Jedoch, this little fiat bar 595 from send racing definitely fits into the cute category. What’S up guys welcome to the channel today’s video. We are going to have a look at this zen racing rbar 595. Little mini monster, truck or wheelie machine, whatever you want to call it let’s get a little bit closer let’s, look at the features on it and let’s take it out for a little run. So this little thing, the price point of this is definitely packing. Some decent equipment it’s got a licensed body, we’re going to look at the hardware and stuff, Aber es ist. Definitely the price point of this very good value for money. So diff is two wheel. Drive says: Hinterrad, drive it’s got your planetary style. Diffs it’s got um, it’s got proper light buckets, you can fit, it doesn’t come with leds, but you can fit leds to that. It’S got a gearbox that you can adjust for top speed or torques. You switch a gear around and you’ve got your high torque or high speed, gearbox that’s a unique feature of a lot of the send racing stuff deep dish: wheels wheelie bar you’re, probably going to need that it’s. Quite short, wheelbase and realistic, four link suspension. So going back to that price point you get a hobby wing, 40 Amp 1040 esc fully waterproof you get a 540 um like silver. Cannot the tamiya motor mabuchi as it says there, das Servo, although it won’t, be branded to savox, as it says there oem savox servo, you get full radio system there’s, all your other information on there.

You will require um a battery. It will take nickel metal hydride or lipo and then you’ll need batteries for your controller. So in the box you get yourself a wheel, wrench some um allen, keys and some pre loaders for your springs on your oil shocks, more instructions, instructions for the uh transmitter, information on the body spares list and then a more detailed set of instructions. Here shows you how to switch the gears around as well to go from high torque to high speed there’s a transmitter and i’ll be honest with you straight away i’m, not a fan of it, it’s a bit big and bulky for my liking. One reason i can’t reach uh to steer one handed and a lot of it’s. Just yeah i mean it’s functional you’ve got loads of stuff on it. You’Ve got steering jewelry you’ve got steering duration, you’ve got throttle, Lenkung, trim third channel there as well, and then throttle and steering reverse so functional just i’m, kein Fan davon. But what i am a fan of is this: it looks so cool and so cute, definitely taking some um, definitely a little bit of tamiya. Looking now, this little monster trucksnice nice soft, tires of some nice chrome, deep dish. Rims on there like it said it has got a diff you’re, wahrscheinlich gon na. I reckon you might need that wheelie, but especially if you’re running a lipo in it and, wie ich sagte, licensed fiat body there – Sehr nett, very detailed uh about average for thickness for the lexan.

But it does look really nice and it has got and you can put leds in there front and rear light buckets for your leds, Sehr cool. Looking a little monster truck, you call it monster truck. Ich meine, es ist, two wheel drive it’s quite a short wheel base. They'Re, more of a bit of a comical kind of wheelie fun truck let’s. Nehmen Sie den Körper ab, have a look underneath have a look at the axle arrangement. I know who is going to like this. My daughter will love playing with this really fun. Looking lots of positions there to change your um suspension, there’s your 1040 esc little tab there for um a little tab there to swap between lipo and nickel hydride, and you also can switch between reverse forward or forward brake, reverse and stuff. Dein kleines 540 Dose, under there your rs 540 mabuchi no front axle, weil es, obviously two wheel drive has got bearings all around and you don’t even need to look or read. You can just tell by spinning that wheel that that’s got a bearing in it. If that was a bushing, it would have stopped about 20 minutes ago. The oil shocks feel really nice, but no hardly any bounce there at all. With that and that’s stuck out the box. Very nice battery tray easy to access and then just in there you can see the servo savox survey. There i’ll tell you what this thing looks like it’s going to be fun.

I have got this volks nickel metal hydride. I was going to run it on, but it’s got a, but this has got a tamiya connection on it. The esc has got a dean’s connection and i don’t think i’ve got an adapter. Ich habe, Jedoch, got lots of 2s lipos that have got dean’s connectors, so let’s uh stick a lipo in and take it for a run straight out of the box. These are set to the high torque configuration, so the gears in the gearbox are switched over to high torque. I think you just have to access in there to switch the gears around not 100 Sicher, but it is set to high torque that’s fine we’ll. Take it out on high talk i’m, not going to start taking apart now and let’s, schauen Sie, how it goes. Sagen Sie, was, before we charge the battery fully let’s just power, it up see what the steering’s like come on. It’S a nice design on that battery tray. Ich mag das. Oh, that survey feels good, sehr schnell, very quick survey. Music forward brake reverse, not much wheel, Geschwindigkeit. There remember it is in high torque mode, whoa still good for a wheelie, though i’m gon na have to catch it. Yeah doesn’t matter, it’s in high torque mode, es ist, still good for wheeling right. Let’S get the battery fully charged and let’s. Take this thing out and give it a blast around, i think we’re going to take it and give it a blast around the garden Music, wow Music me: Musikapplaus, Musik, Ich, Musikapplaus, Musik, Musik, that was so much fun if you’re into monster trucks.

I’Ve got some more coming from zen, for you cheers for watching.