Was halten Sie von diesem Ereignis?? Bisher, it's pretty fun good times? Was sind wir? Was machen wir jetzt?? No climb hill climb looks a little bit different, looks like he goes up been around and then down so looks like a hill climbing in the descent descents. Oh that's, the start up there crazy come on yeah super soft dirt, Ja genau dort, especially with the trailer it's that rut that's hold me back. I think yeah man guys. I know that the video doesn't know justice. How steep is this hill good job man, Gut gemacht? Oh, this could be, it are allowed. Jasager, you get a fine, stop big enough yeah. I love them to have you a stoop here somewhere, you're, Prima, Kerl, oh nice and drives out of there good, took a beating and still going yeah. Oh nice is good job there's that hot cup a little bit there. You go good a little like to help them too little extra help cost ya. Mann 3 penalty points right there. It comes the next one, no it's, fine man, you might want to get on the other side. nett, Oh down, er geht. You made it dude high. Five that great job you do it for subscribe to. Do it good job, good job right to the end good job buddy, so the hill climb has a different twist this year with first two descent and then the climb on the other side thought we had twist.

It up with a bit of uniqueness this year so round the corner. You'Ll, see all the trucks lined up for their turn. He'S gon na keep on going around the side and then the ascent nice shot nice job. You got it yeah get your hub dude! You do it. This is kind of hard cuz, du hast ta, say and watch where you're walking and redriver. If you wan na fix these pipes, while you're gettin the film between yeah, Ich, like the rain, Gehen, keep walking. The staircase goes around the tree yeah because of the time constraints they're wide enough that's there is. Does that count? Yeah take my other touch yeah I got it. Man spend too much time touched it again. Each flag costs you time, it's a time penalty. We want to make sure not to hit any on so dump truck that garbage. How was it I don't know what's wrong with it? Did you get to the top? Habe ich getan. You did it's all good yeah me too man, especially after it rains yeah yeah crazy. Just hiking on up there all the judges going up and down the hill one at a time. Immer und immer wieder, Oh ja, nett, maybe a link, you had a heavy truck that would have damaged your considerably up there, nice good job man. Winters are loud. We have a five minute time limit and you're only 50 seconds into it. Suede the road watch it slick there surprise my big fat ass hasn't hit.

Many of these flags don't have to put that one in there. Oh ja, Oh ja, that's, why you can't stop walking get up there! I'M gon na winch what's your scorecard now uh. How did you do on the hill climb? 722 okay and was it a difficult hill climb yeah? It was good flip, twice going downhill yeah over on the log yeah, not too bad on the uphill hit a couple barriers, a little nice. When are you running? I ran your and how was your scorecard 933 Okay, and how was it for you doing this? Gut. I'M used to hard cement, Drumheller yeah that stuff's hard when it's, dry and wet slick when it's wet I don't go out when it's wet yeah. This was a bit different, but I made it up pretty good. How many flags did you hit? You think I hit like seven right here. Cuz I rolled yeah other than that I didn't any oh right on man right on it looks easier on the video comes the Bronco yeah first prize for the 10th time that is gon na be a that would be a good mud, hole they're caring to kill The motor there you go their paws down the water whip it over sharks. They don't know how they're gon na react. You know we'll be. Please stand up so much more than my very good over the hump nice job dude nice job. That was well done.

Thank you flag at the top. This will be your which point here: Okay, Alles klar, Gut gemacht, schöne Arbeit, Yep, just a little go; I'll catch it right! Oh don't! You know she's just top heavy that's. All yep yeah I'm gon na suffer on this yeah and they play a lot of rock like like the hardest spots right here, Doug. Tatsächlich, nice and heavy man in the ground. You got everybody here. Wait yep yeah, look at that like a pro crazy yeah. Viel Glück, next ones with tight one in the corner, you're trucking, my truck up there I don't know sacrifice virgins job egg hammertime nice stay for it. On deck, you got ta come up here hand. This is an obstacle like a plane, good job man. They don't tell you when I started halfway: Edea truck just back up a little bit back up about 12 Füße, yeah excellent job, Patrick one, good job Betty there you go good job, yeah father with the winch. Letztendlich, I thought it would have to on that. Good job 99, 1890, 17, nice job decent time papa, nicht sehr gut. He beat me man, Gut gemacht, Ja, gut, Prima, Kerl.