So this video is going to be kind of giving you the right tools and the information that you need to know to sort of make a decision on your next set of tyres for your rc Music. Gut, so, Wie Sie sehen können, there are a lot of tyres that are available. Of course i didn’t bring them all out because otherwise we’ll be here for a very long time. So i brought out the basics just for the general basher out there. That wants to go out to the skatepark or the bmx track, or maybe just have some fun in the backyard. This video will hopefully give you the right information for you to kind of make the right decision when the opportunity arises, for you to change out tires, whether it be just to change out the look of your car or you’re, taking the opportunity from a damaged tire Or wheel, and you want to change it up and get something new, so the first thing that we need to know, Natürlich, is what scale the vehicle is, that you are running, whether it’s a 10 Skala, 8 scale and so forth. Once we know that we can then start recommending you the right type of tire for that particular vehicle and then, Natürlich, the type of surface that you’re going to be running on whether it’s going to be sand dirt. Gras, whether you’re going to be on the road a lot, what type of bashing do you do? What type of running do you do so that you get the right tyre to match that particular, i guess running environment now, to keep things nice and simple.

I’Ve kind of divided divided this into a couple of different sections so that we can sort of talk about uh, particular types of vehicles and the particular tires for those types of vehicles. As we go through Applause, the first one here is going to be your buggies. So buggies generally come in tenth scale, which are these tires here and then you’ve got your eighth scale over here again, there are different scales in between all of these but i’m trying to keep things nice and simple so going with the 10 Skala, we’ve got the On road tyres now these are specifically used on tarmac and concrete, and that sort of terrain these have 12 Millimeter, hexes and you’ll notice that there’s two different widths here and that’s, because the wider ones are for the rear of the buggy and the narrow ones are For the front now these traditionally are used on four wheel. Laufwerk 10 Scale Buggys, but you can use these on two wheel: Laufwerk 10 skull buggies as well uh. So these are your your standard, Äh 10 Skala, uh wheel and tire. They do come with different treads on them, so you can use them off road as well, but these ones i’ve got them currently just for the on road. jetzt, for the eight scale, buggies uh they come with a standard white dish. You can also get them with uh. You know wheels like this, which look kind of cool, and you can see that i’ve got two different types here.

You’Ve got your typical uh general basher type of tyre, with knobby uh knobby tyre on there good for grass dirt mud pretty much anywhere. Really you can run that sort of tire, and then this one here is more specific to uh, like sandy terrains or if you want to get courageous and run them on water. People do like to run these types of tires on water to do some aqua, planing, und so etwas jetzt. A couple of key notes to take into account here is that when you are running an rc on water or through water, especially if you’re going to be, you know running a set of tyres like these it’s important that you actually block the little holes that the Wheels have got so all of these tyres come with foam, they don’t come air filled, so the foam or different densities of phone will kind of give. You different feels uh, basically like air pressure, so um in order for the tire to actually breathe. They put little holes on opposing sides of the wheel to allow the tyre to breathe. Natürlich, if you run these tyres through a deep puddle or you actually submerge the the car in water, these tyres can actually fill with water, Und, if that happens, you can ruin your foams, so it’s advised that you look for the little holes on the wheel And then plug them up uh with either some tape or some other means, so that water does not get in there now.

This does change the way that the tyre behaves a little bit but it’s a bit of a trade off to making sure that water does not get into your wheels because yeah, wie gesagt, wie gesagt, if that happens, you’ll pretty much ruin your foams and then your tyres Will start to oscillate because all the water will run down to the bottom of the wheel and then yeah it’ll just make things really really messy so that’s your 10th scale and 8th scale, buggy let’s move on to the next one. Now for the next one. Here we have the shaw course wheel and we’ve got the standard. 10 scale monster truck wheel now. Your shaw course is an interesting one because it has a 2.2 inch outer diameter and it has a 3 inch inner diameter, so it’s a very unique kind of wheel and tire and there’s various different combinations out there. You can get wheels that have bead locks on them, so you can constantly interchange your tyres or you can get pre glued ones like this and then, Natürlich, you just get the tyre tread to match the particular terrain that you’re going to be running on. Diese sind eigentlich wirklich gut, sie sind, quite nice and sticky. Again they have the foams in there. They got the little holes in there if you need to plug them up and run them through water. They also come with different offsets to suit different types of vehicles and also to change out the look a little bit and, Natürlich, you can get them with the road tread or you can get them with the off road tread as you see here again.

These are only available with the 12 Millimeter hex. There are some short course wheels and tires that are available with 70 millimeter hex for things like the um, the old armor center, Zum Beispiel, the 6s car that comes with 17mm hexes and it’s a standard sort of a short course style truck. So you can use those wheels on there now for your monster truck for your 10 scale monster truck wheel and tire. These are usually a 2.8 Zoll Rad, so that’s total diameter, Wieder 12 millimeter hexes on the back. These wheels are actually the exact same size, but you can see that we’ve got two different tyre setups here now. Obviously this is a road tyre. This is an off road tyre, Aber, aside from that, you’ll see that the wall thickness of the tire itself is quite different. These are a low profile tire and these are designed to go on stadium trucks. So tire cars, like your um, rustler, 4×4 or rustler two wheel drive, will benefit from a tyre like this. Whilst you’re you know, type of stampede type of vehicle, uh will benefit from a tyre like that. So this is a typical size monster truck tire. Again these are available uh, you know with from proline as well and there’s various different versions available from louise uh. With these particular treads and patternsand you can get them with the chrome wheels or the black wheels and so on and so forth, so there’s your tenth scale short course and monster truck wheel and tire okay.

