I’Ve got my battery checked because if you notice in my video the second time i run the batteries, they died. wirklich, Schnelle, so i’m wondering if i got a dead battery or a dead cell, but as you can see them tires, are not that great anymore. I might have one more run out of them a little bit of a run anyway. Applause sell them things flat spot. You got ta fix the toe in on this a little bit. Ich glaube, but she’s dirty Music time to get the air compressor out. Gut, let’s check this battery real, Schnelle, both of them and see because that’s, the shortest run i’ve ever had so i’m wondering if one of them’s not went bad and of course, i’ve got the spectrum batteries. Everybody don’t, like them a lot of people, don’t i’m, getting ready to look into maybe updating on some of them, but let’s see see. I can do this here, set you down right there and let’s plug this baby in see what it does all right. This one’s not in bad shape, showing pretty good voltage and everything on it, so let’s check the other one. I feel that one of them might be this one is having an issue or something because it just did not last as long as it should have well. They’Re all it’s in good shape too so maybe doing the burnouts suck the power out of it a little faster but they’re all in good shape.

I don’t know if you can see that let’s see if i can get this up here, but they’re all balanced out. Ziemlich gut, so i figured maybe i guess the burnout yesterday. The second time is what made it, but i i don’t know something funky’s there i mean because first run i got you know pretty good bit of run time out of it and the second time i didn’t, let me see if i get this plugged in there Again, but they’re all in good shape, we’ll put them back in storage and see what happens. We'Ll. Try it again later on we’ll. Take this bad boy back out, have some fun. Of course you can see. I’Ve got a lot of cleaning to do all that rubber inside there it’s a dirty girl now, but guys that was the run from yesterday. I still got a little bit more on my tires, where i’m gon na run them again. That’Ll give me three sets of batteries last time. It only took two sets of batteries. I figured that’s what it’d take this time, but i guess i’m gon na get a third out of it. I hope you guys enjoyed. I know i did, but i just wanted to check them batteries and do it on video to where you could see if one of them was bad but it’s, Nicht schlecht, alle richtigen Jungs.