net und heute werfen wir einen Blick auf den Spin Master Batman, geländegängiges batmobile rc fahrzeug um. Dies wurde veröffentlicht in 2021, es ist ein Bissen voll, aber es ist im Grunde ein All Terrain. RC Batmobil, trotz der Tatsache, dass es verschiedene Beschreibungen gibt, was genau es ist. Dies ist eine sehr interessante Frage., because its different than some of the other batmobiles weve, seen as i hinted at in some of our previous ones, were trying to take a look at all of the spin master, batmobiles and vehicles that spin master releases, and this is One that released in 2021, this released in the second half of 2021 and is uh. It was intended for the holiday season and it sold out pretty well uh, specifically because it actually garnered some awards, including pop insiders, pop junior top gift for kids in 2021. As well as toy insiders, 2021 winner for top holiday top holiday toys as well, this is readily available at a variety of different retailers, its not exclusive to any one specific retailer. It is available on amazon, its available at target and walmart, or at least it was during the holiday season. As we take a look at the packaging. It specifically is really promoting that all terrain uh aspect, because it does say it can go on dirt, rocks snow and grass. Its also has the ability to drive on water. Gut, we wont be testing that aspect out. Youll see why its able to draw uh drive on water in a very very brief moment, as we look out over the packaging, the packaging is surprisingly extremely light.

The vehicle itself is is just pretty much out in the open, with a little bit of cardboard, wrapped around the top, its so its nice, sometimes to see a little bit less packaging when it comes to these types of toys, specifically because we all know that the Packaging is going to get thrown out or hopefully recycled, but its nice to see a little bit less packaging when it comes to these items, as we start to take it open it up, you can see even more so how little amount of packaging there actually is. The base is completely plain, has a couple of clips that hold the remote and the batmobile to it to ensure that it stays in place but uh. The top part, which is the only part that has any sort of decoration, um whatsoever, is easily removed from the top, and just you know its just there for to show what exactly it is. So it can sit on store shelves, and people will understand what the vehicle does without uh kind of passing it over. It does feature the the packaging that is does feature that that uh common batman logo theres, despite the fact that the vehicle itself does have some of that blue, highlight that weve. Seen on some of the other spin master, bat tech and some of the other uh toys that are offering uh the bat tech aspect, um the packaging itself is pretty straightforward. It doesnt really feature any sort of bat tech packaging, but you can tell its releasing in 2021, specifically because of those blue lines that are featured on the actual vehicle itself.

The remote itself is extremely similar to one of the other rc batmobiles that weve previously taken a look at the big difference here is that its got that that bat tech blue? Also, as we take a look at the item outside of the package, it does in fact come with an instruction manual, its pretty straightforward. It shows you the contents. It shows you how youre gon na be able to charge the vehicle, because the vehicle itself is rechargeable. The remote does require two batteries and it has a unique way that doesnt require a screwdriver but uh, and then it also shows you how exactly it will drive based off of what youre doing um when we get to the actual test of the vehicle. This one has a very, very different setup to how it actually controls the remote itself, as you can see it theres two joysticks theres a forward and backwards theres a right theres, a power button as we look at the back. This is what i was talking about with the screwdriver you dont need a screwdriver just need something to be able to poke that down, and once you poke it down, it actually will slide off. Also, rather than having to have a small screwdriver, you could basically use a paper clip inside of it. It specifically says, while the vehicle is waterproof, the remote is not so keep it away from water thats extremely important, Wie Sie sehen können, theres it just takes two batteries: two aaa batteries um and once theyre in the cool feature thats different than the other remote that I remember that i recall: is that the front of it when you push the power button, the power button actually lights up so thats.

Auf diese Weise, you know for a fact that it is on um theres. Auch, some sounds that the i i want to say its. The vehicle that makes the sounds but its, but it could be the remote um as we look over the the vehicle, the the remote theres, a sound that the the both of them make or one of the two make while the vehicle is actually the battery is Getting low or its out of range as we look at the vehicle itself, you can tell one of the reasons why this is able to drive on water as it advertises is because the wheels are extremely large, but theyre also made of a foam material similar to Pool noodles that makes them extremely buoyant, so it can drive on water. The wheels themselves do not turn, but rather the axles inside of the wheels so because of that it gives it the ability to actually propel forward just by having those wheels that are spinning. The other cool feature is that it does have a cockpit that you can put one of the four inch figures in and it does lock in place to keep that figure from getting wet because, wie wir wissen, a lot of those figures have cloth capes. So thats really cool feature and it has that locking mechanism on the cockpit itself, the there theres, no suspension you know present it does give the appearance like it is a monster truck, but there is absolutely no suspension to make it bounce um, wie Sie es erwarten würden.

As you can see from the bottom, this is the power switch and, as you can see its flashing red, which implies that it needs to be charged. This was right after we took it out of the package. You undo that clasp and underneath that latch theres. Tatsächlich, a usb charging cord that youll need to be able to plug into a usb charger. It does not come with a usb adapter, i should say an ac adapter. As we take a look at the driving, ich werde sagen,, as i talk over this volume, this thing is loud um. It is extremely loud um, mostly because, Wie Sie sehen können, when you push it right or left and youre actually doing this whats interesting about thisis that the actual um this the wheels spin. So it can do like almost a complete 360 degrees without actually going without turning the wheels themselves, and this is what allows it to drive on the water is by that propelling. So it propels or when you hit the right or left its actually propelling. One of the tires in a specific direction to make it turn, rather than having it another way, so its a really cool feature. Leider, this time of the year is not the greatest time of the year to be testing this out on water. Um. Maybe well come back to this in the summer i will say you do have to be a little bit careful with the forward and backwards, because this thing moves.

This thing moves quick and because it moves so quick, it is sometimes a little. It moves a little too quick, so if youre going forward, itll go, but if you immediately put in reverse it doesnt break and then go in reverse or slow down and come to a stop. It immediately goes in reverse, which could make it flip over very easily um. Can it be all terrain based off of what ive seen absolutely? I kind of do want to come back to this and maybe do a part two in the summer to test it outside test it on some grass test it in some dirt tested on the water. I think that would be cool to see well see what happens when it gets to the summer, but right now it is currently uh negative, three degrees where im currently at so its not entirely possible to be testing this outside without completely messing this vehicle up. But i will say: wenn ihr interessiert seid, we will bring, we will come back and we will do a second part on this to test it a little bit more. I dont think theyre going to be releasing another version of this exact one immediately um theres going to be some new vehicles from spin master, so this might come back in a couple of years as a you know, with a new color scheme or something like that. But i can understand why it won awards, because it is extremely unique compared to some of the other rc vehicles that spin master has out on the market.

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