Dies ist die v1. Nicht die v2 um ill setzen einen Link zur v2 unten, weil sie die v1 nicht mehr machen und ill einen Link zu meinem lokalen Bibliotheksladen setzen, FNA-Zyklus unten und wenn Sie einige meiner anderen Videos gesehen haben, i hope you enjoy Them but lets get into the review. Also, wie ich sagte, this is the v1 um has clipless body self writing. You can get bunch of different accessories. Im actually gon na get new tires for this soon and i blew out one tire ill show you right here. It was snowing and i lost traction. Ballooned the tires up real big and yeah. They ripped foams came out. So if youre wondering whats inside these max tires or any most rc car tires there, you go some foam but that tire exploded cause my little cobb store after i cycle. Let me just tire until the ones we ordered come in, so you guys check them out. It has double wishbone suspension, front and rear coil over shocks that are aluminum body plastic shock caps, wheelie bar thats, nice and flexible ive. Crashed this thing, a ton of not broken anything four wheel, drive um unlock differentials, all right so take off the body. You move this little clip over pull this up and pull up the body and pull it back its pretty easy. Its got our got an inner roll cage and there you can see the clipless body system and heres where it goes into the front shock tower right here and yeah.

Los geht es, it is a brushless motor, its got a 540 xl volineon motor im, not sure the kv of it. Its got fans on on the heatsink, i mean sorry, its got fans on the motor in the esc, but the motor also has a heat sink and its got a really big servo, a little bit smaller than x, max servo, but its almost the same size. Its got your waterproof receiver right here. This is where the clipless body attaches to once its on its pretty good comes stock with the traxxas id connector and the v1 and the v2 both use a 4s, but the v1. The biggest battery is the 5000 milliamp hour and on the v2 i think its a 6600 milliamp power so to open the battery tray. You just push out on these edges its a little bit difficult already its already out, and then you just pull up put your battery in and it comes with foam blocks and spacers. If you have a smaller size battery and it comes with basic tools like hex wrenches, just things to take off the tires and take it off the truck stand here and you can see the suspension its pretty good ive jumped this thing, a ton back flipped it You name it has not broken at all. Das Einzige ist, dass, i do have slight little tears and rips in the body, but thats fine. It doesnt really affect the performance but yeah.

I really like suspension. Super plush takes impacts, um, so yeah ill bring you guys over. We can get up close and we can end the video sorry guys. I have no good way to put my camera up. I just have to sit on top of my toolbox. There um. So these tires use a 17 millimeter hex and theres. The traxxas id connector, big old heat, sink big old steering servo, and we got the big motor thats. I think their biggest for us capable motor other than the e revo and the udr and yep heres. The battery tray right suspension, if you got an orange one, then have orange suspension and green one green suspension. I got the red one so thats why it has the red suspension and red wheel, spacers and uh yeah thats, so ziemlich es. The wheelie bar wheels have bushings on them, not bearings um. My one complaint is right: im just not used to truck like this. It gets really dirty, so the air arms get clogged up with sticks leaves the bottom gets all muddy. Everything the back wheels, get filled up with junk, but other than that it is an awesome truck. If you are thinking about getting in traxxas max 100, get one go to your local hobby store or check out fna cycle link down below to them, and they have your hobby store or fna cycle will have plenty of tracks maxes to choose from different colors different Styles, v1, v2 and um.