Also, Musik, Ausländisch, so Musik. Mittelmäßig, oh my so i used the rc for five minutes now and there’s a sound coming from the esc of the rc. Maybe it might be a signal that the motor gets too hot comment down below guys. If you have an idea on why this sound comes out, i have yet to confirm if this rc can reach 95 kmh and looking at it, i think it’s just running between 30 An 35 kmh me now we are on the gravel surface and it suits the Rc, better especially it has a set of paddle tires that will give it more grip to the surface. I am enjoying playing this buggy here, especially when it, u turns and it closed some gravel particles, Ausländisch, the bug is stopped, so i think that’s the end of the battery, and here you can see that the we were able to play it for 9 minutes and 29 Sekunden 10 minutes of play time is ok, considering that the buggy is fast and quick, and i think i need to bring in some extra batteries next time. Gut, i hope you enjoyed my video for today.