We got the shift drone. That is very boxy. I actually like the fact that it’s boxy um definitely a little bit different look than a normal drone, the size that would be extremely aerodynamic. This ain’t it but we’re gon na go ahead and see if we can’t give this a fly, vibe that controller and our little thumb pad. Here, i will tell you if you have large thumbs this isn’t going to fit on your thumb. Well, it fit, on my left hand, okay, my right hand’s a little bit larger and it would not fit on there well at all, so we will be using our left hand, my dominant hands my right hand, but that is not feasible to use let’s go ahead And turn the drone on. I think by doing this long hold this, maybe okay, i think it’s on let’s, see i have a bright light in there. I can’t there so the front just lit. I want to go ahead and show you that, on reviews, i’ve heard that this made sounds to light up, but when it lit up mine didn’t make any type of sound. So i don’t know if they changed that throughout the years, but we’re gon na go ahead and set this down. We are going to go ahead and turn this on fly that button. That, however, did make noise and light up, and i can’t see if it’s lit up or anything, but it says it’s lit up and i’m gon na go ahead and clear that little speck of dust off there and now i have condensation on there.

So we’re gon na go ahead and get that off there’s a look at the drone on the ground and so to make this thing go up. Supposedly you just tap it with this uh. With this i don’t know what we’re doing wrong here. Let’S see that does not seem to be lit. The display there, okay, so long hold till, goes and bam now. It finally went and went and though that spun so let’s go ahead and try to take off, like i said before bam. So all you got to do is press your thumb down on it, so okay and then to land it. You do that. So we got to figure out how to work this here. So we’re going to go ahead and press again bam. We figured out how to take off. I think if we press this button, your power button nope what is going on here, um let’s, try to rotate it. We should be able to rotate it so rotating it by this that definitely works there’s a little spinner here that definitely works um. What i’m going to do i’m actually going to take this off my finger i’m, going to put it on here, we’re, going to try this bam! Okay! So now we’re going forward now, we’re going back forward let’s go ahead and lift our finger up now. It’S going up all right so now that we’ve done that i’ve taken it off it’s sitting, there it’s, actually sitting really nicely i’m going to show you it’s sitting really nicely Music sitting extremely nicely and uh.

What we’re going to do is put this on our thumb and see if we can’t get this going again, i was able to do it with my pointer finger there’s a little sensor on the bottom of this. That has to come in contact with the top of this thing here. Let’S try again bam so we’re going forward going to lift it up. We’Re going to go right, we’re going to come back, come on and go up, come back, come left so there’s. Definitely a learning curve to it. This isn’t a natural way to fly a drone. Normally we would have a controller in our hands, but both hands would be on it controlling the pitch, the rudder and whatnot. This is gon na take a little while to get used to, but, as you can see, i’m able to do it. So what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na bring it up higher simply by raising our finger above and i’m going to take my hand away from it. If you take your thumb off of that sensor, then it’ll stay in the spot. So if we wanted to rotate it i’m, going to use my dominant hand my right hand, all we got to do is press this. There is a camera on us i’m, not testing the camera right now we are just testing flyability and that roller works really. Well. The roller on the back works extremely well to change your rotation and your direction so to bring this back down.

We are going to take our thumb over top of this keypad and we’re, going to make it closer to it and it’s going to bring it down. Then, if we go left, it’ll go left. If we go right, it’ll go right, lift our thumb up and it’ll raise up again bring our thumb back towards ourselves. It’Ll back pedal raise it up, so this is definitely flyable you’re not going to be sport. Flying this, though, there’s absolutely no way, i think anybody’s sport flying this. This is predominantly going to be for a camera drone. What would be awesome is if this company will bring it back see and for me on the back pedal we’re losing altitude, because, with my thumb, to bring my thumb back, it decreases in height. So i don’t know if i need to hold this up higher. Maybe ding allows you to know that you are now connected to it. As far as the thumb control goes, we’ll go forward and forward we’re gaining height, because forward my thumb would raises backwards, we’re losing a little bit of elevation. As you can see there and let’s go ahead and rotate it go ahead and get a little look at it for the camera, a little look at it for the camera. It is a cool looking drone it’s, an extremely cool. Looking drone. I like the way that it looks it all up in its grill. So as far as flyability goes, it is definitely challenging.

The camera is going to be where it’s at um. There is an sd card in this, i don’t know hold it ding and lift your thumb up. It’Ll go up um, i don’t know if i covered it in my unboxing or not, but uh there is an sd card that goes in basically where the battery bay is uh. There is an app that connects to this we’re gon na go ahead and bring it down, bring it down from what i’ve seen on reviews of this we’re going to turn it towards itself, using this little roller um. From what i’ve seen on reviews of this, the camera is pretty good. Unfortunately, on the reviews that i’ve seen there is no image stabilization, which is going to be a big factor for this there’s, my son and again, i’m moving it backwards and we’re losing out to because again my thumb as i drop my thumb, it goes down now, If i go, we’ll go ahead and lift our thumb up and we’ll change directions here, using the roller. The roller is great. The roller works, excellent we’ll go ahead and go forward going forward i’m, not losing altitude. I can maintain height going forward, but coming backwards. That’S really awkward to try to maintain your height coming backwards, so i think we’re, just gon na go ahead and land this we will do. I i got three batteries with this um and we haven’t even killed this battery.

I think what we’re going to do is just land this. You can stay tuned for another video of this drone where we’re going to test the camera we’ll test the app and get you some footage from the app from the camera. I love the little glow ring around it and again the back button is that yellow thing that is glowing there guys if you haven’t subscribed. Please do so. We are going to go ahead and bam so take off and landing works really good that little spinner button to rotate it works really good and again my issue is going forward. I can maintain altitude coming backwards. Do you see what happens here? This is dropping closer to this pad here, so i’m losing altitude coming backwards, left and right, not too bad. They need to get a controller with this. This is a neat idea. It’S a neat function um, but it is not ideal i’m not going to lie about it. Do i like this? Not really. I really don’t like this. Do i like the drone? Absolutely i love the drone um, but as far as this controller setup it’s not ideal and like i said this is my non dominant hand, because it’s slightly smaller than my other handand you can see this thingbarely fits on. My thumb uh. On my other handand you can see it’s pinching it pretty bad. On my other hand, it hurt like it actually hurt to get it on there.

So uh we got some good things going as far as like structure, quality and the way this thing looks the way it’s built a plus this controller idea. I give it a c like in reality, i’ll give it a c because again going forward and then pulling backwards, pulling backwards for me anyway, i mean, i have my hand pretty high up on this pulling backwards. You’Re gon na lose out dude guys if you haven’t, subscribed smash, subscribe button questions comments, concerns put it down below.