Also, moving on to some of the bigger scale stuff, we have your eight scale triggy tyre. Jetzt wieder, these are available in a variety of different styles. These ones here are your typical sort of five spoke wheel and tire general tread on the front here. These will handle, you know decent power. They can go, probably maybe 4s. You might be able to get away with 6s as long as it’s, Nicht zu viel, but these types of tyres will actually work quite well on your 8 Skala. Truggies and again you can get them in just a plain white dish, with a variety of different tread patterns on there, depending on the application. Your monster truck tires are a little bit different, so you got your typical sort of eight scale monster truck, so real nice and beefy. Now these are usually a 3.8 Zoll Rad. Your truggies are traditionally a four inch wheel and then we’ve got these other ones here, which kind of look a little bit like the short course like a large version of the short course, because you’ve got a smaller diameter on the outside of the wheel and then On the inside it’s, actually a bigger diameter, so it’s a really low profile tire on the inside. I actually used a set of these myself on the super rock ray uh with a 17 millimeter hex and they actually worked really really well very grippy tyre and they look fantastic as well.

So this will work on the larger side of the 1 8 Skala. Cars uh, you know it might look a little bit weird on maybe an e revo or something like that which is traditionally you know more like a tragic style, but something like this on, like a notorious or a big creighton or something um. Weißt du, like a eight scale: crate will actually not look too bad at all, so these are actually and they’re, not a very wide tire either compared to your traditional sort of you know, 2.8 inch or sorry 3.8 Zoll, monster truck tire, so we’ll pop these out Of the way and we’ll cover off something here very quickly that i do want to talk about in regards to pro line pro line actually make, i think some of the better tyres on the market. They are a little bit more expensive traditionally, but they do have options like these ones. Hier, Zum Beispiel, sie sind, actually a belted tire. What that means by being belted is that the tyre will not expand when it’s going at full rotation. So one of the issues that some people come across with with some of these other like soft monster truck tires, is that when they put them in powerful vehicles – Und sie, you know they’re running them around trying to get full speed out of them. While they take jumps, the tyres expand their balloon and then they can catch on the body and they can rip and so forth, proline actually developing a lot of tyres at the moment that come with a kind of a belt on the inside of them.

Now louise do have that option as well with some of their tyres. They’Ve got a couple of row tires that are belted. They’Ve also got some tyres, Äh, which they call the mfp or mft, or something uh for the x. Maxx and i’ve got a set of those myself so they’re designed not to balloon. So they’ve got like a fiber wall on the inside of the tire to stop them from ballooning, das ist wirklich cool, but proline have got them as well. They do this on the on road buggy tire that you see here so for those of you out there who like to do speed, runs and so forth. This would actually be a really good one to get, but one of the things that i really wanted to point out is that they do have a 2.8 inch on the far right here. Sie haben eine 2.8 inch with a 17 Millimeter hex, which means that it can actually be used on some of the eight scale vehicles provided, Natürlich, das 2.8 inch wheel can clear your hubs and your steering knuckles and all that sort of thing internally. Andernfalls, you have some of the 3.8 inch monster trucks, monster truck wheel and tire that have the raid wheels and these have exchangeable hubs. So what that means is that you can change some of the 2.8 inch wheels and tires that traditionally come with 12 millimeter hexes and you can get the separate hubs that have the 17 Millimeter hex.

So that means you can actually fit them on some of the eight scale vehicles um and these are actually good as well for the for the um. Eight scale monster truck tires because, if you did, if you happen to strip out one of these hubs, you can just buy the hub separately, like these ones. Hier, Zum Beispiel, and just replace that, rather than having to buy a whole new set of wheels and tires, or at least a new pair, so this is a really cool feature from proline. I particularly do like these, vor allem mit der 2.8 inch tyres. Some of these more modern cars like the armor granite and the team magic e5 vehicles, Zum Beispiel, they come with 14 Millimeter-Hexen. I know starting to get a bit confusing now, but those vehicles come with slightly bigger hexes to prevent them from stripping straight out of the factory. So if you buy an aftermarket wheel, like you know one of the pro lines with the raid wheels on there, you can purchase these with the 14mm hexes and then that’ll allow you to fit that tyre onto those monster trucks. So a really cool feature. The proline have got, and they also have some aluminium replacements as well. If you want to get something that’s a little bit tougher, so these do add a little bit of weight to your wheels, but it will definitely prevent them from stripping out in the future. So that’s pretty much everything you sort of need to know for the basics, Mindestens, for your next sort of purchase of wheels and tires for your favorite bash vehicle.

Hopefully you guys got something out of this video. Wenn Sie, Bitte achten Sie darauf, dass Daumen nach oben Taste drücken, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you’re new and, as always check out the video description down below we’ll, have links in there to our website, where you can browse all these tires and get A whole bunch of information on uh what your next tire should be for your uh for your favorite rc vehicle. That is it for me.