Yesterday i posted a video about torque twist with rc cars and my theory about the whole idea and after i posted a video yesterday morning, i had about three to four very smart people. Uh scientists and engineers approaching me contacting me on messenger and on comments, and they actually shed some light about the theory that might not be true. We had a very respectful, which is the way i think it should be conversation for about uh two hours. Ich würde sagen,, and enough doubts in the theory and enough holes in the theory for me to actually say: Okay, even though the video generated a ton of views and some subscribers and whatnot if it hurts the integrity of what i’m trying to represent in the channel. Uh it’s not worth it and i deleted the video. So if there’s, something on my channel that i don’t believe in and i think maybe i’m wrong or maybe i’m partially right. I can’t afford to use that strength of youtube and, have you know 20 000 Abonnenten, which is substantial amount of subscribers to me at least listening to what i say, and i think the video pulled about three or four thousand people in an hour and like a Hundred subscribers, you know and uh it will be unfair to not share it with you guys and tell you that, after a certain conversation, there are holes in my theory. So this is completely my opinion of torque twist and soon i’m, going to put the video in continuation to this little video and you guys can see what i’m talking about.

This is a video that i posted yesterday that brought a lot of attention. Many many many people thanked me and they thought it was great, but some people approached me very smart people really and we had a good, healthy conversation about it and we did find certain holes in my theory. If there is one percent of doubt in something that i represent to you, guys it’s gon na be off youtube and it’s going to i’m going to tell you hey guys, it is what it is i’m going to man up own it. This is a mistake, Etc, Etc. I still believe in my theory, but there is a reasonable doubt that my theory is wrong, and this is something i want to share with you guys. So my theory was that how to actually position your differential ring gear and what effect it have on your car. But some theories by smart people is that the torque generated by the motor, the potential differences is already resolved in the motor mount and does not affect the outside world when i’m saying outside world i’m talking about the chassis and the rest of the car. So once theory is the torque twist generated by the motor, which is enormous, is only applied between two objects and cannot be applied within one bulk, so in exam for instance. Right now i have a spool and a motor here and a motor mount and the potential and the torque generated by the motor is already being resolved here and does not affect the car, das Chassis, the chassis or the drive, shaft differentials or whatnot.

Another theory. So this is one hole in my theory that make me wrong, or my theory wrong. Another theory is that the torque twist will actually be applied to the drive shaft and then it might be applied to the car which might not really affect on uh positioning of your differential. Another theory was that if this car had a solid axle, then my theory with torque twist is right. So many many theories out there, but enough i’m still sticking to my theory but it’s enough for me to actually say you know what there’s something unfair here and people are trusting what i’m saying people i’m looking at the channel. So if the videos stay on the channel and if i’m standing behind the video sure, ich bin 100 Sicher – and the good thing about my channel is that it actually pulls a lot of smart people that actually communicate with me. And we agree on things. And then i post the videos uh behind the scene but uh. If the video is even one percent, not right and it hurts the integrity of my channel or what i’m saying or what people trust me to actually advise them, then it shouldn’t be on youtube. I can care less about the views and the subscriber count if my integrity is, is not there and i’m doing something i don’t believe in so i’m going to still put the video that i posted yesterday. Some of you might want to listen to it.

Some of you might want to get some ideas. This is just my opinion. I might be completely wrong. I’M wrong many many many times and i’m learning every day. So i just thought it’s fair that you guys will know exactly what happened behind the scene. I could easily just leave the video there and enjoy the views and whatnot and roz. Thank you so much but it’s just it just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel fair, and this is the way it should should happen. Uh me sharing my ideas with you guys. My theories but letting you know that there are other theories out there by very, very smart people that completely contradict my theory. This is something that i want you to know, so you can guy, du Jungs, can listen to other theories and whatnot and decide for yourself. Um the end result of said conversations conversations brought all of us. It was a group of about five people to actually believe that my theory might be partially right, but the effect might be minimal enough to not to not be fair to force people or advise people that believe in me to go out there and now change their Entire setup, because something i’ve saidand this is why it’s so important to menot to wait a week or two or enjoying the views and just let the video ridei just think it’s wrong. So i deleted the video after an hour and a half that it was up, and this is a new video.

This is what i believe, i’m still investigating, Und ich habe noch viel zu lernen. Some of the other theories that were were told to me makes a lot of sense to me. Äh, Zum Beispiel, the theory of yes, the motor have a lot of twist uh torque twist here, but it’s all being resolved already here, and none of it is actually going outside to the chassis that’s, a good theory when it comes to having a solid axial. I think that was david from scorch that says no roz. It doesn’t have a solid axle and it’s a different configuration then it’s wrong. Make a lot of sense to me. Auch. This is another theory to consider another theory that, if the motor spins in a different direction and the shaft actually spins at the other direction, the potential between two forces of torque twist should be considered between this whole block as a whole, not just the motor, because Everything moves and the drive shaft and the effect on the actual car. So i know that might be very, very confusing to many many of you. I apologize it’s still very confusing to me and i still have a lot to learn if there is a doubt there’s. No doubt, and if they’re, even one percent, that i’m completely wrong about what i’m saying then what’s the point of putting it out there and misleading people uh so that’s pretty much it. My apologies to you guys, Äh.

I know it’s not such a big deal, but still things that are very, very important to me, ich bin, going to play the video right now that i took yesterdayand i posted sorry yesterday about torque twist. Take it in consideration, think to yourself or investigate yourself and use common sense of if it might work or not. There is a huge um potential that it doesn’t work and there are serious hole in my theory anyway uh. That was a little bit too long. I apologize i’m ross schifrin i’m, going to play the video right now and i hope you guys have a beautiful day it just twists so hard. So if this is my setupand i know that my motor have an enormous – Dies ist ein 20 28 1100 Kv. So enormous torque twist, i need to understand that i can use that energy to actually balance my car. So if my car here is super super heavy and i have super heavy batteries and all the time, mein Auto, of course again i’m, just exaggerating my caris leaning that way: okay and it’s going to create imbalance. I know that i have to lift this part and balance my car if this is a very heavy side, and i want to lift it, i want the torque twist to actually go this way. So i want my motor, which obviously is connected to my motor mount to twist under load to the left side.

If we’re looking from here of course twist to the left sideand it will help methe motor will twist obviously it’s connected to the motor mount motor mod is connected to the chassis. Offensichtlich, it will help me lift my heavy area and balance the car. So i want the motor to twist to the left, meaning that i want my motor shaft to actually spin to the other direction to the right. So if driving forward is to the right under load, the motor will torque twist to the left, meaning lifting up. My heavy side, this is the heavy side of the car, lifting it up balancing all right. So this was the video that i took uh and posted yesterday um. Abschließend möchte ich sagen,, i am not sufficiently knowledgeable about torque twist enough yet, and this is something that i’m going to investigate to actually make you guys change your setup. It will be unfair. It will spend too much time and i’m pretty sure you are busy and have a life, a family job whatever. So i still have a lot to learn when it comes to torque twist. This is something that fascinates me and something that i want to get better at for now. I would completely ignore my input and my theory, because it might just not be true and that’s it that’s the truth, Äh. I appreciate you guys again and uh if i’m wrong. Gut, then i’m just wrong and it’s that’s fine too i’m rushing.

I appreciate you guys.