Maybe we need to charge this dad he’s gone through my dad smoke, Musik, Alles klar, Jungs, all right so he’s about to do it. It died guys! No we’ve always forget you. That’S good, i always want to run it all the way down. ja alles in Ordnung. Nein, you can’t pause it and save it wait. Why are you why’d? You restart it. I can merge the videos it’s at 2016.. Hallöchen, i restarted it earlier here. Hold this i’ll cut. This off camera it’s fine, i can merge it. Somebody grabbed a branch. All right you guys might not be able to see us for a second, but because it’s dark but we’ll be right back in in just a minute, Alles klar, one sec guys go get there. Hoffentlich, you can see us now. You know what you got to do. I hear it’s crazy because it’s running yeah, Okay, so guys he’s in dry skin. We we were just running. We literally just finished filming a video um with my red cat. Come here see it if you’re new, all right right now it died guys, so we are taking it off the battery wasn’t in all the way. Sowieso, not good yeah. Never do that guys, but look how bad look, how big the battery is so big, so riley’s going to show you how to properly take care of your traxxas. Excuse me red cat volcano. So after you’re done using it, you need to get a nice microfiber towel.

Like riley has and always dry it off, but you don’t want you don’t want to press too hard because you might disconnect some stuff and also you want. You want to do this because, if you don’t do it, the water can still get inside if it’s saved up right here so and i’ll tell you about how my boat works. Gut, that’s going to be on another video guys on this video because we have like 24 minutes left on this, so watch, and then you make you need to make sure you got everything once i started this youtube channel, i never realized. I was gon na be the cameraman i don’t know i just like playing it. Ja ist es, all like beautiful, just look at the remote all right inside of that has so many freaking buttons, but guys you have to open this pouch. Wenn ihr nicht, have a red cap, save money open it right. Just because you can’t open it open it! Sorry guys he just came opening. He just broke it. I just no. I didn’t so stay strong. You need to have still so you can zoom in so, if you press this, it will do power. That means that see the red cat is not connected to it. Okay and this you got you guys, don’t touch this only a grown up can, but if it’s like this, this cruiser 15, they can touch it, aber dies. So if you do, if you do it this way, you would have to push this to go, but you don’t want to do that.

You have to put it like that and you don’t want to mess with these so that’s that one so guys. Look at this purple expansion everywhere dude. I just thought it once i saw i was so cool got a red cap volcano motor frame zoom in on it. Oh mein Gott, i can’t zoom in on it crap next thing: we need we, the boss purple. This is the body guys, but i don’t know we. Probably you probably need to let this dry overnight in your house, because somebody can come up and steal. That would be very bad and it would get cold and probably ruin the battery if you left it in guys um. If you leave it i’m going to go quick, Okay, Auf Wiedersehen, what up guys sorry all right, we’re now just bringing in riley’s thing we’re out there for like two minutesprobably i guess maybe two tripsthen she might think gosh dang. We need some lights in here. Okay, i always take sick forever, all right for a sec. Before i show you i’ve been sorry, it doesn’t take any kind of i’ve been seeing a lot of youtubers dude. I just tried one: it didn’t work if they would lose your name for like five minutes, though didn’t work, so i don’t know don’t worry we’re, making a video of me to start my boat. I haven’t been able to i forgot today this weekend. I will maybe be able to all right i’m going to show you this.

Let me get to it. Let me pause real, Schnelle, Tut mir Leid, guys zoom in so i got a traxxas blaze boat, guys around 20 Meilen pro Stunde. Next upgrade 30 maybe got a remote uh. Intro, ah sorry guys um, Ich tue es einfach nicht, want to tell you all right. I got ta try. Spec got a charger 3000 power charger about got charger only plugs into the car, so you got ta figure out. Warum? Alles klar, you guys get ready, es ist, ziemlich cool. All right got this. I put this on. Actually don’t worry that’s on there, but you can lose it pretty easy. This you can’t get this tight. This is what’s inside of it. I don’t know boom got a motor, sorry guys i’m not doing much shirt chance coins with the book, if you go to traxxas hobby shop of course, got ta, go there boys, but always when this is when you have this, when it’s drying never put this on. I mean you couldn’t and it’s, nicht gon na. Do anything too i’m. Just saying you, you want it to dry out and every like few minutes. You got ta kind of you got ta. You got ta drain it out, but this is pretty cool. You have two holes. The instructions will tell you what kind of holes you got. Ta think i can’t remember what kind of holes i put drilled in there. You have to do that. No set it down there, we go sorry.

I brought this giant open door. Battery goes under there i’m pretty mad about that, but hey an extra great whole place not like this. It has actually i’m pretty happy. It came with the stand. That’S standing on right now got this controller, ziemlich genial. This is not rubber. This is like phone. I guess yeah, so there we go get back for a second. So do you want to see my asha asha, my kitty, Kätzchen, kitty yeah? Of course i got the kitty kitty on light. Come on mom come on. She’S got a lot of names: mama mamas! Ja, that’s the us she’s five years old. I think we got it when i was five because i’m about to turn 10. That makes a lot of sense, um, so ja. Oh alle, rechte Jungs. Schau dir das an! Schau dir das an. Our name specific bros, i’m gon na have a talk, schnelle Jungs, i’m getting married i’m. Tut mir Leid, Okay, okay steven stevenson, Äh, i know youtubers would not watch other people youtubers steven goss dude. You told me a number when you, you told me your uh number, one of them one of the videos it was fake. I would ask you uh, have you been subscribing to specific bros? You send me your video link, i watch you and subscribe. I subscribed guess how many times i did. It would tell me on the screen. ich abonniert 500 times to you and you’re pretty lucky. You are my first person i like.

I got both favorites you steven and i got carter. I got a question for you guys why don’t you make videos together, es ist, no fun anymore, oh sorry, i’m trying to vote late and yes, but then my other favorite youtuber that is in between both of you guys is rugrats. Warte. Let me make sure that’s right. I can’t get my youtube name: ich bin, just dumb sorry steven please subscribe to us. I want one of those prizes. I’Ve been subscribing 500 Mal. Oh watch. This look at this one it’s a lot of things in here. Look at that one! I subscribed to that. One yeah i subscribe to it. I subscribe to almost everyone: Oh, hey, dover, brothers, i’m coming for you guys, i’m subscribing to you guys too. You guys have a lot of things. I like guys literally. I wish i was in your videos, oh steven. I i subscribe to world’s biggest backyard waterslide carter’s in it. What happened to you like it’s, like unspeakable, Wenn Sie dies beobachten, i subscribed to many of them – Hallöchen, come on guys where’s our likes. Oh, this is what he’s called facerock sorry to not get him. Faze rug, so 18.3 million views subscribers. We only have 12. I can check again specific bros checker gun seriously, getting that from youtube. I had a we had wait. What now we have 11. Wir hatten 12 Jungs äh 11 Abonnenten. Thank you for that. But can we get more, my family subscribed to help me out.

So five of you guys subscribed this guy’s got seven hours ago. Question no views just no one watched it. She posted seven hours ago guys what happened. Stephen. I just want any prizes.