's quite a few contestants that you know enter in random stuff post a picture of your RC or whatever the contest is that day, let's pull out the back Here so we can have a peek.

Oh looks like they got two on the front two on the back and nice. In fact this, so you didn't get a rest. A wrecked top check this out. perfekt! Oh, Blick! How shiny it is nice beautiful, get off, aah static, electricity. There you go whoa in your living rooms. There you go looking pretty good, not a scratch on it. I'Ll fix that. Okay, so um battery charger here, that's very interesting let's have a look in the bottom. Just so I'm not messing this up the battery okay. This one here takes 1 2, 3 4 pretty standard for double a s4 2.4 gigahertz. I almost said megahertz that's, not right kind of batteries. Coming in here it looks like a nickel metal hydride 2. 4. 6. L, nickel metal probably take a 2 Zelllipo, pretty easy I'd, probably upgrade that myself into a 3 Zelle, but I haven't tested anything. I can't really say yes, we'll find out. I love the articulation. Look at that it's huge house. Look at that holy cow now. Normalerweise, in a 10 Maßstabcrawler, Ich sage: try not to have too much articulation, because if you're you know crawling over a hole, you'll tend to get your tires stuck and then kind of crack it. But look at that for a fiscale crawler. I could pretty much twist it upside down that's. These are adjustable shocks. So from what I see, look at that holy cow, the Lynx it's got complete it's like a it's like a ride, so there we go let's see I don't think well, my annual body even fit on it anymore.

I know everyone's like one over the other morning. Lining it up just wanted to see nope it won't. So obviously you can tell this from the front that it wouldn't, so I still have to fix the back ah gear in that one, but that's, Okay, on ya, pretty normal little red and green light. Make sure before you turn anything on that everything on your throttle trim and everything is all zeroed out right. You don't want to be going crazy on you when you plug in I don't know how much charge this nickel metal hydride battery has but we'll try it out. I think it's nickel metal hydride, Ich hoffe, go on that is plugged in and there is an on button. Where is the on button? Having a look I'm gon na look, Okay, this ESC, Uh huh? Has it running down to the servo and there's an onoff button right in the middle, welcome to the RC spark studio, Mein Freund? How are you feeling nice and strong? Oh, I see this when it's moving. It moves the links. A little bit see let's see what it's doing right up here, no it's just strong that's. All I can see that's moving in this area. I could probably tighten that up a little bit. I don't really see it being a concern for me right now, though nice, Okay, that is full throttle right. That'S, not a nickel metal hydride battery and I haven't charged it at all.

Just came in the box, so it is minus twenty nine today Celsius at the time of this filming I ain't going outside, because my camera can't even withstand that kind of cold everything, just kind of freezes in the liquid crystal that's minus eighteen Fahrenheit for those folks That operate in Fahrenheit, but you know that means I can't take out the camera. I can't take out the RC today being February it's, like the mega cold time for my part of the world, got away little while for the cold snap to be over. But what do you think there you go? I know I'm excited to get it out on the trail. I really do want to take it out to the trail um uh huh, and then I can give it a better look hey. What do you think let's line it up against the big green bastard and see? I named this: the big green bastard after the trailer park, voice and bubbles that was his wrestling character? Oh mein Gott, this is even longer than the big green bastard. It is longer by oh four inches, no way check this out. Kablammo that's a really good way to line it up, Ha ha ha. Ich muss vorsichtig sein, I'll be having little ten scales running around pretty soon uh, so obviously it's a much bigger chassis longer links in the bottom. So I wonder if that's, why we're seeing a bit of movement just the way it's linked up right? I didn't see any top links coming up.

There did I, Oh nein, I did there is top links, boy I'm, just making it up as I go along here today. Ah, it's that you know about being a crawler when it's maneuvering around the rocks and twisting and turning. I wish everything wasn't covered in ice right now, because I would be out there immediately all right, let's see this can't be that hard to do ha ha ha. Do it do it? Do it come on not don't fall off the table. Yeah nice turn the tires off don't. Get that moving there you go. Oh my back tires. Almost off the table got ta straighten it out. Am I gon na fall yeah? I know I can do this there. You go good boy. Ah, the axles taut on the top of the black. I don't want to wreck the Black Widow, though that's pretty awesome, Obwohl. Ah, there you go guys so fish scale, Crawler, uh I'll, probably take this to crawler Ted's and embarrass myself haha. Ah there you go. Hopefully you guys liked the show today. I'M sorry I'm, not outside, but it is just too darn cold. I could man up but I'll tell you what my are Seas and my equipment can't. Leider, so until next time guys thank you for watching, I hope you're subscribed to the show. We do lots of really cool stuff here until next time.